The Show Cheater's Is A Great Way To Expose Unfaithful Partners

I like this show and think those individuals are brave allowing a television show to expose their private lives.I don't like when they go after the person their spouse is cheating on them with though.Their spouse is the one who they should go after.They were the one with the commitment.I'll continue to watch the show though and hope they never go back to the person who cheated.All people deserve to be respected and should not have to worry about catching a disease from an unfaithful partner.It should never have to come down to a private investigator or calling a T.V. show but when it does Thank God for Cheater's.They sure do a good job collecting evidence!Then there is no room for "what if's" or lying their way out of it.It's the best when they try to lie and say it wasn't them when they're on video.I know it's kind of a trashy show but, come on, we all crave a little daytime trash T.V.LOL!It makes your life seem a little more manageable.
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2012

I DVR it but when I fast forward to the bust

I love it too.

I know Right?I love the looks of surprise and innocence.