I Say Starve The Beast - The Message Is Getting Out There!

Women and their enforcement arm know that if men woke up collectively, this country will fall. I for one think it should. Look at today's women - they **** it up and give their best years to men they know damn well won't do them any good, but ostracize and reject good men. It is so bad that some men are even driven to question reality, or even lash out and kill. For good men reading this: YOU are not the problem. The only thing you are guilty of is using God-given common sense in a profoundly sick society where bad is good, and good is bad. Good men who invent things like computers and cellphones are laughed at and are treated like child molesters, while sociopathic vapid rappers and criminals have their pick of women and celebrity status. But I'm supposed to forget about all that and 'man up'. I say make me.

When their looks start to fade, they have the BALLS to try and tell a man 'friends first'. They want a man (or type of man) that they rejected in the past to pay FULL price for used-up product that she gave away for free during her best years to nasty *************.
For any women or manginas reading this, know that this **** exists. THIS is why societies in the past have tried to control womens' sexuality - they knew that if left unchecked, you have the USA.

When someone wants you to get married, it is only because they have someone else's interests in mind, NEVER yours! Modern marriage, just like our current banking system, is a SCAM! That's right, I said it! Both are full of promises but BACKED BY NOTHING.

When you refuse to put your *** on the line for some *****, you are denying some woman out there a chance at a divorce, where you have to give her half your ****. If I were to marry, it would be OUTSIDE of Western society. I worry at some point in the future that the government may try to FORCE people to get married, because the birth rate will one day come to a grinding halt like Japan's. By being single, you are denying the kangaroo court system a chance to bend you over the bench and ***-rape you in effigy. For those who have been married, you know firsthand how you won't get the simplest courtesy of spit - you get broken glass and Icy-Hot.

No ***** will be given when this society falls like Rome 2.0.
DreadJoker DreadJoker
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Marriage is just a way for them to somehow transfer male wealth (hard-earned, I might add) over to them. That's why you could be the best husband or father in 50 star systems, and they will come up with a reason to get rid of you. It's a pyramid scheme.

But... this cannot work without our continued compliance.

The feminists don't want to be married, they just want to enslave men to pay for their lives and children. Tell them to pound sand.