They're not idiots. Tea Party leaders are pushing a contrived agenda to further their individual political careers and line their pockets and the base are naïve to the fact that they're being manipulated into actively participating in a party that go against their own interests.
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I had come across tea party I had bunch of them protested my wife and I wedding how were "sinners and were gonna go to hell"

Yeps , but the idiots who elect them are still idiots.

The "idiots" who elect them are not necessarily stupid. Our view of tea partiers as redneck cousin ******* doesn't represent the tea party base. Although many are southerners and some are rednecks many of them are middle/working class people who genuinely believe in the philosophy of the tea party. The philosophy of hard work, free-market, pro-business, and self-reliance is something many people can identify with and is why the tea party is popular. Their philosophy doesn't work in practice, only in principle but nonetheless someone with intelligence could follow the tea party because in principle they sound great. The average person doesn't have the time to study the real implications of tea party policies and the news doesn't show them so they remained uninformed and oblivious to what the tea party is doing. They aren't idiots, they're just ill informed.

Tea party candidates ( and the GOP for that matter) rely in great part for their suppport from 'low information voters' which really is just an euphemism for idiots. And as for their policies , I think it's a lot easier to understand what they are against than discern just exactly what it is they stand for , if you ignore their usual shopworn and threadbare clarion calls.

Most of the country are 'low information voters' they are across party lines. This is not exclusively a Tea Party thing. They absolutely capitalize on people's lack of knowledge and manipulate them but that doesn't make them idiots it just makes them persuadable. It's easy to write them off as idiots but they are not more informed or intelligent then many who vote on the left.

I tend to agree , generally speaking , but I would suggest those who vote for the more extremist or christian / conservative candidates are actually markedly more dense.


very insightful for a person your age.

Tea party supporters are tax paying Americans who supported limited government. If they were just a bunch of idiots, why then are both Dems and establish reps fighting them so hard? BTW People have a constitutional protect right to oppose whatever they wish.

Tea party people on average have college and graduate degrees and can think objectively for themselves.

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