I Am "illigaly Cohabitating" With My Significant Other...no Joke!

No this is not a joke. Tea Party backed Florida lawmakers have passed a law (Florida statute 798.02) making it illegal to cohabitate with someone who is not their spouse, making it a crime punishable by a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

"If any man or woman, not being married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together ... they shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree," the law states."

Forget unemployment, the real problem are the "fornicators" and their "lewdly and lasciviously" behavior.

According to 2010 U.S. Census figures, at least 544,907 Floridians reported being an "unmarried partner". Can you imagine the jail are going to be full and I suppose my friends that you may very well become my prison pen-palls.

Are these moron really for real?
MtnMig MtnMig
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Fact check law was enacted in 1868

Miguel.... how could you!?!! You.... you.... FORNICATOR! <br />
<br />
PS - where can I get me summa that? I'm a rebel, you know. Now that it's a law, I wanna break it, and co-habitate with a non-spouse. Before it was illegal, I wanted nothing to do with it. Now, well, they've made it super fun!

As a liberal it is my duty to subvert you using the powers of temptation casting upon you eternal damnation...or something like that.

Tell you what Bill, I can create an EP group just for this debate so that the group does not have "idiots" on its title. Just a good debate.

Good luck with THAT mtnMig. I think that is a pipe dream.

I would love to take these Tea Party folk on, although I could use help because I am terribly busy these days.

MM... I'll respond to YOUR 5 points once you acknowledge that this is NOT a TP sponsored Statute.. that the law has been on the books since the mid 1800's.. Until you defend your freaking bullshit ascertations, you've no right to expect a debate on any following crap spewing from that useless void in your face. Bill in Va.

Dude, seriously, did I not already mention that already?? Page 3 of this very post "CLARIFICATION ON FLORIDA’S COHABITATION LAW". You really don't ready replies do you? There is no point in debating an issue if you simply ignore what people say. So does that mean you're up for the debate?

Bree.. I presume you are referring to MtnMan claiming the TP is trying to pass that law... the law that was originally passed in 1864... The same law that a conservative REPUBLICAN is trying to overturn?.. Bill in Va.

Is there an echo in here?

OMG I hear it too.

Holy Crap! What the hell are these people thinking?! Wait...they aren't thinking are they? Thanks for the mention of a ridiculous law, gave me a sad laugh, well more of a nervous laugh to be more exact.

Bill in VA,<br />
<br />
I'll gladly post all the links after work - not that it will do any good because you'll just ignore them as you have ignored much of what i have written. Still, I have challenged you four or five times to go through the five points you listed earlier, one by one, and I will show how TP values are completely in opposition to each of those five values. You still have not said yes.

You are still promoting the ridiulously blatant lie that the TEA party had something to do with the existance of this law. Given that, you lose all credibility. You are just a tool of the left ... and lack any integrity whatsoever.

That is no longer being disputed. The entire thing was carefully re-presented in MtnMig's previous post. Did you miss that one? I've noticed that all it takes to get a rise out of you is the mention of a minority. Whenever that happens, you just can't stop yourself in this and other posts. Perhaps if the rest of the tea party was more honest about their racial beliefs then there wouldn't be a tea party.

Yes .. of course ... we are all racists because we demand the truth ... how dare we! Really ... Alice in Wonderland has nothing over the PC world of liberals.

If you can read, I corrected myself, something I would never expect from you - and - I did no longer making the claim that the TP originated the bill. HOWEVER, they are protecting it.

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To Willie, Missj and lickitysplt... Great job putting these wacknuts in their place.<br />
<br />

Your victories like most of your world only exist in your head.

Mtn man.. I've been accused of posting quotes out of context but I've provided the links.. you've posted a half dozen in a post back a few.. could you provide the links?.. I'll mobilize the TP faction in that state if what you state isn't taken out of context... .....which I'm sure as shooting is!... Bill in Va.

The "tea party faction"? I thought it was a movement as you so elequently pointed out in another post.

Of 30 million assembling there has been a few signs noted.. none that we agree with.. in fact, we've pushed or banned a number of folks from displaying such signs... Here, I just see cheering on of the same tactic you accuse them of engaging in... If you can't see that then.. frankly your a freaking moron... Nuff said?.. Bill McDonald, Richmond, Va.

you did not seriously just post your actually name did you?

Good grief, I will remind you this is a public site. If you get hacked I suppose you will blame "those damn liberals" rather then your own stupidity. I thought you where a computer guy.

I don't think you actually read the replies? Do you? Did you actually read the surveys I posted??? What about them fails to convey the racism associated with Tea Party members and its sympathizers. Unlike selecting a what you call a few signs, the point of a survey is to question a representative sample and if you search you will quickly find three surveys that all show racist or at the very least distrust of minorities. But like all conservatives reality is a buffet, you pick what you like and pretend the rest does not exist.

Once again. The name calling. Willie, I can't believe you keep doing that. If you haven't learned already then I guess you won't. I will just continue to call you out on it. I know you loved it when I was away and not doing that to you, but I will continue to call both sides for doing that. It does not help in a true debate.

I doubt he is more of a computer guy than my co-workers around here.

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Willie<br />
<br />
It is true that the initially the primary message was TAX ENOUGH ALREADY. However, it quickly picked up a not so subtle racist message of 'we don't want to pay taxes because we don't want to support welfare people' aka minorities which are always depicted was living off of welfare. Let's not forget the obvious racist messages of the president as a black witch doctor, the pictures of the president as a chimp, the white house lawn covered in watermelons, the countless signs of the President as a Kenyan or as a Muslim usurper. <br />
<br />
Are we to imagine that the racist signs at Tea Party events are not a sign of the inherent racism in the movement? <br />
<br />
Non-partisan ob<x>jective pools on race have shown, and continue to show, time and time again the inherent distrust if not blatant racism is much higher among either Tea Party members or those that support it. Here is one such example by the U. of Washington. <br />
<br />
"Approximately 45% of Whites either strongly or somewhat approve of the movement. Of those, only 35% believe Blacks to be hardworking, only 45 % believe Blacks are intelligent, and only 41% think that Blacks are trustworthy. Perceptions of Latinos aren’t much different. While 54% of White Tea Party supporters believe Latinos to be hardworking, only 44% think them intelligent, and even fewer, 42% of Tea Party supporters believe Latinos to be trustworthy …"<br />
<br />
No racial overtones about that at all - right? Not enough yet? How about another survey a more recent (April 2011) one by the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality?<br />
<br />
"The data suggests that people who are Tea Party supporters have a higher probability"—25 percent, to be exact—"of being racially resentful than those who are not Tea Party supporters," <br />
<br />
"The Tea Party is not just about politics and size of government. The data suggests it may also be about race."<br />
<br />
When read the statement that "if blacks would only try harder, they could be just as well off as whites," 73 percent of the movement's supporters agreed, while only 33 percent of people who disapproved of the Tea Party agreed.<br />
<br />
Asked if blacks should work their way up "without special favors," as the Irish, Italians, and other groups did, 88 percent of supporters agreed, compared to 56 percent of opponents.<br />
<br />
Let me guess, you are going to dismiss this as some sort of intellectual leftist conspiracy right? If the TP does not like being cast as a racist movement then it needs to stop using race as leverage.

They are for real. Just look at history of Germany in the early 30s if u want to know how far the far right will go.

The ol Hitler reference ... nothing new ... but Nazis were socialists who believed in centralized government control ... taking over private industry - sound familiar? Besides ... Hitler was small time ... Mao and Stalin killed over 100 milion. ;;; more "progressives" ... remember Mao? Anita Dunn's hero?

Well, I agree that comparisons between the TP &amp; Nazism are often fatuous (not to mention between liberalism and Maoism.) However, the Nazis - despite their 'Nationalist-Socialist German Workers' Party' name, were not socialists. They supported private enterprise - with some regulation - but they especially supported big business and it supported them in return (for example, Krupps and I.G. Farben.) The big German banks also came to the party. What might American big business and banks have to gain by supporting the Tea Party?

Great points here. It was true they started off with the socialists and communists. Every kid in high school was given a chance to learn that. Teh pastors piece was something we all had to read in my HS world history class.

Probably in the booth next to "TEA Party folks are terrorist"!.. <br />
Mountain Man.. what you seem to refuse to accept is that the TEA Party stands for TAX ENOUGH ALREADY.. numerous politicians have grabbed onto our label.. in hopes of getting support in an election.. I suggest we let each community that politician stand on his positions in the community he is trying to represent. That's called the will of the people. I no more have a say in the politicians that represent a part of the country that I find ridiculous... (SF)... than anyone outside of their constituency should have... Feel free to point out a candidate or politicians position but please do not associate it with 54 Million people that belong to a movement... not a political party named the TEA Party... Bill in Va.

The problem with Buying into the Tea party standing for "taxed enough already" is they are ONLY fighting for a select few, the rest are left to hang out and dry.

I hear tp after Tp Scream god this, morals that and family values ...... Problem is they are Inflicting Their god, Their morals, THEIR family values on everyone.

If it was JUST about taxes, and there was a BALANCE to their tax solutions People would not have issue.

I agree completely. I agree we are taxed too much already, but that is where my support for the Tea Party ends.

<br />
1. You are right on two counts. First the law has been on the book since 1826 and secondly, it is a Republican that introduced the bill to repeal the it. Attempts had been made in the past by both Democrats and Republicans to repeal this absurd law, including in the last legislative session which failed miserably. Yes, what do you know, as liberals, unlike you, can admit when we are wrong. But before you set off the fireworks, keep reading. <br />
<br />
2. Tea Party/GOP members stand in opposition to the repeal of the law. Not one single republican other than the Rep. Ritch Workman who filed the repeal has signed on. TP and GOP FL legislators have vowed to fight the repeal, including TP darling Gov. Rick Scott. <br />
<br />
<br />
“I’m not ready to give up on monogamy and a cultural statement that marriage still matters,” <br />
Conservative State Rep. Dennis Baxley (supported by the TP)<br />
<br />
3. “The law also flies in the face of one of the main tenets trumpeted daily by the Republicans who run Tallahassee: They're all for freedom and liberty. But the law blatantly denies individual liberties by outlawing a way of life that more than a million Floridians have chosen for themselves. "What you do in your bedroom is your business, " Workman said, "not the business of my great state. (Sun Sentinel Sept. 6th 2011).<br />
<br />
4. Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family, a strong TP supporter and a favorite at TPy events, stated "The government has always done this kind of thing," he said. "The state does have an interest in clearly making sure that someone does not go out and sleep with whomever they want to." No, actually it is not any of the government’s business whom people sleep with. <br />
<br />
5. Whom people sleep with is strangely a big concern for the Tea Party. At Tea Party rallies in Michigan and at the Capital last, “Straight Pride" t-shirts were sold, which makes me wonder when they are finally going to sell “White Pride” t-shirts.

Hey .. why not? The Tea Party are already considered terrorists and racists ... and nobody has an issue with "black pride" Tshirts ... now do they? Nobody cares what you progressives say anymore ... You have cried wolf too often and too long ... You have blown all credibility with your blind allegiance to Obama. You think 2010 was bad for democrats? HA .. wait till 2012

If you had any historical sense you would understand the difference between white and black pride slogans. But since nuance is something that escapes the less intellectually capable let me point out that black pride slogans were never used by a movement that not only openly called for but acted on, violence towards others. You are again, right on another fact, Tea Party is a racist organization. I'm glad you are showing your true colors. So when are you getting the "white Pride" t-shirt or do you already have one?

Really? How about the slogan "white devil race"? "Kill whitey"? the recent black flashmobs out looking for whites to randomly attack? ... Oh I think "black pride" is absolutely racist as is saying one is racist while the other is not is also being racist.... mr racist.

Wait a minute ... if I follow lickity correctly ... an if I follow evesharvest correctly ... then Mtn Mig an williemcd are both wrong, no? <br />
<br />
Funny how one of em seems to have shut up an the other continues to blather as though he were correct ... innit?<br />
<br />
30 million people in your unorganized dreams willie.

Yeah ... it is more like 54 million 18% of 300 million.
The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45.

Amazing how thick headed progressives are. This anti-cohaibitation law has been on the books since the 1800s ... Contrary to what the original post falsely declares ... the TEA party had nothing to do with the law. ..... Did I type slowly enough for you to follow me?

Oh dear, I guess I didn't type slow enough for you, MissJulie. I stated that the law came from the 1800s and added context about the current battle over repealing the law.

Was I replying to you? What am I missing? Multiple personality disorder?

Eves..I applaud your admission this whole tread is false and a lie...Interesting that you are the sole brave individual to step forward... (Warning .. ya might be banned from that tiny circle).... I have a great deal of respect for your honesty and willingness to engage in civil debate.<br />
I have no vision that I'll change the perceptions of this tiny (8-10) group of individuals to engage in a normal manner... I just post here for the few individuals that might stumble on this post and believe it lock stock and barrel without a counter-point being presented. Just look at the 8 that took the original post as gospel... <br />
“Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.”... Posting lies about 30 million people is evil if it was done knowingly.. If this was posted as a by-product of mis-information, then I'd expect a retraction in the least. The most interesting and obvious is the latest strategy deployed over the last few weeks/months... All pretty much using the same talking points.....<br />
John Kerry "TEA Party Downgrade", <br />
Waters: "The TEA Party can go to Hell"... <br />
Barack "Taking Americans Hostage".. <br />
JoeGaff Biden "They have acted like terrorists"... <br />
Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.)"We have negotiated with terrorists" <br />
Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) said “tea party extremists really held this country hostage".<br />
Florida Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings said “What we have witnessed in the past several weeks was hardly a negotiation, but rather the Republicans recklessly holding the full faith and credit of the United States hostage until they got everything they wanted and then some.”<br />
Another congresswoman.. "Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party," Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.).<br />
<br />
The TEA Party is disparaged for it's disorganized makeup.. Damn right and we're proud of it... This concerted attack in recent weeks & months bespeaks of something more ominous.. A play-book strategy to minimize the positions shared by over 30 million folks... Folks on here, I'd worry.. If GOD forbid, they shut us up, you are next. Bill in Va.

The funny thing is that I heard that exact same set of words when I tuned into Rush Limbaugh for a laugh last week. Almost word for word. Amazing!

Eves.. if the rabid libs laid down their swords, I'm sure there would be reciprocity from us TP'rs... Just the mere post like this one tells me that aint going to happen... Just look at the latest of Jimmy Hoffa in front of our President. "Take them out".. referring to the TEA Party... Mum from the White House, 100% dodge with DWS... it's OK if the left uses mis-information,, dis-information, vitriol attacks.. but if we defend ourselves against this crap?.. Calm down.. honest dialog... Hell.. even the picture associated with this group is 100% bullshit!... And not one coward has stepped forward and has admitted it... Yet another display of the lengths the uber-left will go to to demean 30 million folks that just want this country to be as noble as it once was............ A shining light on the hill ... Bill in Va.

Exactly ... It is the childish fascist left who throw the pies, the tomatos the shoes at any conservative trying to excercise their first amendment rights.... and then the leftist propoganda machine cranks up and projects all their fascism on the right. It is the left who are the terrorists ... but their fascist left leaders slander the TEA party as terrorists ... The TEA party are the backbone of america .. who leave the locations of their assemblies cleaner than they found them. While the suppoedly envionmental left trashes everything they touch. The tea party are the neighbors who help each other after a disaster .... the progressives are the ones who use a disaster as an opportunity to loot their neighbors. Give me a city of TEA paertiers ... where doors can be left unlocked and the night air is not disturbed by the sound of gunfire or blaring rap music. Wish we could relegate all progressives to the communities they have created ... Detroit, Atlanta, LA, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City

Thank you for making my case for me, MissJulie. You are such a shining example of just what I was talking about.

WOW just WOW

Yes Julie, you always bring the "WOW!" Where do you live? This is a valid question. You say you want to live in Tea Party City. Where is that on the map.? You say Progressives have created some of the largest cities in the country. Yep. What's your beef? You can get the best Italian Beef you'll ever eat at Johnny's, Harlem &amp;North , Chicago , Illinois, USA. And the Detroit Airport is super cool, they actual live birds flying around in there. Atlanta...I've been living here for 13 years...love my neighbors and never lock my doors.

Bill, my problem with the TP is that they want everything rolled back. It is fine if they don't like what is going on. I won't argue that, but at the same time they keep trying to pass laws to tell everyone else how to live. That is where I draw the line. When your rights start infringing on mine, then we have issues and many of the bills the TP backed polititicians are passing are coming into the lives of others. This law and how it is being blocked by people that are TP backed is one great example. What right does anyone else have to tell me who I can and cannot live with? None, yet it is still being defended because someone wants to tell me what I can do. It is the same with abortion, the rights of homosexuals. At some point in time we have to draw the line. Unfortunately the extremes like to call names and hide. Your calling people morons or stupid is a great example. So where does it end. At what point does the right decide they don't want to be involved in our lives? Soon my wife and I won't even be able to sleep in the same bed if this keeps up!

Wow. Sounds like the 1950's all over again. Or at least the one I grew up watching on TV with Leave it to Beaver.

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Okay, so you have had your fun. This is a law that has been on the books since the 1800s, and it is a republican that is trying to get it repealed. What you forgot to mention is that it is being blocked by republicans, the most vocal being Dennis Baxley, a conservative Christian tea-partier. <br />
<br />
You guys would do more for your cause if you spent less times sniggering, and more time acknowledging that, yes, there are big disagreements in the tea-party between libertarians and social conservatives. Contrast Ron Paul with the likes of Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann. You spend so much of your time maligning liberals and making straw-man arguments, rather than defining yourselves as libertarian tea partiers, in contrast to the very vocal social conservative tea-partiers.

Yes, EvesHarvest, that's my impression, too - I agree with your historico-political analysis of the Tea Party landscape - it seems very contradictory - at least from my foreigner's perspective - but 'twas ever thus that politics made strange bedfellows me thinks.

One of the hottest bumper stickers going round is: "If you voted for Obama to prove you're not racist, who are you going to vote for in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot"... Bill in Va.

CSW.. and yet with all the contrary evidence about this BS post.. Willie gets slammed!...Ya'll just make my day!... <br />
LS... MJ... kinda amusing isn't it!.. Bill in Va. <br />
p.s. on another thread.. they tried the old "Stupid people shouldn't have the right to vote"... I see a collection of folks here that should be denied that right to vote... But..someone will offer them a cigarette or a six-pack of beer, then bus them down to the polling station... hand them a "sample ballot" all filled out with nothing but the D column checked... Bill Still in Va.

Funny you should mention that ... I believe the context was "Stupid people should not be allowed to vote ... the election of Obama proves it"

Perry, Bachman, Pailin..... Are the poster children for Crazy AND stupid

You are kidding! Right?

Rep Ritch Workman was elected as a "Tea Party" candidate.

I believe you should get your facts straight before you post things like this. This law has been on the books since AT LEAST 1964 when there was a Florida Supreme Court case involving this specific statute. There is a current attempt to eliminate this statute at the moment, and as in all things, there are those who wish to repeal and those who wish to retain -- but I can find no evidence that the Tea Party is in any way involved. <br />
<br />
In fact, most ot the Tea Party candidates about whom I am aware, both in Florida and nationally, are more libertarian (with a small L) than they are conservative. Yes, the language is part of the law of the state of Florida, but it has been on the books for many years. It needs to be repealed, as do many laws at both the state and federal levels. Our Governments are far more involved in our personal lives than they should be and far more than is provided for under the Constitution. But do not misreport information about the Tea Party. It is utter BS.

"Last week, state Rep. Ritch Workman filed legislation — HB 4021 — to repeal that provision, as well as a related one that bars people from “living in open adultery…”

“What you do in your bedroom is your business, not the business of my great state,” said Workman, a Republican from Melbourne, adding that the statute is rarely enforced. “Quite frankly, I just want it gone…he described it as a practical move to remove statutes that are no longer realistic in today’s society. Workman said most legislators, even those who are more conservative in Florida, don’t want to discuss cohabitation and adultery.

“And I say ‘Great, let’s not talk about it,’” he said. “Let’s talk about an unenforceable and unenforced law that needs to be off the books."

This is how progressives and democrats operate. Some dimbulb states an outright slaner against a republican or republicans in general, and without question the rest of the progressives jump up and swear to it.. Once again caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar ... I'm positive they will deny their culpability.<br />
<br />
Cohabitation” of unmarried people is currently a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by $500 or up to 60 days in jail. The same penalty applies to cheating husbands and wives — though only to opposite-sex couples.<br />
<br />
The laws have been on the books since the late 1800s, but are rarely enforced. In 2006, though, a Jacksonville woman did take advantage of the law and have her husband arrested for cheating, according to a news report. (It’s not clear how the case came out.)<br />
{I did not know the TEA Party existed in the 1800s} <br />
Now, Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne, is on a mission to repeal the statutes penalizing adultery and cohabitation<br />
http://wonkette.com/452291/unlikely-hero-seeks-repeal-of-dumb-florida-law-against-cohabitation <br />
<br />
Senate Bill 152 (House Bill 1181) was introduced in early 2005, and sponsored in the Florida Senate by Gary Siplin, an Orlando Democrat. Its proposal stemmed from a Florida case in which an alimony recipient/ former wife and her live-in boyfriend invited 50 friends and relatives to Las Vegas. They exchanged vows and rings, and essentially staged an unofficial wedding, complete with ceremony, reception, friends, family, champagne toasts, cake, etc. Upon the ex-husband's petition for termination of alimony, Judge Robert Foster ruled that it was not a legal marriage because there was no marriage license, and that the alimony obligation therefore stood. Needless to say, the payor/ex-husband, obligated to pay $5,000 per month, was outraged that the law did not provide him recourse to terminate his alimony obligation under these obvious circumstances. <br />
<br />
OK .... now on with more progressive lies and propoganda ... I'm sure a few facts won't deter you.

Isn't it ironic.. I make a typo.. and get slammed.. but....<br />
Illigaly --moron man<br />
spouce -- CG.<br />
excpet -- Rickretry<br />
docotr -- Ditto<br />
"but we loved eachother very much we got very good makinglove with words we were married at 13"<br />
Where the hell do you dredge these people from?<br />
<br />
<br />
And yet.. my FACTS still stand.. this post has not been removed...Gutless wonder MM.. Bill in Va.

Bill I have a reason for My typos, and IF you have not noticed, I do not railroad ANYONE about typos unless they are a complete Jerk about the issue!

And your still NOT perfect either so stop with the red pen.

Wow Willie, back to name calling again! I thought that after it got pointed out a few times that you were the one that started that you would have started paying attention to it, but calling someone moron man only belittles yourself. Oh well. I guess if you didn't learn that name calling only makes you look smaller, then I guess you will never learn.

MoronMan.. what was your source for this blathering?.. SNL again? Bill in Va.

Yep will.......typical liberal crap.....believe anything, copy it, rush it to DP, and then claim it as proof for their wild *** claims. Their adored one's lies and unachievements are all they can hang on.

Of even more interest.. You don't spell Iligaly and 8 folks didn't take the 30 seconds to validate this crap... I'd try to dress it up classier but crap is sometimes just crap. Bill in Va.

Speaking of spelling professor willie, I was wondering just what "STATUE" was passed in 2005 and also just how do you pass a statue?

I have seen more then a few typos from YOU Bill.
You are not perfect, stop acting like you are. I wonder who are you trying to convince you or us?

I'm betting you wish I hadn't chimed in. That statue was passed in 2005.. ummm. .long before the TP... Once again.. find something that appeals to you.. post it without looking into the validity of the claim..:<br />
http://fortmyers.floridaweekly.com/news/2007-05-03/top_news/001.html<br />
Oh.. from the Florida gov. site: Note the year! http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=ch0798/SEC02.HTM&Title=-%3E2005-%3Ech0798-%3ESection%2002#0798.02<br />
<br />
Now aren't we feeling a bit foolish?... Bill in va.

Tea Party may not have had a name but was brewing all the same..

How much you want to bet those that voted yes are proud to say they are in the tp now.

think we are going back wards<br />
when we got married we knew the state would nor excpet it but we did it outof love for each other<br />
<br />
and my wife was a girl she was just born both and the docotr made the choice to call her a boy as she appeared to have a thing he called a penis then her removed her female organs but you know her brain was female<br />
<br />
but we loved eachother very much we got very good makinglove with words we were married at 13

This is a perfect example of the tea parties desire to merge religious values with government. This of course goes against every grain of the consitution which they claim to be proud defenders of. So I would have to wonder. I would hate to use the word "hypocrite" because it can be such an ugly word but really, if they claim to defend the constitution shouldn't ALL of the constitution be defended and not just the parts that suit their aganda?

Only the parts that suit their agenda --- For instance thet ALL love the military --- What about the part of the constitution that forbids a "Standing army" ------ you never hear then mention that!

Common law states do not quite work that way. I live in a common law state as well. Just living together does not make you married. There are stipulations like shared bank accounts, Joint names on deeds, the use of the surname to conduct household business and so on.

I take it then that Florida does not allow "Domestic Partners " for healh insurance purposes like many states ( Nevada for example) does. <br />
Does Florida have a "common law marriage " rule --- Colorado does -- live together there a year & it is considered a legal marriage & to end it you must have a legal divorce. Of course that would be dependent on staying out of jail in the interim!!

Perhaps another law needs to be passed --- like the one in I think, Alabama -- IF you are in a house or room with a member of the opposite sex from sundown till sunrise --you are MARRIED!!

AKKKKKKk How many people would have more then ONE spouce (esp in the tea party )

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. They get these local laws passed so they now have a precedent, this makes it easier to not only be passed in other localities but also on federal levels.<br />
<br />
Their Morals, Their Choices, They will say they represent Freedom and thinking.<br />
So long as you think like them you are Free to do what THEY approve of.

Not making light of the seriousness of the situation, but it sure does give "going to the POkie" a new meaning dosen't it!

Omg, I think I'll stay out of Florida! Sad to say those morons are for real...frightening, isn't it?