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The toilet paper party wants to lower taxes on 'job creators' right? One little question.........where are the jobs? They keep paying less and less while more and more people get laid off and fired.Explain that one to me willievd.
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The Great Republican lie is that the rich create jobs. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The only thing that creates jobs is demand for goods or services. The middle class, when they have money to spend, are the ones that create demand / jobs.

Now...I'm not a billionaire. But I know of a billionaire that thinks we should raise taxes on the rich. Now... we can take it for what it's worth... but reading Warren Buffett's contribution to the New York Times is worth reading. And anyone that believes in finding the truth can research what Warren Buffett is saying to make sure he's telling the truth. Somehow...I don't think he's lying. The following link takes you to his article.<br />
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Admittedly, there is more to the economy than just collecting taxes. That's not going to solve our economic woes and I do not believe that's what Buffett is saying. But this does make for some interesting thought... should we continue to support tax cuts in hopes that it generates jobs and increases productivity if the people we are giving cuts to aren't doing what they are supposed to? If I were a stockholder, I would sell my stock if they aren't producing what they are supposed to. So the answer, of course, is no...but it's not so easy to dismiss that supporting those that will generate jobs is a good thing to do. As one EP contributor pointed out...attacking the economy from the consumer stand point is one facet of this problem. The other part of this problem is creating jobs. I know..I sounds like the chicken and the egg....which comes first? But if you can't tell...then you've got to attack both sides smartly without waisting money. <br />
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Just my humble thought...

I am also a little perplexed about why people talk about taxes as though those dollars leave the economy once collected by the government. The government spends what it takes in and then some (remember deficits?). The vast majority of that spending goes back into the private economy, in the form of things like Medicare payments to private physicians, purchases of weapons and supplies for the military, road maintenance and construction, etc. Government bonds are held largely in the private sector, which is where the interest payments go. A great many private businesses would not be viable if they lost their government contracts, which would lead to more job losses. We can argue about whether government is spending the right amounts on the right things, but that money is not vanishing from the economy.

There is certainly a difference between corporate taxes and personal taxes. For purposes of this discussion, however, that difference is irrelevant. The fact is that both large corporations and the very wealthy are sitting on large amounts of cash. That money is not going into job creation and there is no reason to think that lowering either type of tax will stimulate job creation. To the contrary, there have been several studies released showing that the US economy created more non-government jobs during periods when effective taxes were higher. Rhetoric aside, there are simply no facts substantiating a causal relationship between taxation and job creation or job losses.<br />
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I understand that some people oppose taxes on principal. There are also those who believe that wealth is an indicator of which people and entities are more worthy in our society and that government should favor their interests. Both are value judgments that will dictate how a person feels about taxes; but please do not argue that tax policy is a "jobs killer" or a jobs creator. That simply is not true.

First of all, Cantor alone cannot approve anything. And secondly, I haven't heard of the bill making it to the senate floor for any kind of debate. It's pretty hard to back peddle if you don't have the bill in front of you. <br />
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And to say that the rich are keeping their money in the coffers for the next administration is just plain laughable. If there was somewhere to buy some more toxic dirivatives, they'd be all over it because they could care less about you, me or anyone else in this country. What they do care about is more money. So sorry, unless your one of those who has a part of that two trillion dollars I would have to say that you have no idea of what your talking about as usual.

In congress, Cantor said lets approve the Presidents job bill, send it to the senate for voting on it... Harry backtracks because there is 450 billion in TAX Increases in it and it will go down in flames!..Plus the number of Dem senators forced to vote for tax increases would cost them their jobs next year. Bill in Va.

And congress has passed 15 bills that Harry won't allow to come to the senate floor!.. Geezus... does anyone watch ANYTHING other than MSNBC?.. try c-span once in a while.. It'll open your eyes!... Bill in Va.

Problem is, Obama alone doesn't do anything. It takes that part of the government called "congress" to enact something. The president simply has the final decision about a bill as in whether to veto it or not.<br />
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So really, the answer as to what's going to happen next would lie with the congress, not Obama and really, that's just another of the spins being put out there. Blame the president for a do nothing congress.

Jobs aren't there because the business community doesn't know what obama is going to do to them next!.. Next November, with a new COC selected, the idle investment monies (est, 2 trillion) will pour into the market, driving company growth. Creating millions of jobs. <br />
This experiment of social engineering will be rescinded. Bill in Va.

What you describe here is Conservative obstructionism on a massive level. Why would anyone want to reward such monumental selfish and unpatriotic behavior by handing them the country? 'We'll see exactly who the masochists are in Nov.of '12.

Well, I'm not actually willi (Thank God!) but the thing is as far as I can tell, the taxation of the rich will only happen if the money and the lobbies are ******** from Washington. While history has already proven that the "trickle down" effect doesn't work, the republicans continue to spout the rhetoric of the lobbies because that's just how they get rich.<br />
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Don't get me wrong. The democrats are just as guilty of catering to special intertests through the lobbies as well. But the democrats seem to have at least read the history of our country and understand that the "trickle down" doesn't work.<br />
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Regardless of that, until the money is ******** from all politicians pockets and until there is no motivation to be a politition other then because they beleive they can actually help the people, then I fear that we will continue on the downward spiral of nothing being accomplished until we have no country left at all.

And we wait. . .<br />
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