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i've been here on ep a year now and i thought i'd seen so vile, foul characters but one in particular takes the cake. how foul are you to go in search of innocent, stray dogs to use for your perverted pleasure, armed with food to entice them and lube to use for when you screw them? this is a scary society indeed when there are people like this running around. people,lock up your dogs as well as your kids, filthy pervs are on the loose! people like this should be on death row right along with serial killers.
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yucks! who would do such a thing??????? that is not perversion but sheer insanity!

sheer insanity, i agree.

That is so sorry to be having sex with family pets. Then some thing just as sick is man wearing a string in their *** for people to see.

apparently so, treshombre.

What's even worse is that they think its OK and they should be able to talk about it and share the desire with other "like minded people" and no one should ridicule or judge them for being such a sick, twisted, abusive, pervert.

if they put crap like that out there, i'm gonna judge and ridicule!

*applauds ladyblue loudly* whoever would condone this behavior, it ain't me!

I find it absolutely unbelievable that some people would defend a person who goes around enticing stray dogs with food and then having sex with them. What person in their right mind would find this behavior acceptable and think that someone who does this shouldn't be condemned for being a horrible, abusive, sick, and totally perverted person? That's why it's illegal folks. Its called animal abuse and if this guy was caught by the authorities he would go to jail for doing this.

"bad"? Pathetic is more like it. Specially because these "holier-than-thou" bumpkins preach about tolerance... Its also hypocrisy.

as i've found out in life, online and off, many people just can't stand when others don't see things their way. too bad, ain't it? lol

Ladyblue848,<br />
Congratulations for tellings facts and truths that people dont have the guts to say because "we shouldnt hurt other people`s feelings" . Except if they are "conservative hypocrites" like the ones against ****** and against politicians who waste money of the taxes with their mistresses...).<br />
<br />
Liberal and/or politically correct clichés are ruling people`s minds replacing logic and common sense, as we can see with bigbrainlessbuffoon (probably he`s one of the losers with deviant tastes who enjoy those clichés...).

"If you don`t like it, don`t read it. Freedom is our right, so don`t try to censor others for things you don`t like. You are just making your self out to be a self righteous ARSEHOLE !'<br />
<br />
And so are you by coming here and reading what she has said and telling her she doesn't have a right to her freedom that includes writing things that you don't like. And here you are name calling and judging again, while you have condemned me for allededly doing the same. Once again bybybuster - practice what you preach.

bibibuster, another of ep's many idiots lol

I think that if more people would call out people who behave horribly the world would be a better place. Society has become much too accepting of people's serious perversions and twisted thinking and as a result more perverted twisted people feel comfortable doing perverted, twisted, unhealthy, destructive things that hurt others and make the world a much scarier place. If these people were openly ridiculed and punished these behaviors would likely become less prevalent and paranoia and fear would be minimized. If I caught some deviant trying to have sex with my dog or my kids I would shoot his **** with a shotgun full of something that would prevent him from ever doing it again.

shoot the deviants? i know thats right! i agree also that society has become too accepting of people like this. while society has, i know i won't and make no apologies for it.

cancergirl20<br />
have you seen the story "Why Prophet Muhammad Married Aisha When She Was Only 9?"?<br />
That story says there is noting wrong about the "prophet" moo-ham-mad from islam marrying children with ages of 6 years and having sex with 9 years old.<br />
One of retard excuses: some of TODAY`S societies still practice it! That religious fanatic w hore, who wrote that, is defending sex with children in name of religious faith. <br />
<br />
Help me to flag it (i already did that). I mean, flag it and tell friends to do the same.<br />
<br />
Lets fight paedophilia and religious bigotry which supports it.

Yes, even the defenders of freedom of customs have the habit of being hypocrites, judgeys and preachies... Guess "holier-than-thou" is also one of their flaws they love to think they dont have but the others do...<br />
Many people dont realise that:<br />
a) "arrogance is not inteligence"<br />
b) "Presumtion is not information"<br />
<br />
But you and me love to teach them the diferences (too bad they refuse to admit they`re wrong...).

"Guess "holier-than-thou" is also one of their flaws they love to think they dont have but the others do..." Many don't realize that "holier-than-thou" doesn't always refer to being moralistic. They don't realize that it can also mean that someone thinks their opinion has more value than someone else's, or that they are superior, and for some reason it seems like now-a-days people who indulge in deviant or odd behavior have now come to believe that they are more entitled to voice their opinions, and express who they are, than those who don't agree with them.

Excellent answer, lady! ;)

another ep dimwit that tells you not to preach yet doesn't mind trying to preach themselves. this place is overrrun with hypocrites, those that have a do as i say and not as i do mentality. i don' think i have to tell them where to shove their opinions.

So very true.

Nice answer, cancergirl.<br />
Be less "jugdey"! So says the wise guy who talk you were peeping in another people`s stories just to criticise without asking you why you wrote your post... Amazing how people project their flaws to others...

well maybe if that person conveyed their thoughts in a private message, i would have responded in kind. seeing that they didn't, i decided to follow suit. you want respect and civility, you have to give it. i'd like to think such things are fiction but i wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Oh it affects e and I would comment to that person in a Private Message. In fact I would potentially comment to that person if they came to me on here... but not in a post that others could read since my own naiivete could be tricked by misinterpreting fiction for ex<x>pression d'facto

i'm more than aware of what kinds of people exist in society and not just here on ep. naive i'm not. and FYI, i didn't come here seeking stories of any particular sort. the ep member that i had in mind for this story, he made contact with me first and if it hadn't been for that, i wouldn't have known a thing about him and his odd interests. and, sorry, but when it comes to people luring innocent animals for their perverse pleasures, i am shocked and preachy. if it doesn't affect you that way, then that's your business.

No, what's scary is the ones around you; in your society, in the stores, judges benches, police uniforms, church pews, in your very family that never say or indicate anything that they really do. Before you say "gasp, I never." Remember that though you might never that has no bearing on what the lawyer down the block is into. <br />
So remember you came here seeking stories, you can sign up for an account setting that prohibits you viewing them at all. In the same vein those private lives around you can have some quiet issue that you are not privvy to.<br />
I'm not saying this to modify your own life I'm just saying please don't be so shocked and preachy. If you don't like what you see check your fences, educate your kids and try to be less judgy -- that doesn't help anyone.

people that attempt to lecture or insult me, it goes in one ear and out the other. they can blather on but it doesn't change my opinions.<br />
<br />
i don't know if the word "arse" exists or not. maybe he's just a dimwit as you suggested lol.<br />
<br />
apparently he's just childish and intolerant because i never had any interaction with him until he commented on this story. ep is overrun with childish, intolerant dimwits so he has PLENTY of company.

BTW, why blabbermouth is insulting you for not liking you opinions? Did you talk to him in another story? <br />
<br />
Or he`s just intolerant and childish?

"Or he`s just intolerant and childish?"

I think you nailed it.

Amazing how today`s cliché is "dont follow the crowd" but when people like you do that, they are insulted or get lectures...<br />
Hypocrisy is as popular as condenmed...<br />
<br />
BTW, does the word "arse" really exists or is a illiterate word for dimwits? I never read that in dicionary. I would like to know if big-brainless-blabbermouth is as bad in english grammar as he seems (he doesnt know the diference between critics and censorship...). <br />
If my english is bad, notice that i`m not english speaker (which makes his crap more ridiculous).

He actually created an entire group just to ridicule, condemn, criticize me, and call me names. Talk about hypocrisy. But he just doesn't get it. He thinks he can do to others, what he doesn't want done to him, even though I never actually did it to him. He actually quoted the bible in that group saying "judge not, lest ye be judged" but for some reason he thinks that only applies to other people and it is OK for him to run around here throwing out judgments at others. Really sad.

he's the definition of a self righteous hypocrite.

LOL!! or big boneheaded blabbermouth. ep is full of people that are ok with you if you agree with them, see things their way. good thing i was never one to follow the crowd. i see things in my own way and if that doesn't jibe with them, too bad.

Well, according to bybybuster, people have the right of confessing anonymously their crimes, wrong doings, their bad deeds, gloat about them or made up shocking but fake stories.<br />
<br />
But you dont have the right of criticizing them! <br />
<br />
Tolerance means only accept support and insult critics, it seems!<br />
<br />
Not even if such people make some friends, boy or girl friends on line and them make their life miserable when they meet personally.<br />
<br />
Amazing how the people who call others hypocrites, fake moralists and self-righteous are projecting their own flaws to others...<br />
<br />
And if you shouldn't meddle in their lives, why is he meddling in yours?...<br />
<br />
Guess bbb stands for big-brainless-blabbermouth.

cheers to that!!

they need to recognize but if they don't thats their problem. all the haters can kiss my latina *** lol

here we go, more people who think they're the only ones that are entitled to jack their jaws. bump that. maybe EVERYONE should stay away from what they don't agree with? that goes for those who don't agree with stories like this one. don't like it, then keep movin because i don't think any of us are going to stop writing what we want to regardless of how others view it. people need to recognize it's a two way street.

Well said again jerrica.

i guess the right to freedom of speech is only for perverted ******** like yourself. at least on ep anyway. i don't even mind you people having it but don't you dare tell me i don't have it too.

since when is freedom just a right for YOU, buster? isn't that freedom extended to us all? i thought so. as for your personal opinion of me, that matters not a bit, call me what you like. i don't know you from boo so i could really care less what names you want to call me. name calling doesn't make you look too swell either.

why do i read these stories? why did YOU read this one? sorry but i don't keep my mouth shut and especially on MY own story. i'll say what i want, write what i want. you can't deal with that then maybe YOU need to go elsewhere. that's all ya'll lol

destiney, i saw some of your comments on other stories and i agree with you 100%. scum is too nice a word for what some of these people do.

well, we all have our opinions and are entitled to express them and thank you for sharing yours, gottahavit.

bravo to ladyblue's nov 15th comment! gottahavit: one less idiot on ep lol

While some things are illegal to do, they are not illegal to write about and I for one, do not appreciate those who relish in and celebrate censorship. I think that badmouthing others is disgusting and ridiculous and makes the people who do that into the same kind of garbage that they are trashing. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get enough rope!

Sure, lets not badmouth people who are perverted creeps who like to abuse other people, children, and animals, and engage in highly deviant twisted behavior. Lets just let them be free to be who they want and get support and applause from other deviants so they all can feel like the horrible things they are doing are acceptable and cool. That is part of the problem with the world today my friend. People expect it to be OK to be that kind of person and expect everyone they show that side of themselves to to just accept it. Sorry . . . but no. If you go anywhere and express your sick, twisted, deviant desires and behavior, you should expect to get negative feedback. Deal with it or move on.

Dont worry, lady. That guy suffered a lesson when he was exposed in his group where he tried to ridicule &amp; insult you. It was deleted, remember?
After he was exposed so hard that his last message was saying you got the last word (and some angry swearing lol).

I agree with you, gottahavit. It's pretty obvious that much of what people write about here is fantasy. I get turned on by hearing about others being turned on. P.S. please add me as a friend.

i hope they keep on listening. as for people shhoting themselves in the foot again, give a fool enough rope and....... lol. i'll bet sooner or later this is exactly what will happen. so predictable.

tell it, tell it! disgusting and ridiculous. more garbage ep needs to take out. a little birdy told me a certain story is gone but there's still more garbage to take out. seems like ep is listening to it's members more these days regarding these kinds of issues, keeping an eye out. i hope certain people don't shoot themselves in the foot AGAIN.