Brain Evolution

 I am interested in theories. 

A theory does not need to be solid - theories are always works in progress.

One area that interests me is around brain development and evolution. It is observable through dissection that there is similarity across animals. Crocodile brain structure is found in more recently evolved animals. Crocodiles reached an evolutionary end. They evolved to perfection within their environment and so have remained where they are. Still we must have shared common ancestors and the same structures do the same job in our brains. They even look the same. Inside the human brain is a section like in a crocodile brain. 

This old brain structure fulfills the same functions in horses and humans. It deals with satisfying basic needs like protection of territory, food and sex. Crocodile stuff. In horses are further brain structures  dealing with sociability and higher functions not available to crocodiles. Again brain dissection reveals there are sections of the horse brain are replicated in the human brain and they do the same job. 

Finally in human brains there are further brain sections not present in crocodiles or horses. These deal with higher intellectual functions.

Comparing brains in this way is crude. Yet to me is compelling. From it we can conclude we are evolved from common ancestors. We can conclude our brains are modular not of singular design.

I think that the interaction of the various inheritances is somewhat different in different people. Maybe under stress we become more crocodile like? I often think the crocodile is dominant in some people. Sometimes I think the horse and the human are almost absent. Crocodile people frighten me!


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Hi chipperchick<br />
It is fascinating isn't it. Maybe it would help people to know where they come from.<br />
i like Communanity. We are social beings like horses. it is cruel to leave a horse alone and sheep are often put with them and become friends. <br />
A scene I often reflect on is Japanese monkeys sitting in hot spring water with snow around. they look very content but the reality is very few are allowed in their pools. Most are forces by hierarchal rules to shiver in the snow - never able to enjoy the hot water despite there being room for all. Maybe humans can transcend these cruelties although I agree few seem even to be trying. <br />
Thank you my friend.<br />

Ahoy, Koy,<br />
<br />
This just popped up, and i love it!!!<br />
<br />
There are too many crocs out there, now aren't there?<br />
We steer clear of them, our horses skittish with the fright.<br />
I feel Freud should have added a 4th to his list.<br />
commanality/humanity=communanity?<br />
<br />
But i think man has evolved too much into his greed.<br />
<br />
thank you for sharing.<br />
X.<br />

Hi edgargeorge<br />
Comparative dissections were carried out early and I wonder if they influenced Freud with his 3 mind areas: id, Ego, Super Ego.<br />
Got any good theories to share here?<br />

LOL -- people who live in the limbic part of the brain frighten me too! :) And I like theories also...