You are so right C.  They hide their hatred, wastefulness, and hypocrisy, behind Jesus Christ.  They discuss the war as if it were a football game, and go ballistic if a breast is exposed, or a mother nurses her baby in public.  I believe Jesus and John the baptist refered to them as a brood of vipers.  They are going to be so shocked when they find out that they have been the very worst of Antichrists.
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Dealing with the Islamic world .... they only know they want total domination of the world, Islamic people and all others destroyed that are not Islamic ... this means no negotiations, no peace talks, no Mr. Nice Guy get-to-gethers, deals, no promises are ever going to change these people's minds. so I ask .. why do we continue wasting money in trying to get along with these people ... they only want to kill you and I and to continue their geniocide in ridding the world of Infidels, Jews and non-Islamic people. Let's wake up and realize who the real evil is here, and do something about it.

Rightwing Christian sounds like an oxymoron to me.

true that.

I really don't understand people like that - live and let live....God will take who He sees 'fit'....