No Simpsons Please

It's just bland. Maybe it used to be good, but i have the slight vanity in that i can't stand the old animation crapness. It's just a boring vaguely christian moral story book that isn't serious so collapses into the humour category llike a dead horse.

Another thing that really made me hate the show was this time they did like 'An Audience With...' thing, where the voice actors were being interviewed in front of some dumbass audience. And it was immensely banal question wise and you could tell everyone was waiting.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting, for the guy to do the Homer voice. He said hello, rapturous applause, thats ok right. its a talent i guess, for him to do such an accurate voice for the character he plays. But worse than the applause. Laughter. Laughter!? He just said hello! This was when i realised the audiences of the show, were utter cretins.

I still watched it, time to time. It didnt make me think or feel or engage, so it's great collapse and quit thinking telly. I watch it no more, it's an impossible bore... sigh...

thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Well the people who like it are generally quite buffoonish so they might sit and laugh at someones voice

I must say the Homer has run it's course, and yet they still are going to do up to 3 more seasons. Retreading the same old, same old. I have never watched one episode, but have grown old of the constant reminders during commercial breaks. Kind of like the energizer bunny. What's he been on, 25 years now? Is there any creativity anymore?