Secret Of Happy Life. No Matter If You Got Nothing In Life. Secret Is Revealed.

Every body is trying how to be happy.
here its secret, try it make it habit,because every thing in life is nothing but habit.
Life is part of moments,seconds,mints, hours,and day goes to end.
If you can be happy for one second,you can e happy for next mints,hour,hours and so on 24 hours or one day and night, how easy it is?
now start night and more 12 hours, so its complete 24 hours.
circle of 24 hours is completed.
Its so simple,if you are happy one second surly you can be happy for a mint,
now carry on yours happiness time,
 one mint to 6o mints.
goes on like this, you be amazed how much its work.

Determine, keep away fear,fears,fear makes life hell, you know it.

you have to make it habit,because habit is all.
Never criticize any one.
hatred for any one.
you are master of yours self.
 Habit ,habit habit it.
we creates our own haven and hell.
Be kind to any one.
that way positivity is fulling yours body and soul,and you feel all poison is gone away.
basy basy
56-60, M
May 12, 2012