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I Think The Tea Party People Who Are In This Group Are Being Dishonest!

I just replied to a cross-dresser who posted a story here in this group 2 days ago, on Sept. 19.

This person's "story" was about his/her feeling that Progressives are idiots, not tea baggers.

Isn't that being dishonest?

I'm not going to "flag" the story, or anything like that, but It did make me mad enough to write a rebuttal to him/her;
and that's the reason for this story; so, I guess I should be grateful to him/her for that.

After reading his/her story & several of his/her comments to replies; I posted a reply myself; but he/she deleted it within minutes.

What makes someone like that tick?

Why can't they find a nice Republican, pro-Tea Party group to join; instead of coming here to a group of folks who truly do believe the Tea Party People Are Idiots?

Why be dishonest about what you believe?

Are they so stupid that they think that coming to this group and posting an "anti'-progressive", pro-Tea Party story is a good idea?

Should we all go join all the Republican "I hate the Democrats" groups?

I don't think so.

That would be stooping to their level.

They scare me, not because of their political philosophy, which is scary in itself, but because even though they make up at the most
10% to 15% of the eligible voters; they do have the backing of people like Grover Norquist, The Koch Brothers, John Boehner, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the far right religious fundamentalists who have moved the Republican Party
so far to the right, that true "conservatives" like Barry Goldwater and William Miller are probably turning over in their graves.
(William Miller was Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1964)

Sire, I think the Tea Party people are idiots; but they're dangerous idiots.

They are now forming their own Super Committee.

They will be meeting in Orlando on Sept 23 to "propose their own debt solutions"; but that's not the scary part.

This meeting in Orlando is being convened by the large conservative political group called FreedomWorks.

"FreedomWorks for America aims to empower the leader-less, decentralized community of the Tea Party movement as it continues it's hostile take-over of the GOP establishment".

"FreedomWorks was formed in 2004 and is headed by former House Majority Leader Richard Army.
[they] claim a full-time staff in ten states and over 800,000 grassroots volunteers nationwide"

Is anyone else out there fearful of this "merger" of the Tea Party and FreedomWorks?

goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 9 Responses Sep 21, 2011

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ha ha, at first i mistakenly thought you meant that he was lying about progressives being idiots (not that he was posting in the wrong group, but that the claim was actually false) <br />
<br />
I do believe that this spamming of groups for attention and to incite anger is just as bad, or even worse, than simply believing something that is untrue though :)

"Spamming" of groups to incite anger is being a troll...
This cross-dresser is a troll...and a liar, because he does NOT think the Tea Party people are idiots, which the other members of this group DO believe ....He lied by joining the group in order to post his pro-tea-bagger agenda here, knowing that it would elicit an emotional response from this group's members....which is trolling.

yeah, i realized that is what you meant after a second.

When did "progressive" become a dirty word? I see teabaggers all over the internet using it as a derogatory term (ie., "Obama's stupid socialist progressive agenda is going to destroy America")...what is so evil and anti-American about progress? If you're against progress, doesn't that mean you're in favor of regression? De-volving?

Hey buddy,I have never been into politics for I never really understood when I was younger.I have a better idea now but still don't get into it.I am an outsider looking in and I very much agree with all of you on this post.The one that struck me the most was the anarchist tea party dipshit.That in itself tells you the mentallity of these idiots.The guy you were talking about sounds like a real A-hole and isn't even worth your energy .It is a scary world right now and I personally find it very hard to trust any candidate from any party.Maybe this makes me an anarchist and if so then oh well.One thing is for sure and that is I stand for family,friends,honesty,loyalty....I can go on forever on what I stand for but I'm sure you got the point.There is no respect in politics and thats why I never really cared for it.We do,however,need a government but not what they have to offer.I watch how these elections turn people against each other like a football or hockey game does with their fans and this doesn't only make the hair on my neck twitch but sickens me even more so.I would like for people to act like normal and decent human beings and get together and put an end to all this corruption and take back what we used to call freedom instead of the mock imitation it is today!!Great blog my friend and take care!!

Muchas gracias, El Spitbako!

kitten, I agree 100% with everything you have so eloquently stated here....especially about wondering why the word "progressive" has become such a dirty word to these tea-baggers...........<br />
FDR was a "progressive Democrat" who took the Depression economy that Hoover left him and turned it around with "progressive" programs such as the WPA, which put 10 million unemployed Americans back to work....and started the "progressive" program of Social Security, which these neo-con Republicans now want to abolish.....He also reformed big banks and Wall Street, which had caused the Great Depression in the first place; and he did all this in only one hundred days,.............Another Progressive, and a distant cousin to FDR, was Teddy Roosevelt, who became President at age 42, the youngest President ever, when McKinley was assassinated............<br />
"Roosevelt attempted to move the Republican Party toward Progressivism, including trust-busting and increased regulation of business"..<br />
Not only was Teddy Roosevelt a "Progressive"; he was also a "true' conservative", who started the National Parks "conserve" our nations resources.......He was..a "progressive conservative", unlike the right-wing neo-con freaks that have hi-jacked the Republican Party & call themselves "conservatives".......they aren't "conservatives",... they are fascists, just like Hitler and Mussolini were, believing that the Corporate State should have all the power, which they now do, thanks to "conservatives" like the five right-wing wackos on the Supreme Court who, in the Citizen's United case, said that "corporations are people".........Washington, Adams,& Jefferson must be turning over in their graves since that dangerous "activist" decision by the High Court....<br />
Finally, I'm proud to call myself a "progressive"..,..

No Dawnmarie95, no one is going to call you names or say anything hateful to you. Obviously this is a moment to tell you what the word "liberal" (when speaking of politics) means. The definition isn't tolerant. There is a wide variety of people in this group who span the spectrum from conservative to libertarian to democrat and all the way to those of us who have NO party affiliation and use our mind to delve into the real meaning behind the words spoken by candidates. We check what their voting record is in their state, read (and comprehend) all we can about each person running and the party platform they espouse.... and then make a thoughtful decision on who would be the best to carry this country forward and not bring our economy and rights crashing down around our ears.<br />
And now for the definition of liberal and liberalism, for if that is what you wish to call us, it is important to have the correct meaning before saying we are a laughing stock and need to be put in a pen:<br />
Liberals support the fundamental ideas human rights, capitalism, constitutionalism, freedom of religion, and free trade. Last but not least the support liberal democracy which is free and fair elections with a political process that is competitive. <br />
The Tea Party began, it is true, with a grass roots movement of people who were fed up with much of what they saw as the undermining of our way of life has been effectively hijacked by a small group of people who , for the most part, are Republicans and it has turned into the same old story of fat cats lying just to get your vote.<br />
I will say again, the name calling in this group became obnoxious when two who say they are TP supporters decided to troll our posts and make rude, unintelligent, infantile comments on everything that was said. My comments were kept to the Bachmanns and Perrys of the world and I ignored those EP'ers who had no real substantive comment to add but only came to stir up trouble with an ugly stick. I feel it is my right to hold an opinion and to post that opinion without fear of recrimination. Obviously you feel it is not the right of all, but only of those who say they support the tea party and their candidates or those on EP who shout racist epithets and use kindergarten names such as "moron" and "hey your stupid"..... you may wish to rethink who it is that is a laughing stock and needs to be put in the corner for bad behavior. And you may wish to come up to speed on how this government is supposed to work and how it has deteriorated causing many to be homeless, out of work, and barely scraping along to support their families. It is bloated and out of control with greed and some of us are disturbed and disgusted and are not jumping on the newest bandwagon of the tea party. We want change, but not for the worse....for the better.<br />
No shouting, no name calling, no spewing of hate..... just facts, my dear.

Giggly, well said, I wuv u 2.tickle tickle tickle

I am heartened by the fact that Obama seems to finally be taking charge of the conversation. The tea party folks post as thought they think they represent most of America, and thank goddess they don't.<br />
<br />
They claim not to be racist, and bristle at the "race card" being played. Yet MJ deletes our comments when we disagree with him, but doesn't delete this link being posted on his above referenced IQ story, in a comment saying that the poster was sure MJ would like the site:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Openly racist site, disgustingly so. THAT comment is kept, while comments challenging MJ are deleted. I am done being baited into debate with MJ with comments that we liberals "can't take it and run from opposing views." I am open to debating folks that are willing to engage in honest debate about what is going on in our country; I won't waste my breath debating personality-disordered racists like MJ. Any comments from him on my posts will be deleted.

Exactly why I blocked MJ.

Just a colossal waste of time to debate when the SOLE objective is to perpetuate hate mongering. I refuse to participate.

Exactly. Dialogue is one thing, but name calling and hate mongering are something else entirely. It simply demonstrates a lack of knowledge, and low self-esteem.

I support this post and all the free thinking people.

I support you, mailman!

I was remiss in saying, thank you for your post, Goodogstay, I found it most enlightening. I don't blame you for deleting comments by some, they are handy with the delete button when we comment on their posts and try to silence us. Lol, as you say, goose and gander...all is good ;)<br />
<br />
<br />
Burgy, Oh my, Mr. Bill had made a comment and then came back and made a long tirade against me to which I calmly (lol, and with my high IQ blazing) replied. I was very polite, I just told him like it is and I haven't ranted yet or called names.....only once did I call him a name and it was perv. I had every right, he stumbled in on a story by Miss CheekyGeek last night and began making lude remarks to 3 of us ladies who were commenting back and forth. My husband didn't take kindly to that. Burgy, I hope EP does something about his actions here on EP, I saw your post and it made me quite ill to think he was trying to circle a 16 yr old. Kudos for trying to patrol and keep the pervs off this site. Thank you!!

Meh giggles. I think the lewd remarks to us where easily dealt with. we put him in his proper place. The predatory behavior to a young girl on the other hand unexcusable.

burgy posted a story about it. it is messd up.

I have watched the one you are talking about insist upon commenting/ posting in this group about everything including their opinion that we are all left wingers and have low IQ's. He/she touts the fact that the average tea party member is male, white, average age 45, well to do financially, and an intellectual......(sounds racist, sexist, agist, and class baiting)..... so I took a look at this person's profile page. Wonder of wonders, a self-proclaimed Anarchist. Now I ask you, how does one with such a glowing resume and IQ not know what the meaning of anarchist is and claim to be a tea party supporter and member. An anarchist is everything the TP'ers abhor! Seems, looking at the comment above from Bill in Va. he doesn't understand the fundamentals of anarchism either for he celebrates. Oh my, I think it's time for the dictionary for dummies to be passed out at the next TP are falling behind Mr. Bill. Your friend is no friend of the TP'ers.

You're absolutely right!'
These tea-baggers are idiots!
I replied to him/her &amp; she/he deleted my reply within 3 minutes!
"What's good for the goose is good for the Gander"

Bill in Va,....Bite me!

Giggles I could not agree with you more. and I did say just that to the individual in question. the TP people would Rage in them for HALF the things on their profile.
That individual is just sturring up mischief and very crazy (IMHO) I blocked them after reading 5 posts.

As for ol willie, he is easy enough for me to ignore and dismiss. and frankly for higher authorities then me to deal with.