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Actually, I Think They Are Worse Than That....

Many Tea Party activists that I have seen interviewed have made a BIG POINT about how they are not prejudiced or racists in any way... they say it does not bother than in the least that the President is an African American.  This despite the fact that they only emerged from obscurity AFTER President Obama was elected, and despite the fact that they, the Tea Partyers are almost universally white.

But never mind those two points.... let's look at reality.

Tea Party members rallied within miles of our nation's capital.... many were armed as is the law in Northern Virginina... many Tea Party members talk of the need to "retake" America.... some speak of the possible need to have a violent revolution to "restore" America...

What if this SAME RALLY were held... but all the people were Black?  How would the majority of Americans react to thousands of African-Americans bearing arms and talking of "retaking" America?


Member of Congress, who just happened to be black, were SPAT on for voting in a way that WHITE rallying people did not like.  This was after the vote on Health Care.

What if this SAME ACT were done by BLACK Americans ... what if they SPAT on White Congressmen for voting in a way that they did not like?  Would that have been defended by Tea Party members as legitimate political discourse?


Do tell, what would Sean Hannity and other Fox broadcasters have said if an African American rap artist had said of George Bush, "He's a piece of **** and I told him to suck on my machine gun."  Which is what Ted Nugent said of President Obama -- and which Hannity refused to disavow....

Please.... give me a break.  The Tea Party movement is one of reactionary, whites, who don't even see how racist their actions are.

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl 26-30, F 90 Responses Apr 27, 2010

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You're correct, of course. Some have said, "go to a rally before you judge" so I did, in Walnut Creek, shortly after Obama was elected. California, and people were asking me if I was "lost" and telling me and my friend to "go back to Oakland". The friend was conservative, ironically. I was there primarily to support her, but she came away with the same attitude I confirmed, that they're a bunch of racists. She's still conservative, but she insists the Tea Party does not represent her or anyone serious.

How fast will GOP beat the left at their own game & bus in Dem Convention protesters to NC, against FEMA Camps & diktats<br />
<br />
Asked By: ShyButCreativeSexyGuy 1 hour ago, 3 days left to answer.<br />
<br />
<br />
You know he destroys the great US Constitution ruthlessly, to persuade Illuminati to make him head of secret One World Govt, out for 80% world depopulation, per movies The Obama Deception, The Fall Of The Republic & Endgame, so protest & DEMO<br />
<br />
Email media & mobilise your networks NOW<br />
<br />
Do it for Beyonce's birthday<br />
<br />
Yo, Charlotte, Charleston, Nashville, Asheville & Atlanta megachurches<br />
<br />
GO 4 IT !!!

You people are all hypocrites. The democrats and liberals are way more guilty of offensive behavior than the tea party, but of course you either don't care that it happens, or you agree with it. If you were at all reasonable, you'd know that the actions of a few do not make the vast majority guilty. I have not heard of any evidence of all your ba<x>seless accusations, but allowing that it happened, it was so few and far between as to be statistically irrelevant. I don't condone the sort of behavior mentioned, but don't invent bad behavior and then accuse ALL the participants of the same activity simply because they showed up in the same place. If you have accusations, give facts, name names, if you want to be believed. Until then it's just a smear attempt by small minded individuals that would rather curse than put together a coherent sentence.

You people who "think" you know why we formed the Tea Party, and who are the members, are so far off ba<x>se because of your extreme liberal views of the world that you cannot even see the truth when it is smacking you in the face.<br />
<br />
We started the Tea Party movement to get our voice heard by the current "regime" which is running us into massive debt, taking away God given liberties, and attempting to turn our country into another exteme socialist nation. The majority of us do not want any of that and we are letting all of them and you, know how we feel. We are doctors, dock workers, mail workers, teachers, instructors, military members, etc. The race of the guy in our White House has nothing to do with our movement.....nothing at all!!!! The acts of the guy and the extreme left push by him IS our focus. You all need to wake up and figure out what is being done to the country soon because you will be subjects of the socialist elite just like the rest of us.

the anger that I see comes from those against the Tea Party. IMO short sighted citizens......unwilling to see what has happened to this country, what direction it is headed, <br />
and how to get things back on track. the government is not the answer......the governement has been a large part of the problem.

I think the racism charge is an disgusting, straw man slander. Our federal deficit is over 14 trillion dollars, and that is what the Tea Party is focused on. If people would pay attention, the Tea Party started to form after TARP, which was before Obama took office.

well said notwhoiseem2be. our country will move forward economically, with regards to our national security, and with more respect, when our citizens educate themselves with open minds to learn the truth and not what the media chooses to present with their bias. educated people are our hope for the future. that includes giving credence to what one does not believe and giving it a fair chance, just in case, there is validity to their understanding, their efforts and their vision on how to improve our country's well being.

I see things a little different, which may make people think of me as stupid or uneducated. That is fine though, because it is within a persons rights to think of me however they wish. If any of you that are on here being hateful to another group of Americans for their beliefs, had actually watched Glen Beck's shows; you would have seen that Tea Party followers come in multiple colors, ages, and yes some of them are actually intelligent. Quite a few of them are mothers that are concerned for the future of their children. I think the media has portrayed the Tea Party as a voilent group of people, and because the average person believes what they see with their own eyes, they buy into the concept. I grew up in a household that was filled with hunters. I feel that we should protect our right to bare arms, as well as all of our rights. There are many laws that are unconstitutional, if you look into them a little deeper.<br />
<br />
As for being rasist. . .the sad truth is there are still rasist people in this world. There are rasist people of every color, and ethnic background. There will always be those amoung them that act out on their hatred. This should not be used to reflect upon an entire group of people though. Not every white person out there is rasist, just as not every black person hates white people. The media fuels the underlying tensions of society to boost viewing audiences, and to sway the people from paying to much attention to the truth. Personally, I watch ALL the news channels and form my own opinions from a variety of angles. I refuse to follow any one source blindly.<br />
<br />
I know that I have most likely mad several grammar and spelling errors. Try to hear what I am saying instead of disecting my grammar. The message I am offering might be lost if you are busy looking for ways to judge me.

I just look at the bunch on Wall Street and other leftists across America. I would be embarrassed. Now it's hilarious to listen to people bad mouth the TEA party! Some of the things that radical leftists like Janeane Garofalo with her 1st assertion that Herman Caine was being paid off, and then her 2nd assertion that the fact that Herman Caine is ahead of everyone in the poles is proof that the TEA party is racist! You can't make this stuff up! There is one thing though that I think about, and that's the fact that these party animals can get together and do and say the things that they are saying and doing, and cry about how terrible this country is, without risking their lives. To think that these people claim to represent 99%. Excuse me? 99% of who? How many of those racist gun toting rednecks were at the march on Washington, or the 9-12 gathering? How many were arrested? What did the place look like and smell like when they left? Go ahead! One of the many great things about this country is that 5,000 fools can have a big party on Wall Street and say practically 5,000 different things about how terrible this country is. Exaggeration for the sake of emphasis.

We as a nation need to wake up... Whether your on the right, left, independent, in between, undecided, ect... you need to face the fact that we have lost control of what once was the greatest nation. <br />
<br />
"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws." Why? Bankrupt a nation and you own it. Look at what is happening to Greece, we will soon follow. What will happen when we can't pay the interest on all the trillions of dollars we owe to the various nations? <br />
<br />
Banking institutions own the U.S. and the world. ba<x>sed off what you might ask... Paper money that has been loaned to us with interest already tied into every single bill that is printed. This paper money is as good as monopoly money since it isn't backed by anything of value except consumer confidence...lose that any were headed back into the middle ages. <br />
<br />
Why do you think gold & silver continue to sky rocket to all time highs? Do yourselves a favor, don't sell your gold & start becoming more self-sufficent.

Selective hearing....."facts" become twisted when they leave out the truth in its entirety....

You want me to embrace killing people who may be innocent, letting the sick die because of no insurance, bigoted against gays in the military, having my freedom taken away if my opinion is not in line with the moral value of someone else.<br />
<br />
Lets get real about what the tea party is, who is behind it, and who will benefit most from it.

There is nothing to say. You all have your minds made up so nothing anyone tries to say to educate you about erroneous information that you ba<x>se your opinions is effective. Best of luck....

Gigglets -- I am a bit confused by your two answers One asking for an explanation & justification & the other seeming to understand. Was the first directed at sharingfeelings post?

Well I hardly want to open my mind to embrace the idea of applauding executions as was done at one GOP debate when it was asked of Perry if he ever worried that some of the 234 people executed in Texas might be innocent. OR to join in shouting to let people without health insurance die, or booing Ron Paul when he said that would not be an ok thing to do ---OR to jeer at the gay soldier who was speaking from a battlefield ----- NO I don't think I want to open my mind and heart to believing in that!

There's nothing much to say except that the Tea Party is unlike the hatred and racism that is being expressed by those who do not understand or agree with their views and values. Think what you will....maybe open your mind and heart to what someone else believes.

Right on!

watch the video in the story'interesting video' <br />
<br />
Please let me know what you think thru either one of my stories or a private message or white board post.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your time and consideration.<br />
<br />
Be at peace<br />

I disagree....I am a white intelligent woman who does not like Mr. Obama for himself, not for his color. In fact, I enjoy hearing Mr. Cain,as one example, who I don't think will be a forefront candidate, however I respect him, his straight forwardness, and his dedication to the same values that I hold true. This is not about is about changing the landscape of this country-and wanting my country back, fighting the threats that face us today with terrorism, honoring our military, encouraging people to work and to strive to improve themselves.....I was brought up on the east coast, where many are liberals, many are changing towards the right, and many are now questioning Mr. Obama and his policies. I vote for a person, not a color, and I attend Tea Party rallies with people who are like minded.

Why is it that you say Tea party people are idiots, how about giving a personal example. No names, no dodging, just some real, personal, examples. Then I'd like to have a polite debate on the issue.

So I sound like a "moron democrat" to this typically abusive Blue Person. I find it interesting that those who have the least to actually say, always say it in the worst way.

I love it, very well stated. My opinion is that the Tea Party movement is made up of the 25% of the population that are interested solely in finding something to complain about. They demand cutbacks in government spending, yet they would howl at the top of their lungs if their medicaid/medicare benefits, disability and VA benefits were apart of that cutback. Regardless of what may come to be politically, I believe these discontents will always be amongst the population, to grab on to the next half-baked idea spilling out of the some brainless politician, like Sarah Palin or Ron Paul. While a few of their points are valid, these are NOT the people who are committed to bringing about change, these are the people who are committed to complaining about change or lack thereof.


Great post. Well said. Kudos to you !!!!

Such "intelligent" comments from a blue person.<br />
<br />
The Tea Party is, of course, riddled with Social Conservatives who think being lesbian or gay is sick and evil.... is riddled with people who would deny women medical control over their own bodies, and of course full of people who believe in America being even more overrun by gunnuts than we already are.

The Tea Party stands for one thing, and one thing only, restraining spending to within our means.<br />
<br />
There has been a concerted effort by the scumbag lawyers and politicians, who are stealing our money, to vilify the Tea Party, because they don't want the gravy train to end.<br />
<br />
Before you join the hatred against the Tea Party, maybe you should listen to what they say, not what is said about them. All they ever preach is fiscal sanity. Furthermore, have liberals shown a singe video clip that shows any racist behavior that is supported by the Tea Party folks? The claim about spitting on a black politician has been completely refuted by tons of video footage of the event that showed that it never happened. And if such a thing were to happen (typically by a liberal plant), the Tea Party folks would be the first to show the scumbag to the door.

I agree that the root is greed. The idea is to concentrate ever more wealth in the hands of a few. Ironically, this will hurt the vast majority of TPers just as badly as it hurts the rest of us. I'm appalled that they can't see it.

Oh, tsk tsk... zenharmony... only white, christian, reactionaries from the NRA should be armed, didn't you know that?

in the press a while back republicans raised all kinds of sh-t when Obama but his feet on the desk and In another photo they show azzwhole bush with his feet on the oval desk if this is not a preidice statement I don't know what is

Thanks, SuperMom!

Okay.. If you got tired. You can move up to Canada.