Let The Cain Lies Flow, And Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The Cain-campaign weather forecast calls for flurries
but for Cain, the vision of his future is blurried
As his Lady snow flakes blow in one by one
con-man Cain has a ready-rigged explanation
he's all for denying each new accusation
but to Ginger, just a friend that he's admitted to knowing
let's take our sleds out and go for a ride because it's again snowing
It's a Cain Campaign Side-Show 
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

If only Cain was Disney  'G' rated,
then our kids could watch too and we'd all be elated,
to watch a Pinochio-Cain show in 3D and animated
 as he twirls and spins to that which comes in
 as lying is all that he knows
it just grows and grows
 each and every time is snows
imagine the fun in watching a Pinoochio- Cain nose!

It seems just about anything is up in Cain's XX X world, 
so be up on your tippy tippy toes,
 as we stare agasp and watch out the window
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

As fast as Cain's hands are groping,
and as long as his mouth is open,  
whether or not her identity he's denying
his words, we can guess, he's again lying
and now we're all just dying to know,
if there could be more snowflakes
and if indeed so,
then Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! 

It's a winter storm blizzard blowing in
really now, the snowflakes are accumulating
with nowhere else left to go..
they stick to the ground in a huge drift of snow

Don't you know, don't you know, don't you know
the Cain ladies are now stealing Herman's  'shock and awe'  game of show.

Oh, Herman your campaign is really hurting
it's getting quite flakey out there
yet you act as if you haven't a care.
still acting so cool and putting on aires

Mrs. Cain 'stands by her man'...
Could his wife's interview be a new cooked-up Koch plan?
Is it ignorance or is she just plain denying
or could it be a plan to debase the accusations flying?

Oh, the weather outside Cain’s Campaign is frightful, 
But the fire is soooo delightful,
And since Cain's Ginger Cookie now has him cornered with no other place to go,
my advice, is for him is,  open your mouth wide now and let all your lies flow, let them flow!
as we stare a gasp and watch out the window
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The Snowflake ladies don't show signs of stopping,
It's fine entertainment, so I've bought some corn for popping,

Accusations are of touching, texting and money-loaning
there’s just no time for hemming, hawing or yawning
All the woman your chasing in your philandering,
Oh Cain, you can really go.... pretty  low, pretty low, pretty low
Open your mouth wide now and let all your lies just flow!
as we stare a gasp and watch out the window
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!  

Oh, all your snowflakes are early Christmas gifts
well received by your GOP opponents
tied with fancy bow's and snow flake ornaments
now Mitt doesn't have to work harder
and Rick's forgotten dept's, are yesterday's fodder
they couldn't be any merrier if they drank spiked egg nog
so to the fir,e they add another slow burn log
count your presents under their GOP tree,
and sing Christmas Carols Joyfully

Your wife say's the accusations are all lies
but we see that devil-twinkle in your eyes
The Mrs. say's your an old fashioned gentleman
 I guess that's why Ginger stayed 13 years without a wedding.

The media's on attack
but your Mrs. has got your back
A Mc Mac Cain new alibi,
your not a weasel, your really just a nice guy
She say's your so soft-hearted..
so this is how, out came your wallet
but is your wallet only for damsel's in distress,
a pretty woman wearing a short mini or a clingy dress?
 and those  late night text messages you send...
just a gentleman.. responding to a distraught friend.?

The new snow flake dropping from the sky,
will have all the evidence to put away your lies
her names White, but she ain't so pure,
nor does she have seven dwarfs
but her words fall like swords
say's she's been in Herman's drawers
Herman's been her 13 year Candy-Cain delight
and that he flew her to Vegas to see a prize fight..
Herman, you also gave her money
but the Mrs., you self- admitted, doesn't know your Ginger honey,
which means you never disclosed to your Mrs.
how you helped to spend her money
Oh, that's a big NO!  A big NO!  A big NO NO! 
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

After all,  don't all married men have lady friends  
  that the Mrs. doesn't know
but what lady friend sends 70 texts in a few weeks or so,
your stories now just a bit harder to swallow
But when it comes to Cain, we now know,  
you dig your hole deeper and still, you don't have a new low
Open your moth wide now and let all your lies just flow!
as we stare a gasp and watch out the window
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

But it's just too much...
touchy-feely, kissy-kissy and hanky-panky
a little Cain Willie-Wonker-Wankie
Take out your gentleman's hankie
dry your eye's and kiss your campaign goodbye.

The fire you wish to be slowly dying,
And, my dear, it will, once you say your good-bying,
But it’s 4am and your cell phone's ringing
it's her Candy-Cain man she's been missing..
and it's not just another fling who's calling...

it’s your longterm Ginger-Cookie lover,

who no longer wants to play your 'mistress undercover'
she's come up from 'under the covers' to talk to the tv news,
putting your reputation to the screws
like a Holiday Campaign story interrupted by the Scrooge 
Ginger disclosed how she's been more than just your cosmic muse

Ginger-Cookie say's she's your mistress and that you gave her cash 
money coming from your secret stash
cause your partner, the Mrs., wasn't aware
sounds like you have both a campaign and domestic nightmare
open your mouth wide now, let all your lies just flow!
as we stare agasp and watch out the window
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Out the window did your marital assets blow
 the Mrs., it appears, is the last one to know 
to who, where and how her money did go
 she can only speculate how much and how many snow flakes now have her dough

Herman's claim is that he gave money to help pay for the Ginger Bread House,
but I'm betting, his money paid for a lot more and he's just a cheating louse
one husband who may soon find himself  locked out of his own house

Oh, the money you spent over 13 years on your mistress
will it now be traced by the MRS.? 
Fancy dinners and spa dates
Spending money like Bill Gates
Cain you really know how to put on the best GOP show,
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..

One question, I'd like to know...
If using your dough to make a better ginger cookie
did it get you better nookie, nookie?
Entering a Presidential Campaign,
what were you really thinking Herman Cain?
We've been all been around the block, don't you know..
so, go ahead, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

If you used your wife's wada,
to buy your Mistress Ginger new Prada
it's one purse that will bring out the worse
don't be surprised if your marriage leaves in a Hearse.  

How you’ll hate ending your campaign during a negative media storm!
Your one hound dog that just can't stop sniffing and hounding
but now your reputation is taking a pounding.                                              
if you'd just hold your mouth shut and tight,
maybe the Mrs. will still believe your stories when you get home late tonight.

When you finally kiss goodnight, 
will it finally be with your wife?
Or will it be a girl named Candy or another Ginger Cookie?
Will you continue being you, Cain man being naughty once again
playing the Sugar-Cain Daddy for ladies dressed in sexy nighties.

What we do know,
with so much Cain Snowflake Snow
is that the house that you'll be sneaking in.. late at night 
won't be one that sits in DC that's all WHITE 
The public knows, Mr. Cain, your character is not rated "G" or fit for DisneyLand

The people can read between the lines
they can hear your words are all-a-lyin'
The Ginger cell records will do you in
 all your late-night booty rings
have only proven you as the ultimate x-rated Disney 'Lying King' 

When it comes to being President,
what's quite evident
it's about earning the public's trust
You've proven a failure cause you lied and cheated
on the person your suppose to love the most
the one person, closest to you in your life,
that's your wife.  
Instead you lied, lied and lied, as the LYING KING
but Herman,  Karma's a funny thing,
it comes back as a boomerang,
will clock you in the head when your least expecting....

You think your fit to watch the tax payer’s money
but Cain, we ain’t your lover and we ain't your honey
We’re not the Mrs. or the Mistress
and we don’t want you looking after the people's taxes
You'll use your Con-man Cain shell game or a bait and switch 
moving public money to your next mistress in Greenwich
So to the White House, you won’t go, you won't go, you won't go

But please continue to entertain us

Let your lies Flow! Let them Flow! Let them Flow! 
 We haven't seen so many snow flakes and flurries
since the Grinch that stole all the marriage morals, newt gingrich
so go on, go on, with the GOP side-show,
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

DreamWizard DreamWizard
51-55, F
9 Responses Dec 2, 2011

Question.........does pop goes the weasel and pop goes the tp mean the same thing?

Dream, he's suspended his campaign! There he goes, there he goes, there he goes! : )

YES! Let's celebrate LilAnnie, I just heard, Cain's Campaign has been 'Suspended'. I guess they can't say the worded "Ended", another GOP twist of words to deny the OBVIOUS.
Well, this will make it easier for Bill, in VA. , he wrote a story about how hard it was to pick just one from so many great choices. Now he has one less great choice. lol.

Hmmm Rat's. No more Cain stories. What's a fairy to do?
Who's Next?
Oh, Gingrich...
I have just the story...

Gingrich....what a piece of work!

One by one they "the tea party" will fall just like snow flakes and so will Newt. The republican party might as well change their party name to TP. Trust me this time around TP will lose big time. The occupy movement is much much bigger than this TP bullies.

The sad thing is there are reasonable republicans running, but they have been left out of the political conversation in favor of the nutwing tp... it is sad.

LMAO on 'nutwing" TP.
Agree with you main stream republicans are left out. Good for progressive dems.

HA !!!! cain is history and now they are in love with the newt The sexist, misogynist who is owned lock stock and barrel by wall street... oh yeah ..... next

Cain is a disgrace. I wish he would swear off of both politics -and- women.

North Pole or Bust...that picture of the bra cracked me up!<br />
Did you see the new "Cain Employee Training" video on Funny or Die??

No, I didn't I will have to watch it.

Let Cain's campaign die a slow death <br />
We the American people need much better then someone without a brain <br />
And None of the others are any better <br />
There all stupid .

Yawn.. Bill in va.

Your tired of Cain's side show. It's now "suspended". We can now move on to the next GOP Circus, which clown? Which clown? So many to choose from.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha.<br />
<br />
You must be a poet<br />
<br />
And you know it.<br />
<br />
Your hero is dyin willie<br />
And you thought we all were sillie<br />
When we said the tp was dead<br />
Admit it in your head.