Insanity Is Rampant

There are some really messed up people on here.  I don't mean people that have problems, but people who are really missing something upstairs.  Now Im not exactly the most sane person on Earth, but who is really.  ('We're all mad here') But, some people are really out of touch with reality. 

For example, no names mentioned, there was this person's profile on here that claimed she was a Christian.  There was a lot of talk about Jesus, love and such.  Which is awesome, but, she was like 2 people in one body.  She would preach about Christianity- practically giving sermons and sounding holier than thou--and said she was a nice person and open minded and people had a right to their own opinion.  Then she posted something that was totally out there.  You had to have seen it. 

Anyway, someone made a small comment stating their opinion on it and suddenly, she turned PSYCHO and attacked them and told them they were stupid, in so many words, then began throwing out all these bible verses in CAPS- screaming at him!  She was like a living version of Jekyll and Hyde.  He never responded and I don't blame him. 

She kept preaching how much she was devoted to Jesus and the Christian faith, yet was a total hypocrite.  I've never seen anything like it.  She would have one experience stating 'I am a loving person' or 'Jesus is love' and such and then next to it, another that read, 'I hate love' WTF?!  Her profile was filled with contradictions.

She then had all these conflicting experiences with Christianity and on the other hand, was supporting 'sinful' activities and some perversity thrown it.  I mean if you are going to take the Christian name and preach like you are superior to everyone else, shouldn't you follow everything about it?!  Major hypocrisy.  Insult to the name of Christ.

She actually scares me knowing there are such extreme people out there like that.  You had to have seen all of it to really know what I'm talking about.  And she writes everything in caps...screaming.  It was insane.  I was afraid to write anything on her experiences/stories because I didn't want her attention focused on me.  And I had alot of things to add to some of the crazy things she was spitting out there.  But, I just moved on. 

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I myself have been to a swinger's club as my hubby and I both were swingers. Nothing wrong with that. The thing I found messed up is when someone like that person I was talking about was threatening hell and spreading hate and stating she was a Christian. It went beyond that. As I said, you had to have seen what she wrote and seen her profile to know what I'm talking about. And I don't see anything lame with someone being hurt. Sometimes, you have to walk in someone else's shoes to understand the pain someone is going thru.

LOL... sweet!<br />
I wonder that about some of those people myself at times.

niceguyinhell, I agree...well said! I LOVE EP no matter how crazy it gets. :)

Hey Saratoga girl. I was disapointed 2 find out u did not live n texas.As for wierd,I have a nighbor who likes 2 scream at imaginary people. The big problem is she likes 2 do it out n front of her house. Now a days when someone claims 2 b normal I get suspicious. Imagine that.

I don't think it's surprising that there are a preponderance of "colorful characters" on EP. <br />
<br />
When you think about it 90 percent of people find EP by Googling "I Hate My Life!" or "Depression + auto erotic affixation." <br />
<br />
The most popular groups on EP seem to reflect what people were originally Googling. So it's a little off-center from normal, but that is what makes it so superior!<br />
<br />
Normal is Facebook. If Facebook were a restaurant it would be Applebees. You know, the one in the Mall next to the Barnes & Noble. A nice, safe family restaurant. Wordpress? (shurg) It's next to the Starbucks in the ***** mall. Lot of 20-somethings there sipping coffee and working on their screenplays. Very chill, but no one really talks to each other. Myspace? Myspace would be Chuck E Cheese. The Tweenagers seem to love it there. Great for skee ball, but not much else.<br />
<br />
EP? To get to EP you have to drive past the exits for Wordpress and Facebook. Keep heading down the information highway until you hit the really industrial section of the internet. Pull into the parking lot of what appears to be an abandoned ***** club (be careful not to block in the cop cars. They'll be leaving once they get the suspects cuffed). Nod to the bouncer whose too busy searching for a vein to bother with checking your ID and -- viola! -- you in Club EP! <br />
<br />
If you can ignore the drunks (or nuts) that pester you and avoid stepping in's a helluva club!<br />
<br />
A lot more fun then then the imitators.<br />
<br />
EP 4-Evah!<br />
<br />
(We should really come up with our own gang sign)

LOL...I admit that I have stirred a few up myself. :) <br />
You're not missing anything by being blocked by them. <br />
Yes, the xtien psychos do not get any crazier than that and I've had psychosis before, so that is saying alot.

dasmuggler, LOL to what you told her! That was sweet<br />
<br />
The rest of you crack me up. Hey! I like women too :)<br />
And if you guys are going to hell, I'll see ya there.

Oh Saratoga Sweetie, you are going to hell with the rest of us!! And they will force you to wear a kilt. Dasmuggler said he'd comment about the kilt himself, but I have him tied and gagged in my closest.<br />
<br />
Wait. Did I just say that out loud?

Ha, ha... there are some nutjobs out there, no question about it! But then what do I know... I'm so Gay I Even Like Women!!!! A Lot! I even have sex with them! (But I would DEFINITELY make an exception in at least one case...)

There are so many religious hypocrites that it makes it hard to take any kind of religion seriously. The Jesus freaks, like Fred Phelps, who protest at the funerals of gay soldiers. That's REAL accepting and loving, isn't it?!?

I ran into one of these on here too. Die hard Christian who talks about **** and calls people witches.<br />
<br />
Oh wait here you go, one of her posts:<br />
W hen i think of wealth=success, i think of Jenna Jamison or Jesse Jane..they're degrading their bodies..prostitutes on film basically, i'm more than sure that they're wealthy or VERY comfortable. That does not equal success..what are they successful in? Sucking off 20 men in a a a hour? Going down on hundreds..not even knowing names or the name of what..the DOLLAR. <br />
What about the witch Beyonce-she's SELLING her body basically-a darn near 30 year old grinding and pop locking and dropping it on stage..PLEASE.<br />
Wealthy is when you have all you want, have Jesus in your life, have people you love and cherish, when you enjoy waking up and allowing Jesus to manifest his blessings to you and through you to help others.<br />
<br />
WTF!!!<br />
Ok so I decide to have a little fun and I post Jesus was an Astronaut<br />
<br />
She replies: your comment is totaly irrelivant to anything i've posted-so don't make the mistake again. thanks<br />
<br />
Shes got a little bit of some hostility there

LMAO! True true...I thought the same about the crazy I was talking about. She had some really freaky fetishes, which is ok if that's her bag, and she claimed to be openminded but her posts were quite the opposite and contradictory. I wonder if she has split personality. She also thought it was a funny story to share about some people eating something that made them sick and sent them to the hospital. She said they deserved it because they knew they were eating something risky. WTF She actually thought that was funny and she was the only one laughing. So much for being a good and 'loving' xtian.

poop and pee yourself to your hearts desire--but I'd expect an individual with such...interesting turn ons to be a bit more open minded, I guess.

LOL autimom! All you guys crack me up. <br />
How would anyone LIKE to poop their pants?! Crazy world we live in.<br />
Glad to see I am not the only one noticing the insanity. yikes!

Um,...maybe you REALLY like having sex with other women. Like more then those "average" lesbians. You are like SO into vagina. I dunno. Just a guess

It really wasn't a problem. First, you were doing a great job pointing out the insanity of the sweetie... and second, her "accusations" were just plain funny! Really, what did it mean when she tried to dismiss me by saying I was "so gay." Really? What does that mean???

If you are strange aqua, you are my kind of strange. I think you are pretty damn cool.<br />
<br />
You actually kept your cool better than I would have, STG.

Uh huh...I will admit that to some I seem strange...but to others on here..I feel very normal!

Yeah, autimom, I'm still waiting for my dress to come back from the dry cleaners after that little exchange with our favorite EPer.

Sometimes you just have to walk away...or click away. There is no talking to some people. I've seem it too, a member who has their top experience as "I love to poop my bathing suit," yet proudly proclaims to hate gays so much she vomits on them. It is a strange world.

Ha, ha, ha.... maybe she just needed some chocolate.

Um, seems like you hit the rock bottom! LOL