Prophetic Words From Lyndon Johnson. . .

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that this is the truth about every person in the tea party, but it sure rings true for a lot of them.
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They still don't get it! Even with their Buddies pouring in hundreds of millions into the election, they still don't get that the electorate voted, they felt, for the most qualified man to lead the country. Oh to hear them whine and complain on the Fair and Balanced (HA!) newschannel! The institutions of this country are not for sale to the highest bidder. The People, Not the Corporations, not the milli-billi aires decide who shall tend to their affairs. I say to them---"Man up!, change your own Diaper, and take a Realistic particpation in the running of this county, Just because you may have the Bat's the people had the Balls and even though you are going home now, we the people still can find other bats and play the game without you." Its a different game now and with Women becoming an ever more important part of this game, hopefully we will see Real change and....... Honest playing.

So very true! Finally the last barrior is crossed! All deserve to be equal in this country regardless of a person's sex, race, sexual orientation, belief in life or religion. This is a free country and it's just been proven by the election that it's still a free country. So true is the fact that the tea party is licking those wounds.

The sad part is that if they could ever face a reality in which all people were equal then they might have a chance. Romney was the champion for the tea party movement. Funny thing was that the tea party forgot to show up this year. Perhaps it was because so many of them were about to lose their "government assistance" that they so badly need. That's right. When it's a tea partier it's "government assistance". When it's the rest of us it's called an "entitlement" as if that's a dirty word. We all know that we paid into the system while expecting the system to be there when we needed it. As such it's not "entitlement" because it was bought and paid for.

Look out tea party. The people have spoken and they forgot to include you in the people's voice!

LBJ was a smileball. He was one of the person's responsible for JKF's death and only became president because of it. Kennedy wasn't planning on running with him on the re-election, so LBJ was very agreeable to the idea.

Oh stop it. This is just stupid.

Obvious racism? How about GOP poll watchers targeting precincts that are primarily minorities?

Quote from LBJ:
"I'll have those ******* voting democratic for the next 200 years"

LBJ's motivation for civil rights was political expediency. Don't give him more credit that he deserves.

Civil Rights are important, but anything that's driven by the government gets tainted. We need to learn to live with an respect each other. Rosa Parks is one of those few people in history who's a real civil rights hero. She took her seat on the front of the bus because she knew that the laws were wrong. She knew that the government was wrong. She stood her ground and she was right.

She didn't lobby the government or seek an injunction. She took her seat.

We need to talk to each other. We need to stop pointing fingers at each other. We need to stop looking to these politicians as heros and instead look at them as our employees. We elected them. They work for US!!!

Yes, LBJ was week-known for choosing political expediency in the moment.

I agree that we need to start talking to each other. If the 99%ers and the portion of the tea party that is against corporations running politics got together, what a powerful force that would be.

And that's my point. We end up arguing with each other when in fact a large majority of us have many more things in common.

Katie, did you actually read what I wrote. Don't be so naive. Politicians aren't heros. They are flawed, just like the rest of us. Olympia Snowe, a Republican Senator from Maine has voted with the Democrats many times in the last number of years, as has Tom Coburn from OK and even good 'old Scotty Brown from Massachusetts. Olympia has grown tired of it and is going to retire. Tom Coburn is advocating that all incumbents be voted out of office. Scott Brown, a true independent, could be run out of office by a woman who proclaims herself a champion of the common man, and yet is so staunchly Democrat that she won't have to bother to work as a Senator. Just push the button for the D senator. Thank God for Bain, because Staples success will now allow Elizabeth Warren to have a "that was easy" button on her desk.

It's sad. If you think that political expediency isn't what happens, then you are more naive than I thought.

Dem bashing? I'm not trying to bash anyone. I'm just looking for balance.

We need more men like LBJ today. Not for what they believe. But for what they can accomplish.

The clowns I saw on 60 minutes last night should be ashamed of themselves.

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Horseshit? 'Utter' horseshit?

Seems to me anyone barging in on someone's story using that language is in poor position to be whimperin bout inflammatory posts or inciting anger.

And any contention that the Koch brothers donate almost as much to Democrats as Republicans flirts at the edge of Glenn Beck-ish credibility.. Good gravy.

I can't help it if you don't know how the world really works. If the Democrats weren't getting money from all the big money interests, they'd never have a chance. Do the math son. Where could all the money come from other than the rich and the influential? If the Democrats are really only out for the middle class, then where are they getting all the money to fight the Republicans? It's a shame you really are that naive.

'Son'? More inflammation & 'incitement.'


You remind me of another inflammation I once endured ... and thanks for the poli-sci lesson. Learn who you're talkin to - your 24 hour 'roll' may have ended just a bit earlier than you realize, 'dad.'

Look, this election is more than parties. Frankly, neither candidate is going to make things a whole lot better. The Democrats who promise to "level the playing field" are simply lying. Obamacare is a sucker's bet that is going to make the insurance companies and their owners even more wealthy than they are now. The reason the insurance companies balk is so they have credibility, the same way the banks complained about being forced to make affordable mortgages available to neighborhoods where people were bad loan risks. The banks knew that the inevitable result was that increased buying power would inflate real estate values, making them more money. So the Republicans blame the Democrats and vice-versa and in the end, who gets screwed? The rest of us.

And then we start arguing about how people pick on the President because they're racists.

Don't you see? You're playing into the game. This is exactly what the power-brokers want. They WANT people arguing about the semantics of political philosophy. It's a red herring distraction.

You want more? Go do some research on the Chicago School of Economics and look up Non-Market Politics. You'll see that there is a commonly used business practice to "invest" in politics by making donations to both parties. It's a way to buy influence, regardless of who wins.

The reason this is horseshit is that it's a tiny issue. Race and gender will always be an issue. Condolezza Rice was someone who confused the hell out of everyone. A black woman? As Secretary of State? For a Republican President?

There will ALWAYS be racism. The only way it's an issue is if you LET it be. If you accuse me of being a racist simply because I'm not support of Obama, all you do is demonstrate your ignorance and you're buying into the game. You are part of the problem because you're not fixing it.

Oh come on ... who here has called you a racist? Certainly not me. Get over yourself. You toss around 'this one thing I read' like your some scholar folks should just accept as brilliant ... while you tell OTHERS to go do some research -and then squawk that their links(research) don't matter.

The fact that Non-Market Politics exists does NOT mean the Koch brothers practice it. The energy/natural resource sector is not even close to any 'balance.' It's splits about 75/25 in Republican favor. The oil & gas industry is more like 90/10. Do yourself & the rest of us a favor and spend a little time at opensecrets prior to lecturing everyone on PACs.

I'm gonna urge you to reread LBJ's remark carefully. You spent paragraphs on how we're done in by slight of hand & other tactics of the power brokers. I doubt anyone will argue that specific point. Odd though, that you'd dismiss LBJ's words as any different ... and pretend that racism is a tiny issue ... only pertinent if we let it be. It is the OLDEST of tactics - biblical - legion amongst ignorance - and power brokering. For as long as racism has existed, it has been dependent on those higher in the pecking order(white middle-aged men?) to deny its existence and its relevance. We don't see we're playing into the game? 'Physician ... heal thyself.'

Finally, if you're gonna preach to the choir - because Eve & the majority of members here will school you on Corporatism in America - bring your best stuff and don't go all 'calling me names' when you're baked or whatever reason you have for rambling and not knowin what you're talking about - or who you're talking 'to.'

It does seem like things are pretty either/or for you, Joey. It is possible to look at policy issues, corporate influence, the threat to Roe v Wade, AND acknowledge that racism motivates some people's feelings towards Obama. Is it the whole story? Of course not. But its there, and confronting it is still important. That doesn't negate other things that are important.

Admittedly, I bring some baggage to this conversation as I've been called a racist a few times recently when I've questioned Obama's ability as a leader. I find it reprehensible.

I've been screwed by so-called corporate america, but I've also been screwed by the government. So, perhaps that is a nutshell explanation for my stances.

As for racism being an ancient tactic, indeed it is. But, today, more than any point in history, all of our bloodlines have been crossed. Race is becoming less relevant... and maybe that scares some poeple. To me, it's a good thing. But, the fact that Obama is black shouldn't be a barrier for me to criticize his policies.

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It doesn't matter how much I say that people are entitled to criticize Obama based on his policies, if I point out the obvious racism that is out there, then the old argument comes out that I'm just trying to silence those with legitimate beefs or policy criticisms. No, THAT argument is a way of silencing the pointing out of the obvious, that racists still exist who are afraid of the color of Obama's skin.

Can I please have examples of the "obvious" racism? Where is it? You mean the one guy at a Romney rally wearing an offensive t-shirt? Can you please give me credible examples of the obvious racism?

I guess you don't consider questioning his citizenship despite proof of it or saying he is Muslim despite him identifying as Christian or saying he is the Anti-Christ obvious racism. You want more obvious? Here you go:


*tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock*

So, you point to a handful of retards who have nothing better to do than to make **** up and use this to characterize obvious racism? Listen, if you don't know who the Koch brothers are, just look them up. It ain't. They are the most deceitful couple of power brokers in the country (possibly the world) who publicly donate gobs of money to conservatives. They claim to be supporting the right, because it's easier to get votes on that side to favor big business. But, they have also created a number of smaller entities that donate huge sums of money to the left, just in case. They aren't the only ones who do it, just the most famous.

You want to call me a Libertarian/Republican? Go right ahead. Apparently, you're good at throwing names around without support of fact. Let me not stop you.


So, Joey, I guess the game is--Give me an obvious example of racism so I can shout that it isn't real!

Still waiting on that link to back your Koch brother giving to the Democrats assertion!

So you are an independent? Just say so, instead of whining about name-calling.

You've seen me post before. I may be right of you, but I am independent and moderate.

There's a saying in life that goes "once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence and three times is a pattern." What this means is that providing an example or two doesn't demonstrate support for a given argument.

Consider this, when Bush beat Kerry, it was really close. Now, did all those people who voted against Kerry have some malicious axe to grind? Kerry was white after all.

The emergence of the Tea Party came about when people were fed up with government getting larger and out of control. It wasn't racism. The Tea Party movement was, for all intents and purposes, hijacked by the extreme right who got backing from idiots like the Koch brothers. You need a link that badly? Here: follow the breadcrumbs to Charles and David Koch and their political machinations. If you follow closely, you'll see Democratic donations in Wisconsin and many other states. From the outside observers' standpoint, it would seem they support the Republicans about 8 to 1. But the anonymous PAC laws allow them to donate elsewhere without it being public. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the Dems who benefit know where their bread is buttered.

The Tea Party is not what it was founded to be. It was supposed to be a grass-roots movement to reshape government more in the form of what the Constitution framed. But that's not how it's being run. It's a Bible-thumbing, bizarro right wing establishment who's sole focus is anarchy. Congress' productivity is at it's lowest since the emergence of these clowns.

'Oh you dear sweet gullible boy.' LMFAO.

williemcd in 2016!

Debunkify me!


Amerkins fer Prosperity!

more inside jokes? Or are you having a stroke?

Yes ... I'll stop now.

At least for a lil bit.

Amen, sister.

****(head) Armey?


Climate? What climate? There is no climate. And tobacco is good for you.

None of you are listening. You have your Democrats painted as saviors. You think Harry Reid gives a **** about you? He doesn't.

Oh come on ... now you're a strawman? The only people using that 'savior' garbage are you-know-who. What does Harry Reid have to do with the OP? Do we have to drag out every less than palatable Dem in history to make a point about LBJ's straight talk?

We haven't had a good old revival round here in long time. And for that ... we thank you. =)

So true!

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Let me just explain what moved me to post this. It's the pick-pocket part. The corporate powers (e.g., the Koch brothers) that want to stay in power have capitalized on racist fear, and it contributes to some low information voters voting against their own interest. The policies of the Romney/Ryan ticket aren't going to help the middle class; they are going to help the rich stay in a privileged position while the middle class keep getting screwed and the safety net gets gutted. Enough people are seeing this that I don't think that ticket is going to win, but there are those who will vote for this ticket even though the policies will screw them, and many of them are the same people that fall for Trump's bullshit birther stuff and Bachman's assertions that there is a Muslim conspiracy at the top.

The Koch brothers donate nearly as money to the Democratic Party through anonymous PACs as they do the Republican Party. They are the scum of the earth who revel in the fact that when the parties complain, it means that no one can catch up to their on-going vote buying. This notion that the Democrats have all the solutions is ridiculous. When the Democrats has full control of the legislature, they STILL couldn't get anything done.

I've never heard that about the Koch brothers. I'd like a link to a source on that one. Did I say that the democrats have all the solutions? There are aspects of Ron Paul's platform that I like. I'm quite certain I don't want Romney picking the next two supreme court justices, especially after picking Ryan for his running mate. I'm not happy with everything Obama has done, but I like many things he has done, and have no ambivalence about voting for him over Romney. As far as the Democrats having a super-majority in the senate, that was short-lived because of the delay in Al Franken being sworn in and Ted Kennedy's death.

Whenever I hear folks callin for sources and refusing to provide any themselves, I am reminded of that most prolific of ALL 'ITTTPPAI' posters ...

Ummm... what?

Nothin - inside humor for long time members here. Go head ... we're waitin for your source on the Koch brothers claim. Step in a lil further.

I'm not a fan of being poked at with inside jokes.

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This is utter horseshit. I think the Tea Party, or at least what it's devolved into is sick and devisive, well beyond any criticism I have for the sitting President.

I think Michelle Bachman is a flaming retard. Does that make me a mysandrist?

My problem with Obama is that he's not as centrist as he claims. I don't care about his skin.

What, really, is the point of thus story? It's inflammatory and does not address one issue.

Horseshit. Utter horseshit.

Come on, Joey, there's been more death threats against this president than any other sitting president! And note that I didn't say that all criticism of Obama and all tea partiers are fueled by racism. But if you haven't noticed that there are people very threatened by having a black president (hello? the birthers? claims that he is a secret Muslim), you are just sticking your head in the sand.

Of course there are racists. I take them on all the time. There are still too many of them. But, you're not moving the conversation forward one iota with this post.

I have been accused of being racist more than once simply because I speak up about a guy who happens to be black. It's inaccurate, wrong and tiresome.

People who follow the Tea Party, or at least what it's become, are ignorant across a wide spectrum. They make false references to the Bible, some of them are racist, very few of them actually understand how the government works and they've effectively turned the Legislature into a three ring circus.

Calling them racists doesn't help a damn thing. It's gives them credibility that they might actually stand for something. They don't. Groups of ignorant people like the Tea Party should be given all the attention they deserve. They should be voted out of office.

All this post does is incite anger.

So tell me, aside from reminding me what kind of prince Obama is, tell me what you plan to do about it.

LMAO. I must admit that I am very fortunate. I've been on a tear the last 24 hours and I've three good friends who have been able to break the tension, calm me down and get me to smile.

This, people, is what life is all about. :-)

The only angry response I've gotten is from you, Joey!

What am I going to do about racism? Tall order, Joey. One thing is, I'm not going to pretend that there aren't racists that have been gunning for Obama since he became a serious contender. And If I want to vent some frustration here about the ongoing--He wasn't born here; He's a Muslim; He's the Anti-Christ, blah, blah--This is the place to do it. I've done no call to arms, which some of the racist bible-thumpers have. I'm glad to see you and other Libertarians/Republicans speak up against the racists on the right. Democrats can't fix the racism in the Republican party; that move has to come from within the party.

Lyndon Johnson was a DEMOCRAT!

Who voted for the Civil Rights act despite his correct assessment that the democrats would lose the south.

ahhh... so, now we make exceptions. So, we have an urge to characterize people with broad brushes, unless we agree with them?

What are you talking about? Lyndon Johnson was speaking against racism.

No. He really wasn't. Read it again.

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It has seemed so obvious to me that race plays a big factor in the over-the-top reaction to our centrist, moderate president. Yet even among liberals, I've seen people shy away from this until recently. I think the reverse racism argument was working even on liberals for a while.

And I think Obama is going to win, too! Though it looks like he will continue to have to work with a Republican majority in the house. With him not up for re-election in four years, will they back off from being so obstructionist? Probably not without a whole lot of pressure from their constituents

I am afraid that latent racism is at the heart of most of the more vociferous opposition to Obama - - there just isn't any other explanation for it. This man is a Centrist, and has been as thoughtful and responsible a President as the country has had, um...since the last Democrat, lol. These people (the Repugnicants and Tea Partiers), I believe, are just so beset for their golden world of the 1950's, that they're willing to elect a MORMON (which any self respecting Evangelical would have always labeled a cult!) just to have a white man, ANY white man, in the White House again. It's absolutely pathetic....I'm just holding my breath for O to get reelected....and I think he will.

Chilling how prophetic that is, although those words were said at a time when the civil rights battle was still being fought, and people of color who dared to speak out risked their very lives, and sometimes lost them... These Tea Partiers, I think, may secretly wish we could go back to those days, and in fact are actively pushing all sorts of discriminatory Jim Crow laws, as well as coming down with brass knuckles on immigrants. They clearly are motivated by the fear of losing their demographic majority status, and with it their perceived superiority.