Some People Got Crazies On E P.

We all suffering In many things,as we knows, we are here for a trial period for testing our good and bad deed. Day of judge  Is deciding period .we  will get what  we are deserve . any way God is kind, but he never forgave participating any partner with him, he Is one and just one ,he Is above that human needs.others sin ,fault if he want can forgive, ask always mercy .
Pls take life easy all destiny is fixed for us, things are created to be happens, and they do, nothing can e done according to our will.
As Eternal source says ,In Quran,

verse:  Do you think things will be as  you wish, no they will go as according to my will.
So why complains, we can not argue with usa president,So how dare to ague with Lord our creator,cherish er, so powerful.
He knows the best for us,
not every can be lucky,
Take life as its comes to you,accept it, suffering Is part of life,
tthere many blessing too.
Good luck, Every ting Is temporary we, happiness,sadness, age,life,this world,
all is created for end,rusted out,vanished ,
Be content, He will do what he want,he decide what is best for us.
basy basy
56-60, M
Mar 30, 2012