Nature Or Death

Is what one will find it will all come down to.
Do we follow the path of nature and least resistance, or do we follow the path of extreme resistance to social pressure thereby following that of least resistance to nature?

For this story let those who seek to control and distort nature be referenced as man; those who seek to preserve and live by the fullness, peace of what she has given be called human. Mankind has decided what nature has given in her bounty is far from good enough and has thus sought to control alter the patterns of our dear Mother; the means of which said control is authored has never been to the benefit of those of us humans who love the feminine nurturance of this once beautiful sustainer in which we live: Nothing in this beautiful living creature is separate from anything else, to believe so is of the assumption the one can cut off a finger and the rest will be unaffected.
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May 13, 2012