My Ideal Man

Apparently "I like my men rugged and hairy" would be a good group for me???

I reckon that if I was into men I still wouldn't be into too much body hair.


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lol @ Sylph. From my perspective, it's HAVE. Not exactly an option for those poor male-o-philes.

Why is the word *HAVE* capitalized???<br />
<br />
It's not a *HAVE* to thing, is it?<br />
<br />
Maybe like...<br />
"If you want to..." ..... or<br />
"If you think about ..."

Makes sense to me, Sylph :) If you HAVE to be into men, may as well make them rugged but leave the body hair (unless you're Lilly).

Can it be just rugged? And not hairy?<br />
<br />
The hairy part creeps me out a little... though I joined this group... because of the ruggedness... RAWR!.......... I have a co-worker... and I swear, he must be a descendant of the werewolves..... we tease him that we would wax him...... and that freakin' image never left my head...

I just got told again about my potential fondness for rugged, hairy men!!!

I know. You'd miss your couple of laughs each day when presented with something totally off (like Longcock. I did a double-take!)

We probably should just switch them off like Lilly.

Well I was wondering if you've had some of my more obscure experience groups suggested for you, like "I see Poles everywhere", and "I Vindaloo against violence"?

Yup. She's contaminating my suggestions. Actually I wonder what influence WG and I have on her suggestions? and yours?

MMM WG - where's that 'I like to squeeze my pimples and eat them' group???<br />
<br />
I know SOME people are into rugged and hairy Lilly - I guess it is everything that I'm missing out on with WG? - but I really hope that the Suggestions are a bit off on this one.<br />
<br />
Just like suggesting 'Longcock' for me as a friend the other day (though I'm sure he's perfectly nice), and 'I am American'...

what??=/<br />
<br />
*waves at WG* :)<br />
<br />
roj, i think suggestions arent too good...

See! It was your last avatar you had! <br />
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Now you'll probably get suggestions for "I like to squeeze my pimples group" or "I have more testosterone than I know what to do with" group for adolescent males ;)