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I lived in Arizona from the beginning of third grade until the middle of fourth. I don't really remember how old I was and don't feel like counting. Anyways...

My parents (my mom and stepdad) were always pushing me away. pushing, pushing, pushing...go here, there, anywhere but home. anywhere but near our family that doesn't have room for you.

I was back in Arizona with another "relative" for seventh grade.


I love the desert. I lived on/in/near the sonora desert



The first time out there, I saw a barrel cactus. well, the needles on one of these curve inward, and yankee doodle-IT thought that meant they wouldn't ***** my *** if i sat on them...ah-ha-ha....yeah....


yeah....i know....i don't see what the hell i was thinking anymore either lol


the desert is amazing. the smell when the rain first starts falling is so rich with the smell of life it's intoxicating. litearlly. i would stand outside and breathe until i felt dizzy.


(yes, now i know it's called hyperventilating)


thank god i loved nature because i don't know what i would have done without Her arms, growing up.

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Those are beautiful pictures IT! I have never been to Arizona before, but those pics totally make me want to visit! Hugs.

Amazing photos

Very beautiful pics :)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories. My childhood haven was the woods and the river. I felt the same way, I don't know what I would have done without nature's loving arms either.

The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people. My lovely neighbor just came to get me to see a huge owl in her pine tree. It was amazing and huge. At least two feet tall and a real chubbster! I couldn't get a good photo :( But he was sure watching us watch him. I have seen him at night, but never flying during the day.

well a most beautiful choice.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful IT oh.. and the photos are too.<br />
I felt like I was alive in your skin reading your words ... seeing through your eyes.<br />
You have a gift with the pen

Truly beautiful. Is the little girl you?

Beautiful, IT. Nature is very healing. Just a walk in the woods can sometimes turn one's thoughts. You were so lucky to at least have this beauty around you when so much else seemed wrong.

The sky in the second photo is magnificent!