Are They Really For Me?

I find it hard to belive that these suggestions are actually for me. I'm going to page through a few of these and just write the first comment that pops into my head when I see them.

Personalized Poetry frame Get It Now! I doubt I need this frame

I am in College. I am so NOT in college. I could be the 40 year old freshman.

boygetsspanked Add as friend. Not if I'm the one that has to spank him. I'm sure he's a nice person. No offense intended.

I have a dog. I haven't had a dog since I was 11.

I hate it when people misspell my name. Because it's pretty hard to spell Dan.

I love Back Rubs. It's hard to hate getting a back rub but, thanks to my exwife, I HATE giving them. I could live the rest of my live without getting my back rubbed if it meant I'll never have to give one.

Stub Hub! Where fans buy and sell Sports, Concert & Theater Tickets for You! Yeah because the unemployed guy needs tickets to a concert.

I Love Christina. Who's Christina?

High Heels on Sale Will they have them in my size?

I Have Pectus Carinatum. I looked this up. I'm glad there is a group for this but I don't have Pectus Carinatum.

I Am Always Improving Myself. It's hard to improve on perfection... LOL!

I Am An Angry Person. I am not an angry person. I may have my mad moments but I am most definitely not constantly angry

I Am Asking You To Please Pray For Me. Again I'm glad this group is here but there are many more people who deserve your prayers more than I.

I Am Patient. I am patient. Sadly I'm also a procrastinator. I'll join this one later.

I Can't Be Perfect. Wanna bet? I am totally perfect at being me.

Sorry EP but your suggestions suck.

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A new suggestion for me for today is, Dead Sea Mud Soap that is great for psoriasis.


Thanks RichieRich.

Mrs.McGirly, Have you ever added someone to your circle based on the 'suggetions for you'?

Hysterical .. and soooooo true .. !!