He's Out There Somewhere

That strange sound you hear in the darkness,

that weird odor that waffes in on the night's breeze,

that little laugh you hear far off in the distance

that strange tingling you feel in your bum,

Well that  is not the Easter Bunny folks

and those weren't eggs

Hid your children,

lock up your daughters,

protect your wives

Bar the door

and never ever, open your door after midnight


dasmuggler dasmuggler
36-40, M
8 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I thing TheEtherBunny is in love with Peppy LePeu.

You killed Daffy Duck!?!?

Yeah, I mean, what else would you call it? The lady offers to pay me fifty bucks to provide certain "personal" services and then tries to give me twenty bucks after I've finished.<br />
<br />
Clearly, it was a misunderstanding. I normally don't like to pat myself on the back, but using the wire-hanger as a negotiating tool was improvisation at its best. The fact she dropped her purse and ran out of the hotel room screaming, red hanger-shaped welts shining brightly on her white skin, was a bonus. Try explaining that to the concierge desk, lady!

NOTHIN ether does is fun... especially for the victim

I'm harmless. Really, I am. I'm fuzzy and cuddly, and oh-so quiet. Dasmuggler tends to exaggerate. Really, that thing in Vegas was all a misunderstanding.

it was so you would know what a good thing you have in Dave

well ever since they pulled down your wanted posted from the FBI's most wanted since they think you are "gone" someone must keep the public informed sir

You made an experience group about widdle ol' me? *blush*