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Polls Show Overwhelming Support For Collective Bargaining

Polls show that while folks believe public employees should make some contract concessions, they overwhelming support their collective bargaining rights. Here's a link to a NBC poll and there was evidently another from CBS.
imabear imabear 51-55, F 3 Responses Mar 2, 2011

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Me too, Ernie.

Public employees (and other unions) have a long history of "give backs" in collective bargaining: accepting cuts in raises, even cuts in pay; increased contributions on their part to medical coverage and pensions plans; longer hours; etc., etc. Americans have gone to jail, been beaten, even murdered in the long fight to unionize, and I consider the recent Wisconsin law to be totally un-American and a step toward traditional fascism, the exploitation of the middle and lower class by a partnership of government and corporations.

It is kind of interesting that when polled on specific ideas without political labels and ideology attached to them most Americans actually support Democratic Socialism even those who identify themselves as Conservative suggesting that most people who call themselves conservative or right leaning don't truly understand what that label even means.