Thank Goodness Stupidity Isn't Not A Crime..You're Free To Go!

Where was this group during the W years? We had plenty of taxes and government waste then! (Where was that outrage?)

How interesting that we have an African American president and they place a billboard that compares Obama to Hitler. (The latter who relied on fear-mongering and the mob mentality that seems to prevail within the Tea Party itself?)

How interesting they keep saying how they are not racist yet you never see a person of color at one of their rallies. (Would a non-white face feel welcome? Doubtful!)

I smell the distinct aroma and it is bullsh*t!

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Lets see, President Obama helped keep 2 pf the big 3 solvent to save thousands of american jobs. The tp doesn't like it because he backs unions.He said he would bring the troops home by the start of 2012, hhhhmmmmm 4 more months away unless I missed them. O and btw who got us into them without planning how to pay for them and did it by lying.........Bush not Obama. Who supervised the killing of sadam???????????? Was not bush was it. It was our PRESIDENT Obama.<br />
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Universal health care? Lets see in the developed world who pays the most in the world but covers the least amount of population?????????????<br />
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That would be the USA.<br />
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Unemployment over 9%, heading from recession to depression ( thanks to the tp getting the first US credit downgrade in history), natural disaster after natural disaster(which the tp says is God punishing us) and we need to worry about immigration before all else right?<br />
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Which side of the tea party face is going to talk next?????????????????

MissJulie...what i find ironic is you comparing liberals to nazis...we are all about choice and freedom whereas your explanation (with misspellings) did nothing but reinforce my impression of teabaggers as simple folk.

You people are hopelessly dumb and blind. What is one of the first things Hitler did? He painted Jews as the problem to divert attention ... much as Obama paints the conservative teaparty as terrorsits .. and wall street and corporations the enemy of the state. Next Hitler took over Germany's industries. Not a complete takeover like the communists ... He allowed the CEOs to operate the companies ... but reported directly to Hitler ... GM? ... Where Obama cut out the bondholders and gave their share to the Union ... then he gives us Obamacare where the state takes over 1/6 of american GDP ... Obama ignores our immigration laws ... sues states to keep them from enforcing laws against illegal residents ... but ignore sanctuary cities who are daily breaking the aiding abetting illegals laws ... Obama tells the DOJ not to prosecute blacks denying voter rights when the victims are white ... No ... Obama is not trampling our rights ... MUCH ... Obama is nothing but a bigoted liar ... Wasn't he going to close Gitmo? Bring our troops home? It was Obama in 2006 said it was irresponsible to raise the debt limit ... Elder Bush lost re-election when it was perceived he lied about raising taxes ... Obama does nothing but lie to the american people. What happned to the promised "transparency"? ... "They can read what's in the bill after they vote for it" <br />
If not for the solid bigoted support of blacks, Obama's poll numbers would be under 30%

Yeah! lets build an electrified fence along the entire Rio Grande. That wont have any impact on our power grid and energy consumption (ie taxes) and there's no possible way anyone could get around it. Plus "Illegals" and democrats are nazis so we should round them up into camps and force them to do labor, Yeah!

Would love to see your proof of your allegations, missjulie13. While I don't like everything Ptesident Obama has done, the Republican platform is the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand.

Remember, 11.3 trillion is the REPUBLICAN debt of raygun, 41 and 43.

Thanks HStoner.<br />
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Sarah..we think alike sweetie :)

I could not agree more and wrote virtually this same thing in my own story for this group.

Well said.