i have met many sweet kind people on ep. a few harmless perverts, but recently i was going thru ep looking at the different groups. there r so sick messed up people on ep. i thought i had problems. but these people r scum. stories of sex w innocent animals, ****** stories. wtf is wrong w these people, they make me sick.yes we all have a right to voice r thoughts n feelings here, but these people r f@cking screwed up. sex w moms, dads brthers sisters and animals. these people should all be put to death , they sicken me.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

we all have the right to write what we want whether it offends others or not. the people that are hating need to remember that.

I think it is amazing. I am not sure they are all telling the truth though. Some are hard to believe!<br />
<br />
Sex with Mom is kind of ****** up but sex with some one else's Mom would be kinda hot.<br />
<br />
Dogs? maybe a woman and a dog licking her but not much else. A brother? I heard this was more common than people think. It is not for me though.

you've got my vote. i couldn't agree more.

HAHAHAHAHA I agree bro