We Need Fdr And Not Ayn Rand!

We need a new Works Progress Administration. Check out the wiki that describes how awesome this organization was:


FDR came in and saved this country. He created millions of jobs and in the process built such magnificent wonders as Hoover Dam!

What have the Enron Republicans managed to create? A few Wal-marts and one or two McDonalds.

We need a WPA for 2012!

Total expenditures on WPA projects through June 1941, totaled approximately $11.4 billion. Over $4 billion was spent on highway, road, and street projects; more than $1 billion on public buildings, including the iconic Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and the Timberline Lodge on Oregon's Mt. Hood;[16] more than $1 billion on publicly owned or operated utilities; and another $1 billion on welfare projects, including sewing projects for women, the distribution of surplus commodities and school lunch projects.[17] One construction project was the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, the bridges of which were each designed as architecturally unique.[18] In its eight year run, the WPA built 325 firehouses and renovated 2384 of them across the United States. The 20,000 miles of water mains, installed by their hand as well, no doubt aided in a more fire protected country.[19]

The direct focus of the WPA projects changed with need. 1935 saw projects aimed at infrastructure improvement; roads, bringing electricity to rural areas, water conservation, sanitation and flood control. In 1936, as outlined in that year’s Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, public facilities became a focus; parks, buildings, utilities, airports, and transportation projects were funded. The following year, saw the introduction of agricultural pursuits in projects such as the production of marl fertilizer and the eradication of fungus pests. As the Second World War approached, and then eventually began, WPA projects became increasingly defense related.[20]

One project of the WPA was funding state-level library service demonstration projects, which aimed to create new areas of library service to underserved populations and extend rural service.[21] Another project was the Household Service Demonstration Project, which trained 30,000 women for domestic employment.

South Carolina had one of the larger state-wide library service demonstration projects. At the end of the project in 1943, South Carolina had twelve publicly funded county libraries, one regional library, and a funded state library agency.[22]


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There hasn't been a president since FDR that has worked for We The People. In fact from the day he died EVERY administration since has joined the ranks of class warfare against the majority of America by the few evil, by working to eradicate the rights he established for the citizens of America! For those who believe FDR was a bad socialist commie, learn what it means to be the leader of our sovereign nation constitutionally bound to represent We The People! He was doing his job!<br />
<br />
In fact America has endured not just the one abtly named "Great Depression", but 7 depressions! Because of what FDR provided for the people, a small, although significant, percentage of our population have been forced into unemployment, underemployment, underpaid employment, lost everything they have worked to obtain, onto the largest welfare roll in history, and have suffered through a FINANCIAL DEPRESSION! If his programs weren't in place today some of the very people who call him a terrible president would be living in a GREAT DEPRESSION as we read this!<br />
<br />
The biggest reason why the U.S. gov't is able to do whatever they want to We The People is because of their school system, the most debilitating institution this world may ever know! Introduced here in the 1930's from the Rockefeller's and friends. It is modeled after old Prussian, Germany's socialist program designed to mold and control an entire population. Some of the program's goals include destroying family values, producing employees for the corporations, soldiers for the gov't and their war corporations, professional consumers (credit preferred), and a populace incapable of thinking and forming opinions on their own. Considering that 99.99% of America doesn't have a clue how their gov't or monetary system operates, and the current financial state of the union (and the rest of the planet), I think it's safe to say the program is flourishing to say the very least! Americans refuse to stop regurgitating what they hear and what they're told to believe, and instead do the research necessary to understand how their gov't and monetary system operates, as well as learn how to think and form opinions on their own!<br />
<br />
Because our U.S. gov't is a monopoly of our currency and they regulate our free markets, they alone control our U.S. economy 100%; not wall street or select financial institutions and corporations! This is how every sovereign nation on this planet operates! LEARN IT!

Most people are either too lazy or too busy to think for themselves, and instead they let the regurgitated crap from the media form opinions for them selves. Education has been eroded and students have been dumbed down but it can be reversed fast. Getting rid of Obama and then getting NAWAPAXXI passed. This would restore a vigorous use of the powers which have been rightly bestowed upon our institutions of government in order to act in the interests of the nation. and • Employ millions in productive labor and restore U.S. manufacturing.

• Re-establish water, food, and power security for North America, establish a continental system of drought and flood control, and develop new infrastructure corridors involving most of the continent.

• Restore the U.S. system of public credit.

• Demonstrate man’s ability to improve on nature.

The truest form of observing the problems and discovering the simple solutions is going directly to the core (the root) of the system, not tweaking at the surface. There are laws and regulations in place that allow the scams to continue. The U.S. gov't is obligated to represent We The People First and Foremost. They believe they work only for wall street, select financial institutions and corporations. The only way to abolish laws is to keep the handfull of honest members of congress and replace the rest. There are no other alternatives left!

I am an American citizen. I don't subscribe to the 2 1/2 party system or any of the labeling. They are designed to keep America divided!

I am more conservative than liberal by far, and I do believe that government is way too big and involved in way too many things that it should not be. However, there are many large infrastructure and planet improving projects that private industry alone cannot undertake. These will sometimes require multi country cooperation and diplomacy. We are on the verge of changing the world for the better or reverting back to the dark ages, and a lot depends on how the nations of the come together on these kind of ventures. We need to move fast as the existing system is dead and falling apart. There is no saving it. People are resistant to change but we do not have a lot of time if we want to avoid war and losing a thousand years of civilization advances. We need to get Obama out, revise and eliminate unneeded government institutions and get these policies going as fast as humanly possible. A lot of them could be very drastic in nature.

Obama isnt the problem. The Senate and The House are the problem. And the governors! The Govenors of red states have caused enormous damage to this country while Obama is so Constitutionally limited in his abilities that there is little to nothing he can do to stop out-of-control and irrational Govenors and even less he can do about Senators who just don't care. Change has to begin at the state level. I think we've become to blinded by focusing on Obama when in reality its mostly the Govenors that are creating the day-to-day problems we're seeing.

All the libs in this are spot on. Looks like Bill, Mach, and MJ are on their knees. Not that they will let on. Oh and Bill give me some names of that big group of economists that think it was FDR who prolonged the depression.

What will get this economy back on track is the government getting out of the way for a while... Obama recently stated he wanted to know of regulatory rules that could be looked at with the hopes of eliminating roadblocks to creating jobs.. In Sept of this year almost 300 new regs. were passed onto those same businesses he appealed to!... Nice speech ... lousy actions... Bill in Va.

As nice guyin hell stated it was banking regulations that ended the Boom/Bust cycles that ended with the 1929 stock market crash. The repeal of one of those regulations (The Glass Steagall act) has led to the present problem. Reinstatement of this act or a similar bill needs to be done as soon as possible, or we will be in a much worse situation than we were during the great depression. Once we get the economy working again , money will flow and people will go back to work. Also, a world wide multi-nation cooperative effort needs to be made in large infrastructure projects that will benefit everyone and improve life on this planet. There is presently a plan for doing just this, though support is needed in this country, and real leadership will make it happen.

Mach.. Please, please, please.. Do NOT confuse them with facts!.. It just turns their heads inside out!.. Bill in Va.

FDR did much more bad for this country than any President, with the exception of the current pretender. Yes.....he purposely extended the depression so as to get more and more government control over the people, and get them more and more dependent on the government. He also got rid of the gold standard which backed up the dollar which started out descent in to National Debt. He was another example of a media made president when the people of America stopped watching, and began adoring leaders.

hahaha..."another media made president." Seriously, how much media coverage was going on in 1933???

The WPA Programs used tax payer money to create million sof construction jobs, which he claim "hurt" this country. During World War II the government used tax payer money to pay people to build tanks and bombers. What is the difference between the two? How is one socialism and the other capitalism when the government is the employer (directly or indirectly) in BOTH cases?

Wow ... another leftist tgnoramous ... never heard of the "fireside chats" did you? People lent an ear because they had virtually nothing ... not like todays poor who have plasma TVs, computers, cell phones, and 80% have air conditioning

So because America is not a 3rd World nation we should be grateful and content while other countries pass us by in term sof infrastructure, education and technology? Strange notion because I thought you LIKED America and wanted us to have a quality of life at least on par with Sweden or Finland. But apparently you think that because we don't have thousands of deaths because of heat stroke every year we're "good enough" by 21st century standards. Oooookay then.

NGIH.. you've yet to address the fact that those were/are TEMPORARY jobs.. doing nothing to fix the core issues!... Loss of manufacturing due to government regulations and excessive labor costs due to unions pricing themselves out of jobs!...

Will it ever be possible to directly compete with China on wages when their wages are 50 cents a day, Bill? No? So what is your Plan B? Do you or the Tea party have a credible plan for how the US can successfully compete in a global market place without using tarriffs and implementing a coherent TRADE POLICY that protects our workers from outsourcing? Again....how can any American worker compete against 50 cents a day? I'd love to hear the answer to that!

No. He did not get rid of the gold standard, he took away gold to put into the federal reserve so we could have more money. It was Nixon who ended the gold standard. In fact many economists agree that it was not FDR who prolonged the depression, it was the gold standard.

The plan is to promote outsourcing. The U.S. actually started to outsource in the late 1950's. The reason the elitists import more than they export has absolutely nothing to do with cheap goods due to cheap labor. For the price of the ink and paper used to print the dollar the elitists can purchase the rest of the worlds output and labor. Exporting requires paying for the output and labor here. They want absolutely nothing to do with that! Importing also insures the dollar is spread out all over the globe. The dollar is used in approximately 80% of every financial transaction on this planet!

Call It What You Want It Is Class Warfare. The Elitists Hate Us So Much They Don't Want Us Just To Have Very Little, They Want Us Owning Absolutely Nothing. Better Yet, Dead. We Are Pieces Of **** On The Ground For Them To Step Over And Avoid At All Costs!

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dude... get over your penis fixation.. your pooping your pants.. your cross dressing fixation and get a freaking life.. LOL.. you are just so laughable!.. And again.. silence from the left.. So predictable.. Bill in Va. <br />
p.s. If ya really want to be an imposter, ya gotta sign off with "Bill in Va."...

The depression of 1920-21 lasted 17 months.. then came a period known as the roaring 20's... that boom economy you spoke of. No government intervention, no long depression. FDR's intervention did extend the duration of the next one and only the advent of WWII got us out of that. <br />
Rather than increase the tax load, why wouldn't you consider decreasing the level of spending? When the children in my family max out their credit cards, I don't raise their credit limit! I change their spending... Bill in Va.

Bill....only FDR's banking regulations ended the Boom/Bust cycles that cultimated in the 1929 Stock Market Crash and can you explain how creating 2 million construction jobs is "different" than when FDR created 2 million jobs paying people to build bombers and tanks? In both cases the government was PAYING people to build things.

Well, it all depends on how the (accounting) books are written up. Most historians of not only the US but also the other English-speaking countries say that it was the War that really did away with the unemployment queues BUT that's not the same as saying that these economies suddenly started making 'net profits' ba<x>sed on real growth. They most certainly did not.<br />
<br />
The War reduced unemployment mainly due to industrial expansion (more like creation) into war production, and partly due to taking men out of the market and putting them into battle (well, actually the majority performed support duties.) So much so that women were put to industrial work normally done by men.<br />
<br />
NOW - to the big economic elephant in the room that historians tend not to mention O ye taxaphobes: guess where the money came from ultimately to pay for the war: TAX!!!!! The war effort got money moving into real activity rather than moving around money markets (or kept under financial bushels) BUT it wasn't, in the final analysis, producing anything sustainable let alone with growth. Growth came later - and decades later in the non-US English-speaking world.<br />
<br />
The plain fact of the situation was and is that, in the end, wars are paid for by taxation - on the civilians at home or taking it from the conquered or allies or a combination of the above. There's no such thing as a free war. By the way, FDR-haters, a very significant contributing factor to the Depression was the cost of World War I, which still hadn't really been fully paid for. There was a recession in the years immediately after World War I followed by a 'boom' - which, contrary to popular belief, didn't trickle down significantly to most Americans, and furthermore was ba<x>sed on an enormous credit bubble that burst in 1929.<br />
<br />
The Nazis incidentally couldn't remotely afford the re-arming 'Guns Before Butter' policy leading up to World War II. Hitler didn't want to raise taxes so it was financed by absurdly high levels of debt (the Reichsbank President, von Schacht was forced out due to disagreeing with this policy.) This policy appeared to bring economic health to pre-war Germany with arms production and the building of the autobahns. This was admired by many outsiders even in the English-speaking world, in the late '30s.<br />
<br />
Historians so far have tended to be silent as to the astronomical financial cost of the Cold War, too. This is no doubt at least in part due to the relevant documents remaining officially secret. Apart from the direct cost of maintaining a huge military around the world on land, sea and in the air, the industrial complex created in the US during the War morphed into what Republican President Eisenhower dubbed the 'military-industrial complex' of big business and the military which of course is with us still. <br />
<br />
I haven't seen data on this but I think it's pretty safe to say that a significant part of the current economic crisis in the US is due to bills for the Cold War falling due with successive Administrations not wanting to put up tax to pay off the principle - and of course accrued interest. Wars financed on credit (loans, bonds) end up costing taxpayers much more than if they'd paid cash-tax up front. It wouldn't surprise me if even World War II debts were still not completely paid off.<br />
<br />
That is yet another reason why the Obama Administration should put up taxes now. Do Americans really want to put it all on the national plastic for their children and grandchildren to pay off? (Not to mention that tax money ends up back in the pockets of ordinary Americans as wages and salaries if it isn't diverted into paying off interest to Wall Street, (can't resist the following) which will see to its being put on a not slow boat to China.

As much as Tea P'ers refuse to admit it....war is a socialist activity! We are paying MILLIONS of people (if youinclude defense contractors/Blackwater) via TAXES. The Iraq war is atthis point indistinguishable froma "make-work" tax-payer paid WPA program. Only instead of paying people to build roads and dams, we're paying millions of people to pull triggers. At least with the WPA we had TANGIBLE improvements in our country that lasted for generations. What the hell do we get by paying a Blackwater contracter $190,000 a month to kill a 17 year old Afghanistani throwing bricks at his armored ******?

A better dividend if you own shares in Blackwater. Also for the company that supplies the hand-held infallible lie-detectors used for some field interrogations. Also, if news gets out about incompetence, supply deficiencies or corruption, governments aren't legally obliged to investigate unlike when these things aren't contracted out to the private sector. They can blame the company and the company can make an example of a couple of their employees.

Bill says it was World War II that ended the Great Depression and not the tens of millions of construction jobs the government created.<br />
<br />
Curious....if a big war "boosted" the economy as Bill theorizes then <b>why hasn't the trillion dollars we've spent on the Afghanistan war boosted our economy?</b><br />
<br />
In fact (to paraphrase Bill) ALL ECONOMIST AGREE that instead of the Afghanistan war pulling us out of recession, it is dragging us into a economic Depression!<br />
<br />
So if we started 2001 with a budget surplus....then why is the war hurting our economy if, as the Tea party claims, war "creates jobs"?<br />
<br />
And why is it that when the US was in the middle of the Great Depression....World War II "created jobs"?<br />
<br />
None of these "war makes jobs" claims seem to make any sense.

Exactly Niceguy.

I agree, Niceguyinhell! It's a pity that the FDR Administrations couldn't go further - Roosevelt certainly wanted to, didn't he. For instance, he wanted a 'socialised' health scheme and publicly said so (it's on film.) No doubt like me, you've seen the Ken Burns series on American national parks. Among other things, the interviews with men who went to work on the Roosevelt Administration schemes in these parks show how these brought these young men independence from families, personal growth, education and career opportunities that they were still grateful for in their old age.

You are so right, NiceGuy. I wish more could see it.

And they did not neglect the arts!<br />
<br />
In fact, art was encouraged. Theatre companies, artist colonies, dance...music...all benefited...can you imagine it!

You know what I like about your posts, NiceGuy, you offer up thoughtful ideas. Not black or white rhetoric, but possible ways to improve a bad situation.<br />
<br />
I just spent this last weekend in FDR land, his beloved Warms Springs, Ga. I took in all the beauty of the F.D. Roosevelt State Park. He created the Civilian Conservation Corp that employed tons of men out of work. The CCC was responsible for so much of the national park system that we all love.