I Guess I've Been Too Liberal All My Life.

I guess I've always been far too liberal for most people. Probably far more so than most of the people on this group. I believe in things that most of you would find absurd.

1. I believe all drugs should be legal and only certain type drugs like antibiotics be controlled; but at the same time I also believe that drug testing should be mandatory for a drivers license, that all employers have the right to know if their employees are under the influence.
2. I believe that all private funding should be taken out of campaigning for political office and should be ruled as the bribery that it truly is. Political campaigns should be funded by the tax payer and NO ONE ELSE.
3. I believe that the FDA and all other protective agencies should be properly staffed and funded by the taxpayer, not outside influences, so that they can do the jobs that they were originally intended to do.
4. I believe in the complete socialization of medicine.

Having Tea Party sympathizers in my own family I understand the ignorance, the racialism, the bigotry and the social engineering that is at play to use these incompetencies against the American people in an attempt to control and pervert this great democracy of ours.
titanis titanis
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

I agree with the above and will add one more: There should be no "corporate veil" for financial services firms. The individuals making the decisions, and those with the power to review and countermand decisions made, should have their own money, vacation homes, and luxury cars at risk.

Franklin D Roosevelt had it right and Regan and everyone since, including Democrats, have torn down everything he put in place. "If we cannot learn from the past we are destined to repeat it." Don't get me wrong, I voted for Obama, but when he said we "dodged the bullet," he couldn't be more wrong. We didn't dodge anything, we merely delayed. If real reforms are not returned to Wall Street, **** is going to hit the fan. And this next depression will make the last one look like a cake walk and it will be followed by devastating war. I don't know what form that war will take. Will it be a civil war in this country or a world war with the major superpowers.

With the exception of drug testing, I'm on board with all these ideas. These sensible ideas have been relegated to the fringe. One can hope that the tea partiers have swung the pendulum so far that it will start to swing back.