Breaking News: Koch Bros Involved In Bribe/fraud Scandal

The Koch Bros (who inherited their company from their Dad....didn't actually earn it) are involved in bribes and fraud, according to a new article just released from Bloomberg News.

Who uncovered the plot? Apparently the very ethics officer and compliance manager they hired. Seems they had gotten away with it for so long it never occured to them that an honest person might be left in the world that would turn them in.

“They didn’t know what to do with me,” she says. “They were really kind of baffled that I had ethics.”
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As usual the TP'ers respond to evidence of corruption by billionaires by a) refusing to ackownedlge it and b) insisting it doesn't matter because Obama is evil.<br />
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From now on I'm just going to delete all williamcd posts. What's the point of letting him waste everyone's time by saying the same thing over and over? We get it Bill. You hate Obama.

Once again.. you confuse us TEA Party members with big business... But. you did note that it was an affiliate company of Koch Industries ba<x>sed in France that committed the deeds. Koch said "“Those activities constitute violations of criminal law,” Koch Industries wrote in a Dec. 8, 2008, letter giving details of its findings.". <br />
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So lets see the Obummer admin release ALL the documentation on Solyndra... and the bribes THEY received!..Bill in Va.

They do not think for themselves and FOX has not addressed this issue they do not have an opinion yet.

It is disappointing that the the self-appointed defenders of the "job creators" aren't weighing in to explain away yet another example of the failure of Bush-onomics Robber Baron Capitalism.<br />
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Their posts are some of the most entertaining examples of fan ficition (category: capitalism) on the web!

Durn , don't you feel slighted nice guy -- Willie or julie have not weighed in to tell you how it is all liberal lies and that Bloomberg is a commie news outfit anyway and that Obama actually made the kochs do it !!

We are not going to be 'AMERICA' any more. We are going to be The Koch Corp.

The United States of Koch...

I Agree

I'd hardly call Bloomberg 'liberal' so I don't doubt the source. <br />
I doubt, though, that this will have any effect.<br />
They'll make it go away with money