Yet Another Winner  the list definitely goes on and on. it's because of gems like this that i've cancelled my ep membership. that little bit of money can be spent elsewhere on better than this.
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this link is truly disgusting! if i came across even a few such people even i will close my account and move on!

be prepared to move on lol

i'll bet it is real, sara. to each his own but no guy is gonna take a **** inside me lol. that's what the ******* toilet is for or so i thought.

How about this one? Anyone think this is real???<br />
<br />
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i can understand that, cg

i can't blame you one bit for not being an ep supporter and the content here is why i never became one myself.

a friend and i were discussing that very thing today, about how many normal looking people are real freaks. guess u can't judge a book by it's cover after all lol. like you, i don't tell them what they should and shouldn't be doing but i don't mind expressing my opinion about their activities. if that's wrong then i'll just have to be wrong because it's not too likely that i'll be quiet about it.

yeah there's room for all of us on the net and ep and some people take up more than their fair share of space. on here you can go into the most benign of groups and get something totally different from what you were naturally expecting. that makes it even harder to avoid things that you'd rather not see. sometimes i feel like i have tennis neck from turning my head so much lol. pretty soon there will be no other direction to turn.

Alrighty then. I just meant to say that there's always room for everyone, especially in cyberspace and that nobody forces anybody to look. There's always a natural sense of entitlement or righteousness in all of us when we are in our happy place and we don't like to see something that doesn't fit in our world. Just a thought.

sorry knotty but i am known to be judgemental when it comes to the garbage. that's how i feel and it ain't going to change anytime soon *shrugs*

Let's not be judgemental here. It's not like that particular group calls for the enslavement of certain people, or conspire to topple the government (although I'm sure that would be more acceptable in some countries). We can disagree with those who admire and worship women who indiscriminately chose men but as long as nobody gets hurt, and I'm sorry, beliefs and morals don't count, they also have freedom of speech.

oh wreckles, quit hatin. it doesn't suit you lol

i feel the same way. ep would still be a good place, even better, without this kind of garbage. that's why i cancelled my membership. i'm not going to pay to support this **** even if the dues were just a dime.