Whoever Made Up This Group. I Guess He Or She Is Gone From E.p.

Yes. I do too.

I myself will not take credits that I'm that woman. I know that I kind of being humble about be called "Beautiful, Inside and out." You know what makes a woman beautiful? It's not just  looks but what that woman knows about life, family, job, how to take care of her kids, that make her beautiful. "Beauty is in the eye of the behold."

How she carries herself? See those famous females on the "big  screen" or  the "television screen?" Do you know how they have such confident and good manners? They worked hard for it. They have the means to hired people who can help build their confidences.  Of course some of them are so brilliant you think they don't need help. Well. They do need help. You can't be brilliant over night. You need to work hard for it. 

Of course the rest of the women on E.P. are smart in their own ways. Not about how books you can read. It's about how to have confident in yourself that make a woman beautiful on E.P.

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beauty comes from deep with in the soul . I am blessed to have friended so many wonderful <br />
women friends on here . i agree 100% thank you all EP ladys for being a friend! now i am humming the song to the golden girls thank you for being a friend!!

You are welcome

Is true everybody is beautiful in their own way. I admire a woman with confidence on herself, others for their experience but specially wisdom, how they see life, not to forget they are also caring and humble there is so many qualities its just unbelievable this is a nice group =)

wise words !

Yes Julie.

Thanks Julie


In every case, the most important beauty is the one of the soul.<br />
All the ladies I meet on EP have a great soul !<br />
I am thus very lucky, I am maybe blessed !<br />
<br />