Top 40 Radio Is Horrible

As much as I enjoy music I have to say that the Top 40 stations are terrible. Not only are they extremely repetative they also play drivel for the most part. I'm not out of the loop, I still hear some Top 40 songs here and there but they are disposable pop and very inane. Once in a great while a really great pure pop song comes along that I love but it's been a year or so since one caught my ear. Top 40 radio is more about the commercialism than the music anyway.
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1 Response Mar 27, 2011

Mmmmm hmmmmm! I'm listening to it at work right now. I know there's a volume knob somewhere in this building, but I can't find it! I just got bored and typed top 40 sucks into a search, And here It is. I'm never surprised to hear them play the same songs 4 times per hour. When I say them, I'm refering To the poor saps who wanted to get into radio, But instead found themselves in a dark chasm of auto tune, The same endless beat in every song, and the same voice singing it every time. I am unable to tell the difference between alot of male and female singers By the way. Anyway, Just Wanted To give you a thumbs up real quick. I have to go back to my desk and listen to Katy Perry tell me she's wide awake 40 times, later.