Thank God I Am Not Alone On This!

You know, this is one of those shameful secrets I have that I thought I would never share.  Everyone else seems to love the Simpsons -- and I can't stand them.  I just don't find them funny.  Not at all.  I have tried to watch the show, and I end up wishing I could be doing just about anything else.  I swear, getting a cavity filled would be more entertaining than wathcing an episode.

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7 Responses Feb 20, 2009

It started off strong but over the years there's nothing left to do. Even looking deeper into the show for the "smart" joke isn't worth it any more. Family Guy that's were you go now.

Yeah I liked the simpsons as a kid, but found I could never watch the same episode twice because I was extremely bored with it the second time around. Then when I got into high school I just didn't bother trying to watch it.

Ha, ha... no can do. I don't have a television anymore! Oh, btw, I didn't like Seinfield either.

The movie was painful to watch and some of the new episodes are a little off, but... THE SIMPSONS KICKS ***. I was brought up on this kind of comedy.<br />
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I'll give you a show that everyone loved that was ****. 'Seinfield', That show was the most predictable and horrifically boring show I've ever seen. <br />
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I guess everything is an aquired taste, you just have to put in the effort. Now quick, everyone return to your televisions and burn countless hours doing nothing.

I do try to be a pariah for the unspoken few... and it's rubbish isnt it...<br />
the film was even worse, that was an unending stream of nothingness, even my dad didnt laugh at it, and he loves that crap children's humour...

I may have liked at first, but I stay away from it and Fox TV on Sunday night.

Sara,<br />
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I enjoyed this show the first few seasons it was on, when creator Matt Groening had more creative involvement with the show. As a fan of his "Is Hell" series of books ('Love is Hell', 'Work is Hell', etc.), I really like his brand of black humour; however, I do feel the show has gotten away from this after the first few seasons. "Futurama", another Groening creation, has stuck more with his original brand of humor.