No Insurance + Car Accident =

My friend Keith was dumb and went drunk driving.. my other friend Liam was passed out in the back seat.. I lost one of my best friends in that accident.. Keith (driver) ended up passing out behind the wheel, flipping the car, it ended up catching on fire and luckily someone passed by and stopped to pull out my friend Liam from the burning car, my other friend RIP perished. Liam ended up being helicoptered to a hospital and had surgeries, etc. he got stuck with a $10,000+ bill. He's in debt now. He couldn't even work out any charity care for some of it not even $50 bucks. He was and still is living with his mother, and they had to sell the house because they couldn't even afford to live there anymore.

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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

It's bad enough that "Keith" was stupid enough to get behind the wheel when he was intoxicated. He's lucky he didn't get busted with a DUI on him, but to not have any health or car insurance is a dangerous thing. Glad Liam survived, but not having insurance sure devastated him and his family. It was disgusting, and Keith should have his license taken away from him for awhile, and he should serve some time in the slammer, because what he did was criminal, especially because it also resulted in the death of one of the passengers in his car. Keith should also be charged with negligent homicide, too, as a consequence and put in jail.

well that's probably a good thing. a bit less trauma, ya know? you seem to have handled it well :)

Yea it's not like he wanted this to happen. He was passed out before, during & after the accident (the one who lived). So he doesn't remember a thing.

that's a terribly tragic story that unfortunately happens way too often. i live in Canada and unfortunately, our laws don't stop the drunk drivers, but at least there's no hospital bill... sorry to hear about your late friend... **hugs**