Missouri Medicaid For Adults

Ok, This is a biggie and I am mad! My 25 year old son was diagnosed with bulging L4-L5 lumbar disc last Feb., paid for by Mo Medicaid. I paid for therapy which didn't help. Last month, his neurologist ordered an MRI to diagnose migraines and Medicaid denied the MRI and the meds to stop his headaches! Three days ago, his bulging disc ruptered and he is in significant pain and cannot sit or walk without assistance, Medicaid once again denied an MRI to confirm this! He currently takes Vicodin, Flexeril, Wellbutrin, Neurontin ( which he just started ) and Imitrex (which I paid for at 130.00, I'm on disability and just got canceled on Medicaid ) What is our next step? Who do I talk to about this? I am at my wits end! Seeing him in this much pain is unacceptable!
bleclare bleclare
51-55, F
Dec 15, 2012