The Dumb Beast

Roberts threw a big slab of bloody meat to the Tea Party when he ruled healthcare a.....TAX!   The slumbering beast arises.  Ding ding ding....Round Two.  And this time, let's work to have a different outcome then in 2010.
LilAnnie LilAnnie
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Little orphan Annie needs to go back to her faculty lounge to re-read her Communist manifesto. Of course, it's a tax. Of course, it's a penalty. Whatever you call it, we have no way to opt out of this. Where's the freedom and liberty-loving Democrats that MSNBC seems to call tout all the time? Actually, these Democrats don't exist. Democrats are only here to destroy the very fabric of life and turn us into another third world society. That being said, Cuba has a universal healthcare system and gun control. Why aren't you Democrats flocking to the shores of Cuba if this is so great?

"faculty lounge?" What the hell are you talking about? You're a phantom looking for a fight. Not interested in your hostility. Its not necessary for understanding or enlightenment. Go away.

Understanding? Enlightenment? I read your comments below about "labeling" people. Only racists "label" people. Are you going to "label" me? I'm not white. I'm a not even in the Tea Party and even I find you comments about other people reprehensible. Nope, you're neither enlightened or understanding of anyone but your liberal views. You're destroying America like Fidel Castro destroy Cuba. I hope you're happy with yourself.

Boo! That's right, Kudzu. I label you a paranoid. There are people like me and Fidel out to get you. There are dangers lurking behind every corner. Be afraid. Prepare your arsenal. Cower in the corner until you can get up enough courage to shoot up a dozen innocent people in a public place. Man, get some perspective!

Eve, they're a crazy bunch of stubborn contrarians! And we're just as bad, twisting ourselves into pretzels, trying, searching, turning our ideals inside out to find something....anything!...they can agree to! <br />
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Hlp, I love that. Sloganize their *****! Its one of the few guaranteed portals into their heads...O'Romney Care it is! Hee hee!

They like to declare that America has the "best healthcare in the world" We all know that the 'best' healthcare here goes to the highest bidder but nevermind....if they rally against healthcare, hook healthcare up to patriotism somehow.....The Affordable healthcare act is the epitome of American Exceptionalism! Only in Amerca! The land of market innovation and social compassion. Then turn around and kick Romney in the ***, he outsources American jobs overseas. Traitor to her shores.

The SCOTUS has approved RomneyCare for all.

hey, you stole my comment! (my future comment)

Annie, that's the argument conservatives made when they came up with the idea. I wish journalists would keep hammering conservatives on that--like explain to us all exactly how and when you changed your mind bout that!

Yeah, crazy. That's it in a nutshell, make the message simple. I have one. The people who don't buy insurance are dead beats. They raise the price of healthcare. Obamacare will force them to pay for themselves so we don't have to. There ya go. Appeals to selfish Tea Party sensibility.

That's ok. We don't need to make sense to then. I really believe that. We just need to label the hell out of simple concepts.....better yet....make the label an insult and chances are they will be knocked off their feet, their go to instinct is to co-amplify insults.