It's heartbreaking seeing these homeless war veterans on the streets, I hate seeing 12 year old kids smoking in parks and then drinking. I think unemployment benefits should be stopped, maybe that's what those people need to find the incentive to get a job (but the disabled and elderly still get benefits). All I'm saying is that if this is the way the world is gonna stay then it's not worth living to see another day. There are kids, the bullies, who think suicide is funny and then don't take the blame, they have no shame. The racist go against the words of the departed, the words of Martin Luther King, that's just retarded. These bullies who call themselves strong are anything but, name calling and abuse is another way of keeping their emotional door shut. We need to change, for a better tomorrow, helping each other through times of sorrow. Help them up not keep them down, bring a smile, not a frown. Keep tears from rolling down a soft, tender cheek and make the world better, more beautiful, more chic.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2014

I totally agree :( maybe except the unemployment benefits part

Ok, fair enough