Heck Yes

One of my best friends is a gay male. We love to go dancing in gay bars.  One of our favorite pastimes is to attend the "live entertainment night" at  one of the clubs.  The drag queens really know how to put on a show as they dance, sing, and/or lip sync to their music.  I especially like when they come out into the crowd because they are flamboyant and it reminds me of the fun times we had at Mardi Gras. So bring on the drag queens because this straight girl loves them.

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You are very welcome. My guy thinks it is funny that I come up with movies so quickly from memory.

That it,thanks very much

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is the movie you are referring to. I am a movie trivia buff lol. The actor is Hugo Weaving or Wearing I believe.

I saw a move with the actor that played the agent in the Matrix,he played a Dragqueen with two others.Wish i could remember the name.I liked the move.I like that they were being themself.They were happy

Thank you elliey! I accept people as they are and I do not judge them on anything other than the way they treat me. I like a person for what they are in their heart. Why wouldn't you find a club that has open mic night or a Drag Queen Revue and go for it?

Well let's go! We have a great time.