Because This Confuses The Hell Out Of Me!

Seriously people, go use metric, because it even seems like your system is multiple choice.
I'm 182,5 centimeters tall and according to the Imperial system that's either 5'10, 6'0, 5'11 or 5'12... people keep reporting wrong numbers in Imperial (or convert it wrong to metric) for some reason.

Oh and you Brits: nobody understands what a "Stone" is, stop using that!

Thank you. ^_^
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If the US went metric I would be so lost! /giggle!
However, I do own a handy dandy trusty metric converter I use quite often for when my friend in Holland decides she needs to give me a recipe in METRIC!
Stones... that one has ALWAYS confuzzled me!

Holland?! Oh my god! Where's she from? I live there! :-p

She was in Amsterdam when we met but is originally from Bilthoven. I think I spelled that right! She kind of bounces back and forth between England and Holland for work and family.

Cool, Amsterdam is about 20 minutes away from me. ^^ I used to go out there a lot and you can shop pretty well too in Amsterdam, it's a bit touristy, but it has its charms.

She was finishing her thesis at the University when we first started chatting about 11 years ago.
We were able to meet finally when she came to the states about 8 years ago. Was great to get to hug the person I had been sharing, gaming, giggling, and chatting with for so long!

I can imagine! :-D Flying is expensive though and to be honest: I've never been on a plane, it wouldn't surprise me if I'd have a fear of flying. :-p International friendships can be hard to maintain, but it's cool you two did meet up, despite the distance. :-)

/nods in agreement!
The hubby and I have a friend we both met at about the same time and became friends with before he and I started communicating with each other. One day we hope to meet her. We either will have to go to the UK or bring her to us! I vote for bring her to us first! But realistically, we will go to her within the next 5-10 years - I hope! :)

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