Dark Ages Redux

Reasons may vary, but all Empires fall. It’s no secret that the American Empire is in decline either. Short sightednesses coupled by corporate greed I think are the main culprits. The thing this country lacks is vision. What is the vision this country should hold? Opinions will vary, may even be divisive, but I think we can agree that most Americans simply want to be free to be themselves. And they want our country be the example it once was.
Since the end of the Cold War, we have stumbled mightily from our lofted position. 9/11 briefly united us, but only for a short time. We have fallen prey to our own bloated ego, avarice, and jingoistic pride. Change is definitely needed. The political system and the underlying corporate structure is broken. If you really want to know the reason for our fiscal problems, you need only look at the reality of unregulated markets not government control. But I digress; corporations exist only for the profit of their shareholders as outline in their corporate charters, not for the benefit of the population. We are freefalling fast and nothing is going to slow us down.
Enter the Tea Party. Born out of frustration with government excess and bloated budgets, I admit it was an appealing movement. But since has been hijacked by corporate and religious backing. This volatile populist jerk to the far right of the political spectrum has the potential do plunge America into the Dark Ages. And I don’t mean Dark to reflect of paucity of historical record, but rather a backward movement placing religious authority over that of personal experience and common sense.
I don’t have the answers to the problems that plague our country today. But the Tea Party is part of that problem. If there is anything that can right this foundering vessel called America, it’s only through fresh ideas, not retreaded fundamentalism. Do we really need to down a path where the mysteries of God trump the logic of sound reason and scientific method? Must our public servants be proscribed by Biblical thought? Will our thoughts be corralled by rigid dogma and all dissenters be accused of heresy or be burned at the stake? This and worse will be life under theocratic control these so called “fringe” candidates which to inflict upon us. One only needs to read their history book to see what direction we could be heading.
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This is a return to the social Darwinism of the Robber Baron Era. A time when we had no regulation on business, no food or drug standards, no wage or worker safety law, etc... The only people who will benefit are the wealthy.

Honey Love...sadly, to an extent, you are correct. I would love to see how two divided Red/Blue North/South countries would work over the long term. It would be interesting indeed.

I tend to share your opinion. Extremsim in any form is bad news.

I believe there are far more ready to move forward and they will be left behind. It may take several more years, but I don't believe they will last.