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The rise of the religious right, in combination with extreme political conservatism, is one of the most profoundly distrubing developments of recent decades.  When people who are allowed to vote and drive cars want so-called "Creationism" taught in schools as a serious alternative to codified science, it's time to throw the crazy alarm.  Can witch trials be far behind? 
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Ward: This is what I've been saying. Palin represents a step backwards to the days of Right Wing, Born-Again, religious extremism. It is lethal to mix that kind of myopia with politics.

i luv all religions...they are all basically the same...and have the right is a strong force when a collective conscience is needed as it forms social-structures and rules...but as we all know it is the evil corporate-mongers...crazy fanatics...and extremists who are only fighting against corporate power for basic human rights/dignities or their land.....who abuse the power...who take the scriptures...and twist and manipulate the words/meanings and some of the people to gain extreme power and posssessions... or to further their cause.....muslims have every right to fight back against us as we invade their land...steal their resources and murder their people......i just wish they wouldn't hurt innocent people and especially the children ...<br />
there is no honour in this war...from either side...but mostly the coallition.....not when the targets are the people-the children-their homes and ther beautiful customs and traditions...<br />
my religion is the Dreaming but there are a few words in the bible that i believe ....<BR>god (the good) created the earth and us..but the devil (the evil) vowed to destroy this beautiful creation...and it is succeeding....<BR>but i also believe that the meek (the good) will inherit the earth and bring back the balance and beauty of creation....<BR>my thoughts on obama/McCain..its like ebony and ivory...obama the youngest to run...mcCain the oldest....obama the blackest ...mccain the whitest....obama the good...McCain the evil...the forces have finally shifted towards the positive and the negative is waning....i just hope and pray that the negatives don't loom in the shadows and destroy one of mother earths most beautiful and good creations.... Barrack Obama....<BR>they can do this with a bullet-poison- a chip in the back of his head that will take his condaleeza<BR>i'm an aussie and don't know as much about the elections as you guys but this is how i see it from afar<BR>cheers

no..unfortunately I haven't yet. I am amking my mothly book run this I'll look for it then. :D

"lunatics do possess the extra strength of their madness" - so, then, er - I take it you've read my book.

You're right it is one of the most important...but it is also the most disappointing. Biden can change horse midstream faster than just about anyone I've ever seen.<br />
Obama hasn't said details of what his vision for change is. McCain is flipping his stances on major issues, and this lunatic is masquerading as a strong woman. (well lunatics do possess the extra strength of their madness).

They should scare you, religious extremism and insanity are interchangeable. And don't downplay the importance of the pick for V.P. McCain is an old man, the oldest ever to make the run. That means we would be one heartbeat away from having this crackpot idiot for President! It's unthinkable. Don't just vote Obama - get everybody you now to vote Obama. This is one of the most important elections in a century.

People don't want to believe he's a Christian because of his name. That and they get their news from YouTube.<br />
I'm still laughing at that.<br />
But the Christian Right, or Religious Right , is neither. They are power mongers. And once ...long long ago, would have probably been Pharisees, or found guilty of something and stoned.(Now that's irony :) )<br />
But the fact is there is no arguing logic, or science. It is a mob mentality, run amok. <br />
I for one keep a constant look out. Some of you may find it amusing and even make jokes.. but being a practicing Wiccan I am a target of their insanity. Hell...even I joke about villagers with pitchforks and torches. But This VP candidate, even with limited power scares me. <br />
I've have "good" Christians as neighbors, that had no idea I was a witch, offer to burn my kids Trading Cards, and stuffed animals, at their church, because they were gateways for the devil. I've had to not tell people of my practices because I've seen them literally complain others out of the neighborhood. Ostracizing children, and even suspensions from school because the parents might have taught the child how to curse their kid. <br />
The religious right just plain scares me.

Certainly agree that putting Palin on the ticket has helped McCain's campaign. America has Palin-fever at the moment. Let's hope cooler heads prevail before election day. Palin represents a dangerous return to conservative extremism.

I can drive a car El....but am not sure what highway to take to get to heaven!<br />
I know what highway the tampered with scriptures say I should take.....but these are the same scriptures that had the "chosen people" wandering the desert for 40 years....<br />
maybe I will just take the bus or ask a friend to take me Invisible Driving.<br />
<br />
In my opinion,scientists have no corner on the "know everything" market.<br />
OH WAIT...I AM a fossil!<br />
<br />
hahaha<br />
WOOOOO<br />
and<br />

Glad I don't live in US at this moment. I like the people but don't trust the Fascist/Communist government who is pretending to be Democracy.

Sounds like a ride at Dollyworld.

The entire spectrum has shifted to the right. The crackpot, Right Wing Born Again Christian Fundamentalist sector has shifted into the center. These folks aren't afraid of all out nuclear war because they are certain they are going for a ride on "the rapture" - in the twisted little theme park of their demented minds.

Those who believe the earth is ten to six thousand years old, deny the existance of stars.

Ward - You forgot<br />

Thanks, bro!

5 ratings for all.

BRAVO. The God, or higher power, that created all that is around us in its overwhelming beauty and glory - and us too - does not intend us to be miserable and cruel to each other. The God I understand wants me to be happy and good to others. Religions that pit people against each other - and, as WittyOne points out - themselves - are the creations of Man and simply reflect - and compound - his inadequacies.

I think God, Buddha, or whoever your higher power is, gets a bum rap from most religions. They want you to believe God is judgemental, vindictive, an advocator of violence and retribution. Why would our maker give us free wheel and then condemn us to eternal damnation for excercising that free wheel.<br />
Here is a quote from my favorite series of books.<br />
<br />
"...your "devil" does not exist, that you are who you always thought you were-goodness and love. Your idea that you might be something else has come from an insane outer world, causing you to act insanely. An outer world of judgement and condemnation. Others have judged you, and from their judgements you have judged yourself."

Relax "bro" - don't pop a gasket. From the beginning of time people have been duped by hucksters, "false prophets," and politicians. The masses want easy answers which is why political debates are always about inconsequential "hot button" topics. They don't want to think too much. But somehow we muddle through - in spite of our leaders. Ward's point is really troubling - and I've encountered it here too. If you believe that the "end of days" is at hand - then saving the world - and the non-believers - is pointless. Indeed, many of the "devout" are keen to hasten the end of the world because they can't wait to play shuffleboard with their maker. This thinking is beyond demented.

Is it enough that they are happy? Some argue that religion gives people a way to deal with the world. I think that’s a fool’s game, happiness at the price of honesty. We get to be parts of stars later on! Isn't that enough? The sad thing is that as long as they hold these beliefs closely and truly believe them with all their will, they cannot be wrong! They can say all they like safe in the false knowledge they will be rolling in candyfloss clouds once they leave, safe in the false knowledge that some big silent watcher cares about them and the fact they can believe whatever they convince themselves of.<br />
How much does it suck that we can be so sure that religion is a flawed mind-set, while they go on thinking we will burn for questioning them? The only blanket solution might be to remove children from religious parents and give them a decent education away from religious influence, then return them and see what they say to believing parents…and that sounds a little too much like social engineering. So, do we let them believe it, so long as they aren’t thrusting bibles in our faces? Or do we think there are some wider, less obvious, effects from these peoples way of thinking? Lastly, is there any hope to lose our archaic ways or will people always settle on the easy answer and concrete themselves in, perhaps with science instead of faith?

Dangling the promise of a groovy afterlife in front of oppressed, improverished people has always been a tawdry, cynical device for controlling people in this life. The world of advertising is full of shameful false promises - but there's nothing to match the lie of heaven. I'm with bro on this one - let's buckle down and put in the work right here and now - in the life we're certain actually does exist. There's plenty of work to be done.

To hold any belief, be it scientific of religious, as if it were undeniably true, is weak. It is a retreat as you say a retreat into a world that is far moire simple and easier to comprehend. Oh sure, ‘my car crashed because god willed me to be late’ Not because I didn't care for it or because the mechanic did not do their job properly (At my boarding school the graphics teacher actually cited a day when their car broke down as gods doing). I would think that if you believed something like ‘I have an omnipotent friend that loves me like a father’ you would be more then willing to answer questions about your amazing ‘truths’, but instead they shy away from what should be (Believing what they do) able to easily verbalise and explain (Especially considering the attributes of the deities)…how can they value questionless faith over analysis? <br />
I agree Ward, religion is doing nothing but holding the race back. We need to get our priorities straight, stop planning for an afterlife that might never happen and focus on the advancement of our species in the universe we know. Most of all, we need to start looking for some better memes, some other outlooks to aid in a liberal understanding world. Idealistic huh? But still more realistic then an afterlife you’d be kicked out of for pre-marital sex in the waiting room.<br />
Anyway, I hope you’re right ‘the lizard’, I hope we are changing minds one at a time.<br />
The most important thing, we’re good people without needing to imagine god.

Jung said, "In times of crisis we revert to our shadow." The world is scary today, and rather than look at it head-on, and deal with it, many people choose to retreat into mindless fundamentalism. But then, religion is based on faith and law - and true intellectualism - and science - are based on questioning and exploration. In this respect they are natural enemies.

That's what I would call a "witty" comment. They say "the devil can quote scripture" and there's evidence of that all around.

I am a decisive, straight talking person. I find hypocrits, the people who quote scripture while they are trying to screw someone (literally or figuratively), the lowest form of "civilized" human being.

We can do what we're doing. Meaningful change happens one mind at a time. As to the transformation of Christianity you described - good God man - I think that happened long ago. One need only think of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition to enjoy the real flavor of Christianity.

Birds of a feather for sure, too bad we cannot fly away from these people...that creationist museum is such a load of crock, how come it was even allowed to go ahead? Why don't I make a museum for my invisible dinosaur...sheesh. <br />
What can we do? It’s only a matter of time before Christianity transforms once more into another hateful variation of religion. The presupposition that they are right means they do not need to answer any questions…because they ‘know’ they’re right ‘in their hearts’.<br />
How can anyone give that kind of thinking respect? Gah, frustration. But again, what can we do?

Right on - (sme)bro' - Thanks for the stars. "Birds of a feather" and all that.

Because I agree with you both, I give you 5 ratings. Take a look at my most recent story in 'I don't understand some people'

A couple of decades ago they were considered the lunatic fringe. Today, the far right has become the center. These people are very well organized and seriously crazy - expect the Bill Of Rights to be converted into The Bill Of Privileges any day now.