Is It Trying To Tell Me Something?

I am not really sure what is going on at the moment.  The suggestion for you box keeps telling me I might like the "I want to cut up a body" group...........Every time I log in there it is again, very unnerving. I did not think I wanted to.....

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6 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Future butchers of America?

See, ain't just me. I am so right about my iPhone. What do you think? ;)<br />
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But body parts...ugh...don't think I want to be right on that one. Why the heck is there a group like that anyway?!

Haha. Lilly, is there another side of you? These computer algorithms are very sophisticated you know.

That's frightening. What are you READING to make it say that? Then again, I'm a semi-pro comedian, and it keeps suggesting "I have a fear of public speaking" for me. Don't take it too seriously.

I'm ata a

I'm a bit dumb about the whole suggestions for you. I don't think I have them on my page!