I Was Just Curious...

Has anyone seen a guy named Bill from Virginia...?

Has he reared his head from his cave yet?
DreamWizard DreamWizard
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

He and his kind have crawled back under the rocks that they live under.

Nope...maybe he thinks EP was a losing battle.

Good question. I bet if we wandered over to the "obama is dangerous" group we might find evidence of him. They must be having fits over there. Either that, or they've gone to ground. Ha!

Yes, good thinking, they have probably slithered their way onto a group of similar thinking trolls... Didn't have the guts to show up here after being slaughtered - Imagine that, the Turkeys were slaughtered just in time for Thanksgiving. :P

When I think of *cough cough* I think of when a doctor checks a mans balls. Maybe there is some symbolism somewhere with Beck and Limbaugh.....lolz

Limbaugh is providing a lot of laughs lately, quite entertaining to hear his rationalizations since the election. Today, he was complaining because nobody ever accuses the liberals of being mean spirited. Ahahahahahaha