Predicting The Growing Conservative Response To The Trayvon Martin Case

Thus far the conservative media has been mostly silent about the Trayvon Martin murder but you can be sure this will soon change. Racial anxiety is a central to conservative ideology, most especially for the Tea Party that encourages their audience’s paranoia of a minority take over by blacks embolden by their black President and by an onslaught of illegal Hispanics. The so called Stand Your Ground Laws were not so much about removing the legal requirement to attempt to flee before using deadly force, as it was about white conservative’s siege mentality and their perceived need to protect America from brown- and black-skinned threat. When the assault of a white student by black students was recorded by a school bus’s security camera, Rush Limbaugh said that in Obama’s America white students would be beat up by black students. This kind of race baiting rarely draws even half sincere condemnation from conservatives that are quick to exploit it in a less openly racist manner.

Zimmerman, who is part Hispanic, may not be the perfect ‘American freedom’ martyr, but for conservatives he’s becoming a symbol of white anxieties about self-defense, especially in gated communities where whites increasingly look to insulate themselves from minorities. From the perspective of many conservatives, Trayvon is either a punk that got what he deserved or at best Zimmerman made an innocent mistake given that ‘we all know’ that most blacks are up to no good.

Since the Trayvon case first received national news coverage, the proportion of white news viewers following the case has dropped to less than half while nearly ¾ of black news viewers are closely following the Trayvon case. This is the change in demographics that conservatives were waiting for. Fox “News” has, as usual, fired the opening salvo by portraying Trayvon as the trouble maker that their viewers ‘know’ black men to be. Soon you will hear jaw-dropping comments from Tea Party members and don’t be surprised to see bills introduced in the house either reaffirming or strengthening Stand Your Ground Laws. A case that includes guns, self-defense, and a minority threat, is just too good for conservatives to pass up. Let the race baiting begin.
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You lie about Fox news. You quote your own BS like it is gospel. You will block me. Do you have any books you want to burn? Gee I wonder why no one is talking about he eye witness that saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman pounding the **** out of Zimmerman? Oh sorry that would be inconvenient and not conducive to your political bull ****. <br />
How about we wait for the evidence. Nawww that isn't any fun.

You need to find a therapist so you can get the help your comments make clear you desperately need. Until then, please don't walk around with any weapons, especially around black kids.

I have many weapons that I have never used and I pray it stays that way. Pinheads like you who insight mob ("it was about white conservative’s siege mentality ") justice. You are the problem with America today. You insight the uninformed. You either work for the lame stream media or are a zombie for them.
I need a therapist? You’re the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist” guy.
The responding officers saw no reason to arrest Zmmerman, The police Chief saw no reason to arrest Zimmerman, their was an eye witness to Zimmerman being attacked, Zimmerman’s injuries confirm his story and the eye witness’s story. Ooops did I give you facts again? I’m so sorry. I know they mess up your whole day. Reality has no place in a pinhead mind like your.

I love liberals. They are so much fun. Thanks Mountain Midget

I pray it does not happen but agree it probably will. The likes of Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives that are there for ratings will surely pick up the hue and cry for better laws to make this type of thing legal. I don't care what happened in so much as I feel that Zimmerman should have heeded the dispatchers instructions not to follow Trayvon. Without this much, this incident would never have happened. Unfortunately with the laws in Florida it was only a matter of time. I hope we have justice throught he courts and not a OJ Simpson type scenario where the crook gets off because of top notch lawyers that shoot holes into the investigation. If I were Trayvon's parents I would be preparing a civil case as well b/c I am not sure that a criminal case will ever come about under Florida's current laws and you can't change the laws and go back and prosecute someone for it.

Does this mean that all potentially "suspicious" people should also carry a weapon to defend themselves from the Zimmermans out there? Somehow I think that the police and district attorneys would not be so sympathetic to darker skinned people "standing their ground". We'll have to wait and see what happens to Zimmerman but I hope it does not lead to more shootings.

Your reasoning could very well be used in court. After all if someone pulls a gun on you in "Self defence" then you should have the right to defend your self as well. This only gets worse as we go, next thing you know it will be like MAD magazine w/ everyone carrying their own personal cannon strapped to their back.