Actually, I Think They Are Worse Than That....

Many Tea Party activists that I have seen interviewed have made a BIG POINT about how they are not prejudiced or racists in any way... they say it does not bother than in the least that the President is an African American.  This despite the fact that they only emerged from obscurity AFTER President Obama was elected, and despite the fact that they, the Tea Partyers are almost universally white.

But never mind those two points.... let's look at reality.

Tea Party members rallied within miles of our nation's capital.... many were armed as is the law in Northern Virginina... many Tea Party members talk of the need to "retake" America.... some speak of the possible need to have a violent revolution to "restore" America...

What if this SAME RALLY were held... but all the people were Black?  How would the majority of Americans react to thousands of African-Americans bearing arms and talking of "retaking" America?


Member of Congress, who just happened to be black, were SPAT on for voting in a way that WHITE rallying people did not like.  This was after the vote on Health Care.

What if this SAME ACT were done by BLACK Americans ... what if they SPAT on White Congressmen for voting in a way that they did not like?  Would that have been defended by Tea Party members as legitimate political discourse?


Do tell, what would Sean Hannity and other Fox broadcasters have said if an African American rap artist had said of George Bush, "He's a piece of **** and I told him to suck on my machine gun."  Which is what Ted Nugent said of President Obama -- and which Hannity refused to disavow....

Please.... give me a break.  The Tea Party movement is one of reactionary, whites, who don't even see how racist their actions are.

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How fast will GOP beat the left at their own game & bus in Dem Convention protesters to NC, against FEMA Camps & diktats<br />
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Asked By: ShyButCreativeSexyGuy 1 hour ago, 3 days left to answer.<br />
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<br />
You know he destroys the great US Constitution ruthlessly, to persuade Illuminati to make him head of secret One World Govt, out for 80% world depopulation, per movies The Obama Deception, The Fall Of The Republic & Endgame, so protest & DEMO<br />
<br />
Email media & mobilise your networks NOW<br />
<br />
Do it for Beyonce's birthday<br />
<br />
Yo, Charlotte, Charleston, Nashville, Asheville & Atlanta megachurches<br />
<br />
GO 4 IT !!!

You people are all hypocrites. The democrats and liberals are way more guilty of offensive behavior than the tea party, but of course you either don't care that it happens, or you agree with it. If you were at all reasonable, you'd know that the actions of a few do not make the vast majority guilty. I have not heard of any evidence of all your ba<x>seless accusations, but allowing that it happened, it was so few and far between as to be statistically irrelevant. I don't condone the sort of behavior mentioned, but don't invent bad behavior and then accuse ALL the participants of the same activity simply because they showed up in the same place. If you have accusations, give facts, name names, if you want to be believed. Until then it's just a smear attempt by small minded individuals that would rather curse than put together a coherent sentence.

the anger that I see comes from those against the Tea Party. IMO short sighted citizens......unwilling to see what has happened to this country, what direction it is headed, <br />
and how to get things back on track. the government is not the answer......the governement has been a large part of the problem.

I think the racism charge is an disgusting, straw man slander. Our federal deficit is over 14 trillion dollars, and that is what the Tea Party is focused on. If people would pay attention, the Tea Party started to form after TARP, which was before Obama took office.

well said notwhoiseem2be. our country will move forward economically, with regards to our national security, and with more respect, when our citizens educate themselves with open minds to learn the truth and not what the media chooses to present with their bias. educated people are our hope for the future. that includes giving credence to what one does not believe and giving it a fair chance, just in case, there is validity to their understanding, their efforts and their vision on how to improve our country's well being.

We as a nation need to wake up... Whether your on the right, left, independent, in between, undecided, ect... you need to face the fact that we have lost control of what once was the greatest nation. <br />
<br />
"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws." Why? Bankrupt a nation and you own it. Look at what is happening to Greece, we will soon follow. What will happen when we can't pay the interest on all the trillions of dollars we owe to the various nations? <br />
<br />
Banking institutions own the U.S. and the world. ba<x>sed off what you might ask... Paper money that has been loaned to us with interest already tied into every single bill that is printed. This paper money is as good as monopoly money since it isn't backed by anything of value except consumer confidence...lose that any were headed back into the middle ages. <br />
<br />
Why do you think gold & silver continue to sky rocket to all time highs? Do yourselves a favor, don't sell your gold & start becoming more self-sufficent.

Selective hearing....."facts" become twisted when they leave out the truth in its entirety....

You want me to embrace killing people who may be innocent, letting the sick die because of no insurance, bigoted against gays in the military, having my freedom taken away if my opinion is not in line with the moral value of someone else.<br />
<br />
Lets get real about what the tea party is, who is behind it, and who will benefit most from it.

There is nothing to say. You all have your minds made up so nothing anyone tries to say to educate you about erroneous information that you ba<x>se your opinions is effective. Best of luck....

Gigglets -- I am a bit confused by your two answers One asking for an explanation & justification & the other seeming to understand. Was the first directed at sharingfeelings post?

Well I hardly want to open my mind to embrace the idea of applauding executions as was done at one GOP debate when it was asked of Perry if he ever worried that some of the 234 people executed in Texas might be innocent. OR to join in shouting to let people without health insurance die, or booing Ron Paul when he said that would not be an ok thing to do ---OR to jeer at the gay soldier who was speaking from a battlefield ----- NO I don't think I want to open my mind and heart to believing in that!

There's nothing much to say except that the Tea Party is unlike the hatred and racism that is being expressed by those who do not understand or agree with their views and values. Think what you will....maybe open your mind and heart to what someone else believes.

Right on!

watch the video in the story'interesting video' <br />
<br />
Please let me know what you think thru either one of my stories or a private message or white board post.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your time and consideration.<br />
<br />
Be at peace<br />

I disagree....I am a white intelligent woman who does not like Mr. Obama for himself, not for his color. In fact, I enjoy hearing Mr. Cain,as one example, who I don't think will be a forefront candidate, however I respect him, his straight forwardness, and his dedication to the same values that I hold true. This is not about is about changing the landscape of this country-and wanting my country back, fighting the threats that face us today with terrorism, honoring our military, encouraging people to work and to strive to improve themselves.....I was brought up on the east coast, where many are liberals, many are changing towards the right, and many are now questioning Mr. Obama and his policies. I vote for a person, not a color, and I attend Tea Party rallies with people who are like minded.

Why is it that you say Tea party people are idiots, how about giving a personal example. No names, no dodging, just some real, personal, examples. Then I'd like to have a polite debate on the issue.

So I sound like a "moron democrat" to this typically abusive Blue Person. I find it interesting that those who have the least to actually say, always say it in the worst way.

I love it, very well stated. My opinion is that the Tea Party movement is made up of the 25% of the population that are interested solely in finding something to complain about. They demand cutbacks in government spending, yet they would howl at the top of their lungs if their medicaid/medicare benefits, disability and VA benefits were apart of that cutback. Regardless of what may come to be politically, I believe these discontents will always be amongst the population, to grab on to the next half-baked idea spilling out of the some brainless politician, like Sarah Palin or Ron Paul. While a few of their points are valid, these are NOT the people who are committed to bringing about change, these are the people who are committed to complaining about change or lack thereof.


Such "intelligent" comments from a blue person.<br />
<br />
The Tea Party is, of course, riddled with Social Conservatives who think being lesbian or gay is sick and evil.... is riddled with people who would deny women medical control over their own bodies, and of course full of people who believe in America being even more overrun by gunnuts than we already are.

The Tea Party stands for one thing, and one thing only, restraining spending to within our means.<br />
<br />
There has been a concerted effort by the scumbag lawyers and politicians, who are stealing our money, to vilify the Tea Party, because they don't want the gravy train to end.<br />
<br />
Before you join the hatred against the Tea Party, maybe you should listen to what they say, not what is said about them. All they ever preach is fiscal sanity. Furthermore, have liberals shown a singe video clip that shows any racist behavior that is supported by the Tea Party folks? The claim about spitting on a black politician has been completely refuted by tons of video footage of the event that showed that it never happened. And if such a thing were to happen (typically by a liberal plant), the Tea Party folks would be the first to show the scumbag to the door.

I agree that the root is greed. The idea is to concentrate ever more wealth in the hands of a few. Ironically, this will hurt the vast majority of TPers just as badly as it hurts the rest of us. I'm appalled that they can't see it.

Oh, tsk tsk... zenharmony... only white, christian, reactionaries from the NRA should be armed, didn't you know that?

in the press a while back republicans raised all kinds of sh-t when Obama but his feet on the desk and In another photo they show azzwhole bush with his feet on the oval desk if this is not a preidice statement I don't know what is

Thanks, SuperMom!

I could, but I would actually rather stay here and fight to preserve the social network we have worked and struggled for so long to build.

Because, SuperMom, you do not have neaderthal right-wing fanatics trying to take over your country. We do.

Damn right sista

I share the PO'd reaction. They also scare me.

SuperMom... there are times when I envy you Canadians....

Yeah, I know... I just sometimes get so PISSED OFF at right-wing nuts.

Sorry, but I butt my head against stone walls enough in other contexts that I'm not looking for more opportunities.

Yes, we still have them, SuperMom...<br />
<br />
And Stoner, I can so understand your viewpoint. I really can.

I've pretty much given up on these sorts of discussions.

I won't, don't worry!

Sara, I agree with every word in this post. I support you 110%. Don't let the bigots get you down.

The spitting incident never happened.. and the most hateful racist rhetoric I've heard has come from the left, and that's on video tape. (regarding Clarence Thomas) Also Herman Cain.

Been away from ep for awhile fighting the left as a tea party member.<br />
<br /> are a fool. Ignorant, naive, arrogant and hateful. Open your eyes and your brain and you shall be saved by the truth. I dare you to go to one Tea Party event...then tell me it was like the lies you mentioned above.<br />
<br />
You best get use to our movement as we are going to clean up the mess that you brain dead libs have made of our country. You did see the *** whoopin we delivered to you all back in November. If you don't like it...get your government educated clueless self to Cuba, Venezuela or even Egypt. You would fit in well there.<br />
<br />
Dopes in chains...

I do not need to give my opinion of what they would do. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know how they would react. You are not cute here, just ingenuous.<br />
<br />
I think it is quite amusing that you feel that merely saying the name Glenn Beck is an attack upon him, but, hey, you know him better than I do.<br />
<br />
As for the comparative merits of showing one angry african-american or scores of chanting Tea Partiers, I think I know where the comparative news value is there. The New Black Panther Party is a small, marginal fringe group and deserves to be treated as such. The Tea Party is a movement which is electing people. The people who make up this movement -- and their behaviors -- is clearly newsworthy.

Yeah - I heard you the first time when you said you saw it. I'm wondering which person did the spitting. If you are so sure that person spit, you should be able to identify them - yes?<br />
<br />
As for the Beck crack - don't ya think it's a backhanded way of sdiscrediting Beck as someone looking for someone else of color to blame for something. I mean I only supplied the link to the video - you are the one who pointed out Beck. BTW - you can find that video on sites other than Beck.<br />
<br />
As for the media not being liberal - I'll just restate my point with a question. Which is worse: showing video of a Tea Party rally where someone allegedly spit on someone else, and then calling everyone attending a bunch of racist idiots OR not airing a video of a man who is a leader of a militant left wing group, spewing hatred, calling for violence and killing innocent babies? <br />
<br />
Why didn't you see Shabazz on CNN, MSNBC, in the Huffington Post? Why is it being ignored. Oh right - I forgot - he's just angry. <br />
<br />
The you wrote: "As for what the Tea Party MIGHT have done... I think we all know how it would have reacted -- you know how it would have reacted as well as I. And it would not have been pretty."<br />
<br />
I'd say the Tea Party wouldn't do anything. <br />
<br />
So c'mon SG - tell us what YOU think the Tea Party would do in this situation.

Yes, I actually SAW it. As to why he was or was not arrested I cannot answer to why someone else did or did not do anything.<br />
<br />
As to my "crack" about Beck, what "crack"? My quote was "As for the ability of Glenn Beck to find a black man who happens to be racist, I am not surprised. " So what "crack" is that? <br />
<br />
The right-wing LOVES to bash the"liberal media" and crows that all media other than FOXPAC is actually in love with the left. This is what is known as "The Big Lie." It is repeated over and over again until it is actually believed by the simple minded and those who do not think for themselves. Of course the truth is that the news media are NOT liberal, they just try to report the facts -- and the facts usually disprove the idiocy put forth as truth by the arch-conservatives. So when reality clashes with the tea party delusions, the media is attacked as liberal. Classic tactics for all anti-democratic parties.<br />
<br />
As for what the Tea Party MIGHT have done... I think we all know how it would have reacted -- you know how it would have reacted as well as I. And it would not have been pretty.

You clearly see it? Then which person actually did the spitting? Why didn't security or the police arrest the spitter? And why didn't the congressman react or do something? If this is so clear, why wasn't the $100K reward paid? I'm sorry, but when someone deliberately spits on you - you don't just casually walk away. <br />
<br />
I have to grin just a little for the Glenn Beck see, I knew you would make one. LOL! Notice I didn't bash the Huffington Post, but no libbie can resist a Beck Bashing. But I digress...<br />
<br />
King Samir Shabazz - just an angry black man?? This man happens to be the leader of the New Black Panther party, who is calling for violence in the streets, and is on record wanting to kill white babies. He's a person leading a radical organization calling for the murder of innocent children, but you say he's just angry. You're also ignoring the fact that Shabazz was indicted on charges of voter intimidation, but Attorney General, Eric Holder dismissed those charges. So yes...let's all bury our collective heads in the sand and give Shabazz a pass on this. After all - he's just angry. Let's go after those spitting Tea Partiers instead...that's where the real danger resides.<br />
<br />
So...what does all this prove? It proves the Huffington Post doesn't take journalism seriously. I would have left this alone, but it was in your previous thread where you referenced the Huffington Post and assumed I would 'diss it. It was you who leveraged the Huffington Post to defend your position regarding the Tea Party. Hence, you opened the door regarding the credibility of the Post itself. So while the Post is more than happy to publish anti-Tea Party rhetoric, it chooses to ignore REAL radicalism, REAL racism, and a REAL call for violence. It's a lot like the credibility of your argument that Shabazz is just angry.<br />
<br />
Oh - and back to your original point: Actually - you don't make a point, you simply raised a rhetorical question. Something speculative; something that didn't actually happen. So, you want to know what the Tea Party members might have done if those members of Congress had been white and the protestors were black? <br />
<br />
I'll answer your question with a question. What does it matter what the Team Party MIGHT HAVE DONE? Tell me. WHAT?? Amazing argument...what might have happended versus what actually did happen? Classic libbie argument. Just goes around in circles...

You are as delusional as the rest of your cohort. I CLEARLY see the incident -- a white protester spitting on a black member of congress. Clearly.<br />
<br />
Now... back to my original point -- if these protesters had ALL BEEN BLACK -- and those members of Congress had all been white, what would the Tea Party members reactions be?<br />
<br />
WHAT?<br />
<br />
As for the ability of Glenn Beck to find a black man who happens to be racist, I am not surprised. What does that actually prove? That there is a black man who is racist? Imagine that. A black person who is angry... wow.

Thanks for the link. I had seen this video previously. <br />
<br />
Again - where is the proof ? I hear no racial slurs, just protestors chanting "kill the bill" (meaning the Health Care Bill). I didn't see anyone spit. I did see the Congressman walk away from one of the protestors and casually brush something off of his face. Was THAT the infamous saliva projectile that has everyone in a tizzy? That's it?? OMG - ROFLMAO! Gee...I cannot imagine why that $100,000 reward was not paid. <br />
<br />
If this was real proof, the Huffington Post was in the perfect position to pressure Andrew Breitbart to pay it. If someone really spit on the Congressman, he wouldn't have walked away so casually. If someone really spit on the Congressman, he would have IMMEDIATELY pointed that person out, and asked for security to step in. <br />
<br />
Additionally, you state, "Of course, I know that you will say that since this is from the Huffington Post it is inaccurate -- and that comment will be just more proof that when reality conflicts with your world view, it is reality that will die." REALLY? Please re-read what you just wrote. Or better yet, let me rephrase...reality will die if I disagree with the Huffington Post. That doesn't even make sense.<br />
<br />
Want to see real racism and a call for violence. Here is REAL PROOF. Check out this link and ask yourself, "why didn't I see this in the Hufington Post or on the news in the main stream media?" Check out this link:<br />
<br />
BTW - King Shamir Shabazz - the person featured in this video was also the same person indicted for voter intimidation during the '08 presidential election. Now why do you suppose Eric Holder dropped the charges?

OK, here is your proof.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Of course, I know that you will say that since this is from the Huffington Post it is inaccurate -- and that comment will be just more proof that when reality conflicts with your world view, it is reality that will die. any proof of these accusations? Nothing you've stated here hasn't been stated before. I mean there have been thousands of people at these rallies with their digital cameras. So where are the photos or videos of:<br />
<br />
Armed team party members crying out for a violent revolution?<br />
Tea Partiers hurling racial slurs and spitting on/at African American congressional members?<br />
<br />
Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide video and audio evidence that racial epithets were shouted at Congressio­nal Black Caucus members by tea party activists. No one has come up with anything, and the reward has not been paid out. And before you go off on how lots of people have sent in pictures and video to Breitbart and he simply refuses to pay...Any of the mainstream media outlets would be airing this stuff 24/7 if ANYONE had any real proof.<br />
<br />
I also want to point out that in EVERY crowd (even the Tea Partiers) bad apples exist. Are there racists in the Tea Party? Probably - but what about racism that exists in other groups? What makes the Tea Party so special that they need to be singled out? Is it because they are predominantly white conservatives?<br />
<br />
Oh...I's because the Tea Party represents a threat to our huge government's lust for spending other people's money! But that angle doesn't sell itself well. BUT...if you can make the Tea Party APPEAR racist, it's much easier to discredit them.<br />
<br />
I'm sure what I am writing will be ridiculed, but I know I'm correct. It's not at all about's all about politics.

Well, well closedancer, let's look at your post. First, there have been NO refutations of the fact that members of congress were spat upon (or that Rep Franks was called a '******' at the same time. In fact, it is easy to find articles that state this happened, I can find none from any reputable news source that says that it did not. None.<br />
<br />
As I STATED, it is legal for people to carry guns in VIrginia, I asked how people think the mass of Tea Partiers would have reacted had AFRICAN-AMERICANS been carrying those guns and talking of Retaking America. Your comment on the Black Panthers has answered that question.<br />
<br />
I have no truck with crooked politicians of any stripe -- nor with racists of any hue. How liberals are somehow racists just because YOU state this as fact is beyond me.<br />
<br />
Get real -- if the best you can do is lie, hurl unsubstantiated allegations and ask my opinion of people dead over 200 years, then I have no worries about having to engage in a difficult debate.

ignorance and ability to be easily manipulated is a lethal combination. Very few people are geniunly informed and concerned. Most are just following the crowd.<br />
Understanding current world politics is the key. Instaed of reacting, first understand. Stand with truth always. Do not be afraid.

" taxsation without repersentation,,,what a joke,,,look at us all now we are taxed even in death,,,,all people need to get real,,,and take action about our own survival,,,Greed won't get you where "" Taxed even in death -"---Boy --has the far right done a great job of selling that to the dupes!!! The inheritence tax ONLY applies to estates of 3 & a half MILLION Dollars & up --- Yup it only hits the top 1 percent or so of the country. It was put in to prevent worthless people like That billionaire Rassie ( SP?) guy who is running for , I think , senate , who proudly proclaimed " I got my money the old fashioned way -- I inherited it" not even smart enough to know that line has been a JOKE LINE for Years! YUp he never did a lick of anything worthwhile in his life . Designed to insure we would not end up like Europe --with a bunch of worthless monied gentry or Royals who live off stipends from the common folk BECAUSE they are "Blue- Bloods" , This Guy wants to do away with minimum wage - and all laws governing corporate behavior , capitalism unfettered completely , child labor laws in fact he actually said he ould try to return the country law wise to 1875 when his Granny started the family business , coal --- & steel , she only could succeed because of the Laws of the time. Oh yeah and we MUST end the Death tax that EVERYBODY has to pay --- that is EVERY MULTI MILLIONAIRE __WELL the ones with over 3 1/2 million anyway/

The real scary psrt of it that if just a handfull actually get elected, because they are fully backed & touted by Faux News that the majority of the rest of the GOPS in office will follow their lead to the letter, because Faux News runs the GOP --even the GOP has admitted that.

There views and values are not worth much to many Americans! They don't really know what they want!

I would argue that the Tea Partiers are ok with taxation so long as only their views and "values" are represented.

Thank you!

I find it interesting that it was mentioned how diverse the TP rally was that one previous poster attended..I mean there were "actual real live black folks and Mexican immigrants????" <br />
<br />
Are you frickin kidding me?!? I live in a highly conservative area and based on what I have personally witnessed both in the local square and have seen on tv, I have never seen a person of color attend.<br />
<br />
I have discussed with friends of various ethnic/political backgrounds and not one has seen a token "non white" at a rally either...Don't you think if that were the case, the TP "Powers that Be" would have them paraded front and center to show how "non-racist" they are? They would kick my nDn *** to the curb, I can assure you! While you TP supporters on EP may not be inherently racist, the little "club" to which you belong certainly seems to be...Where there's smoke...well you know!<br />
<br />
Well said Sara...succient as always my friend. :)

There are also the inherent contradictions in their ideology... the original protesters were FOR taxation WITH representation -- which is what the Tea Partiers today are campaigning AGAINST... PLUS, the original protesters were AGAINST Big Business -- they dumped tea because it was imported by the British East India Company -- the largest business of the day -- while the current bunch are just toadies to corporate interests.

Agreed. Oil companies, banks, brokerages have too much power. "Drill baby, drill." Right.

I want my country back, too. From the big corporate interests who influence legislative process way too much. Witness the gulf oil spill.

It strikes me that the Tea Partyers also have a large dose of selfishness: government should only tax to pay for the things we want, not what other taxpayers want. I also have a problem with the contradiction inherent in the TPers and alot of other conservatives, who advocate that government is bad, but also seem to think that the military and law enforcement, two large parts of government, are infallible.

how many people are willing to wager that the NY bomb was planted by a disaffected white american.

TM and Joe, you have an idealized view of what the tea party is about. To live up to those ideals, you have to actively denounce the voices in the party that are racist and that focus on things like Obama's birth certificate. TM, what does it mean-"To take back our country?"

The tea party movement is about voting the federal government back in it's place... Smaller, less intrusive, fiscally responsible federal government, more like what the constitution suggests... There are people of all backgrounds in the tea party movement. It's not supposed to be about race, ethnicity, or political party. I think everyone who agrees with this should quickly join in, so we can get our country back...

I completely agree with TM2PLA. Thanks for posting with clarity.

Actually, Mr Bone, I HAVE read various manifestos written by Tea Partiers.... it is you who have clearly either NOT read what I wrote or judiciously managed to IGNORE my points.

Obviously none of you know about the true Tea Party activists who are just tired of watching their country being sacked,

Well what is stupid to me about the tea party,,,who came up with that name anyway????well the real tea party was about taxsation without repersentation,,,what a joke,,,look at us all now we are taxed even in death,,,,all people need to get real,,,and take action about our own survival,,,Greed won't get you where you need to be,,which is in the Love and Light,,,Time is running out,,,and I am praying for everyone to be vibrating in Love and Light,,,Mary

SaratogaGirl, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Black Americans wouldn't be allowed to have guns in the first place, all the White Americans would run for their lives (rather the Blacks pointed the guns at them or not), and they'll rally all of the KKK members up to come after the Blacks.

I for one have attended a tea party rally... About 1/3 of the speakers were African American, a couple others were Mexican immigrants, and the remainder were of European decent with varying degrees of native American lineage... So, I think you are full of Sh*t... The jist of the tea party movement is (from what I conclude), to reign back the federal government and it's ever growing unconstitutional tendencies... Get your information straight and quit listening to propaganda!!!

i only meant at these rallys..I have several friends who have attended rallies in new jersey and in the midwest, and I asked them to describe them..they went to see what the reality was..and they both described the rallys as disorganized, poorly produced and managed, however both said they saw no signs of racism, or violence..some ignorance, the demographics were predominantly white....and while I agree the right, as portrayed by some of its more incendiary proponents is disturbing and scary..when actual laws are broken, those responsible should be dealt with..anti government, peaceful protest should be allowed..and may bear fruit..

Yes they do. We know there is nothing patriotic about bigotry and prejudice, but too many people are easily led, the mob mentality. Sickening.

It is VERY scary.... and the Right hides behind a mask of "patriotism."

I don't think the racism is isolated, in the US or in England, and this is disquieting. The far right have had a surge in popularity in Europe. It's scary.

sure..I really just hope no one gets hurt..and I hope that the racism and intolerance I have seen portrayed in the media are iosolated..and in some way helps drive accountability forward..

Wiful ignorance is what I hate above all. And yes, the mob is a tool, and it's very depressing. The electorate over here in England are manipulated so easily by the same, tired rhetoric, it makes me want to scream. The anti-immigration, anti-migrant propaganda spouted by both the government and the Tory's is why the fascist BNP have been allowed to seep into mainstream poilitics. I want to shake every single fool who believes this spiteful drivel.<br />
<br />

Well; let's shake! ;)

Britain is an island and youcannot over fill it. There is only a certain amount of water a hot water bottle can hold. KEEP everyone here but limit the numbers who come in.

Thank you, Senor.

SG..been having this same debate lately..I have yet to go to a rally, so I dont have any direct evidence..however..any anti government sentiment, which is what this so called unorganized movement seems to be about is bound to be labeled by the establishment, as racist, or dangerous, or whatever as long as it serves the interest of the's an old latest inclination, and it changes, is that any thing that makes politicians nervous for their jobs should be a good thing..let the police deal with the crazies, and hopefully no one gets hurt.. I found the demographics and behavior of some participants at the rallys to be disturbing, and you make great points..especially in regards to what if the crowds were black and armed..great post...we need to stay vigilant, against racism, bigotry, violence etc..but also do a better job holding our government accountable for their failures..I dunno..maybe ultimately whatever this turns into can be a good thing..maybe..most likely it'll get co opted and mainstreamed..but..who knows..again, great post!

I admire your positive thinking, but am afraid that a lot more American have to wake up to make some difference at all. ;(

I fear that you have a great deal of truth in this.... but I still say it does not obsolve people of their self-imposed ignorance.

They ARE angry and misinformed, and I agree both with the fact that they are fools and that they are being manipulated. However, that does NOT let them off the hook for their bigoted, stupid opinions and attitudes.

Don't you think they are rather well informed, but deliberately misinform others?

They are truly in the stone age &amp; that Palin is a racist, no matter who she has slept with. Oh, and dumb too

Talk about the elephant in the room. . .

watch the porcelain!