No One Knows

NO one knows when the rapture will take place according to the Scriptures and they have not been wrong.

There have been may predictions for the end of the world and rapture but it still did not take place.  I believe we are close but we cannot point out the exact day. Jesus said only the Father in Heaven knows the day.


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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

The sc<x>riptures referred to are "go to" verses used by Harold Camping and his followers to support 5/21/2011. As is typical of Camping's method of exegesis, all are taken out of context and twisted to support his position. Since nothing happened on May 21, Camping's previous contention that "the Bible absolutely guarantees" that date would be the rapture and beginning of judgment, he is proven a false prophet according to Deuteronomy 18:26.

The end of the world as we know it. Time will end, past and future will become one. People need to wake up and unplug from the false systems or false idols, these are anything external like a person or a job or government or a thing like money or food etc.. It is not I that does the work but the father within. Through inner work we are able to remove the veils of illusion and conditioning by culture and social rules or beliefs. Be your own person and live yor life for your highest purpose of love, joy, and truth. Being present in the moment and listen to your inner guide, this is taking total responsibility for your life and when your cup is full you will be able to be there for others. We are made in the image of the heavens or god, as above so below, we are the microcosim of the macrocosim. Our hearts know the truth our hearts are the meeting point of heaven and earth. When we bring the higher realms of consciousness to the lower realms of earth we will create heaven on earth. Now is the time to find your connection to all that is life and god. Godspeed, love, light, and peace are yours. I hope my perspective helps you to choose the life of your dreams and seek truth through you heart (this is what Jesus brought to humanity.) Enjoy