To Be Or Not To Be

I know what you are thinking, no religion is necessary in schools. The fact that it was banded by the government only reveals the evil intent and has produced the desired result. An amoral society that doesn't have compassion or a any thought about being accountable to something bigger than number one. Wonder why greed and selfish acts are so common place in our society today?

This country was founded by God fearing  forefathers, who were Christian and lived by the commandments and beliefs handed down to them to employ as they saw fit. Wonder where all the Just and Honest Leaders of today are? The only thing our leaders of today worship is the almighty dollar.

Our decline became evident with each successive generation that came of age, after prayer was removed from school. The most important time for learning. values and virtues is as a young child. They emulate who they admire and their minds are open books. Write a poor script at an early age and you're probably going to get a bad story for the rest of that person's life. Some do rise above the discord but they are far and few in between.

Now that we don't have prayer in schools to make impression upon the young minds, it's up to the parents who are too tired to take their children to church. Now that both parents work, the family life is quite a difficult task. Everyone is overworked,under paid and looking for me time. There just isn't enough time in the day to take some time each day with the child to see how they are doing, and what they are up to, what questions they may have about a problem they have in their life. No time to toss a ball or take the little girl out for a walk to look at flowers.

You know this isn't about religion, this is about quality of life and getting the little minds thinking about the bigger picture that is life. I didn't go to church very often as a child but saying a prayer in the morning at school started me to thinking about the issue of who I was and my relationship with my fellow man. It made me think about spirituality and the difference between body and soul. If ideas aren't  presented in someone's life, they won't start asking questions and drawing conclusions. Connecting the dots for yourself can be a life long quest. If you feel something is missing from your life and you just don't know what it is, then subconsciously you may be looking for answers to questions that were never brought to your attention.


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Here's good reading material for all who doubt what this countries founding fathers had in mind for the new American.<br />
<br />

Christians founded this country, if you were a minority in a predominate Muslim or Hindu country , do you think they would accommodate your belief? Don't deceive your self. <br />
Thanks to Puck and Undertone for your input.

Well... With all the religions that are practised today, who's to pick which one the students will pray for in the morning? Should the muslim, buddhist and hindu children say the Our Father with the rest of us? That doesn't seem fair to me.

That was an excellent post and I find it to be true. Over the years that slogan printed on the dollar bill has become more and more of a lie.

I didn't say this was about religion. I don't believe in any religion either it's about believing in God and building a moral concept of life. <br />
Prayer was never required in school. You didn't have to paricipate if you didn't want to.<br />
You and Saratoga are welcome to your belief and opinions . I have mine.<br />
The difference is through my school years with and without prayer in school, I started to see this change in lessening of values and respect for others as time went on <br />
Nobody brought guns to school in the 70's. Nobody was getting raped in school in the 80's, No teachers were being shot dead in the 90's. Now nobody's learning in schools like they need to,because in some schools they're afraid of what may happen next.<br />
You come up with a better argument if you can but I've seen all this transpire and the only thing that has changed is the procession of time.<br />
We can't rewrite history or the problems of the past but when the problems keep getting bigger with each passing day..... There has to be an answer. Too bad my answer doesn't work for you .<br />
You go figure it out with your own experience.

Your gratuitous attacks weaken your argument. If you knew anything about me at all you would in fact know that I don't even own a television, much less watch one. So your attempt at an attack was as limp as your counter arguments.<br />
<br />
If prayer in school gave any kind of moral compass to the nation than (in addition to not having had slavery and genocide) we would not have allowed child labor in our factories nor engaged in our colonial wars in the Philippines and Central America. The brutal, immoral war in Vietnam was begun and conducted by people who had prayers in their schools. The people who murdered the Freedom Riders and the Civil Rights workers in the South in the 50s and 60s had prayers in their public schools.<br />
<br />
Requiring people to say prayers in the classroom is no panacea.

Also the people who fought for those rights in the 60's were brought up with prayer in schools . Where do you think they got their moral bearings and a sense of right and wrong from? From going to church and seeing those values reinforced in daily life. <br />
Where are the leaders of today who exhibit that sense of righteousness? <br />
More people have lost their lives (1 1/2 million Iraqis alone) in the two wars in the middle east, than died in Viet Nam. Obama promised to get us out of the middle east and is going to step on Iran next. Where are the protests?

You can't blame people and their approach to life by what the government enforces or refuses to address. Everyone deserves to follow their dream and be free and equal. The government isn't in schools pulling the trigger on fellow students. I'm talking about an individuals moral approach to life, you choose to make this a different venue. <br />
Reading comprehension must one of your weaknesses. <br />
I don't watch T.V., maybe you shouldn't either.

I do not and did not believe this had anything to do with "Gay issues." Nor do I see my pointing out the Original Sin that our country was founded in is exactly "venom." Slavery and genocide were practiced in America WHILE there was prayer in our schools. It was carried out by people who clearly practiced hatred even while praying to a God of love. So I cannot for the life of me follow how you see this country as having a "decline" following the removal of prayer from our schools. In fact, civil rights were extended following the removal of prayer from the schools, equal right for both genders were advanced following removal of prayer from our schools, social networks to provide for the elderly and infirm were extended following the removal of prayer from our schools. I am merely pointing out what I see as fallacies in your argument -- not spreading "venom." If you want "venom" just watch Glenn Beck.

Saratoga there's no need for you to change the Subject of this experience, I can't and haven't revised anything. the Indian Wars and Slavery weren't going on when prayer was taken out of the 60's<br />
I'm sure after reviewing your profile, you thought this had something to do with gay issues when you read the title, sorry to disappoint you. Spread you venom somewhere else.

As I stated in the story I didn't go to church much as a child maybe twice a year. Just think about the children that don't go to church at all. It would be the only exposure they had to an entity outside of themselves that they should be aware of. Your right there are a lot of back assward things going on in our country. I 'm afraid it all been orchestrated by our government.Our traditions are being trampled upon. Even as an example there was not lighting of a Christmas Tree this year, they did light a menorah. There was no Jet fly over for the Graduating class at the Air Force Academy. When there had been for the last 50 years. When is enough enough?

I must sincerely disagree with your statement that "Our decline became evident with each successive generation that came of age, after prayer was removed from school. " Our "decline" began from the very beginning... when these "God fearing forefathers, who were Christian and lived by the commandments and beliefs handed down to them" agreed to allow slavery to exist and to wage a war (or more exactly, WARS) of genocide against the Native Americans.<br />
<br />
Please... this revisionist history that ignores the terrible sins of our early years serves no useful purpose.

Wow this is such a powerful post. I think it is one of the most passionate I have read from you. I agree with a lot of the points you make although I don't think that simply reinstating school prayer would solve problems. We have so many persons that have lost faith in our country and if you judge us by many of our politicians I can see why. Back in the day if you went to a sporting event you wouldn't see people texting or talking when that flag was presented. You stood there at attention and you removed your hat. If you weren't singing the anthem you kept your mouth closed. Now if you look around you will see people sitting, others chatting, and men that have their hats on. That flag is much more than just a piece of material. My point is that as a society we have lost respect for elders, our country, and of course a higher power (God).