Most Of It Doesn't Bother Me

Honestly, most of the more "adult" groups on EP don't bother me. I don't care if somebody likes to wear diapers, or roll around in feces, or share their wives with other men, or whatever their kink is, as long as all parties are consenting. Except for ******, I don't care what anybody says, it's ******* disgusting.

The only other groups that bother me are the ones that have to do with ********** and ***********. Children and animals CAN'T consent. People who participate in that are horrible and it irritates me to no end that EP won't do a thing about those groups. Ugh.

But yeah, other than those three things, I don't care about any of the other groups. They have the right to do whatever they want as long as it's consensual.
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i wouldn't bother with the two of you(or is it really just the one of you? lol) if you were to unblock me. some people might follow you around ep to harrass you but neither of you are that critical in my world.<br />
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married, i'm not surprised that you didn't click unsubscribe and walk away. you were never too good at taking the advice that you so willingly dish out to others.

Jerrica, cancergirl, and destiny, the three musketeers who hide behind masks and run through ep determined to rid the ep world of the filth that crawls along the ground and should be stomped and disposed of in a public lynching and the holes from whence the vermin came should be obliterated for these vermin disgust them and are not worthy of being in their world. There should be no evidence of the footsteps of these vermin because they are so foul. Hmmmmm, describe these vermin... I do not know because it is so vague and it changes from time to time, but the impression that I get is that it is anything pertaining to sex. How soon until it becomes anyone who is overweight? Or who does not brush their hair? Or has a tattoo? Or drinks beer? Or has ever spit or belched in public? Or who has a disfigurement that can be seen? The irony is that they are intolerant of the intolerant yet pleased with themselves!

If you go back and look at the comments by each party here in various groups but you remove the pronouns as well as the name of the writer, you will find it interesting who the judgemental folks really are and who exactly needs to be policed ba<x>sed upon the slanderous remarks but so many of these people are superficial and look at the content of the story and what "side" someone is taking that they cannot read the actual comment and understand it. So many times I yell at the computer as I read a comment..."Hey, Ms Pot, this is Mrs Kettle, and you're black, too!!" People have lines drawn at different places, such as Delirium, here, and I respect that, but I am at a different age and stage and do not have the same lines as someone else so I do not appreciate being judged and condemned for where my line is nor unrelated comments being discredited for the same reason. Cancergirl---there are sites where you can go as well. EP is what it is and who are ANY of us to tell them what they should be? You can make your own site or find another and so can I but it is up to those who run EP to decide what they want to be and it is not up to us to whine and police and judge who has more priority for ep to listen to.

:( I knew I should have simply clicked unsubscribe and walked away from this. At least tell me that Jerrica and Cancergirl are blocked and they can only abuse you here and not all over EP like they did just before you lost interest in EP ing with me last year!

they can only bother me if I care what they say...! Just sayin'...

Yes cancergirl - I <strong>am a fine one</strong> to talk and unlike some people - I practice intolerance only on those that are intolerant. But having had the displeasure of running into you and Jerrica so many times over the years, I'm sure that concept is far too subtle for you to understand or agree with.

married, you're a fine one to talk. you advise others to look the other way when they encounter something they don't like or agree with but you haven't always taken your own advice, have you? you ought to practice what you preach.

high five!

Speak of the devil. Start with animals because we all can agree that sort of deviance is worth attacking... but hey, there's swapping, exhibitionism and in her mind just about any sex is deviant. If she can't find publicly acceptable deviance to bash, she makes it up.<br />
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She is the perfect example of why we have to simply look the other way when we see/read/know of the existence of disgusting stuff... once you let someone like her get started, the next thing you know Huck Finn and the Bible are being tossed on the flames.

some people have the ability to make anything look deviant.

Actually, I wasn't. I was talking about the woman who made those rude comments on some stories you mentioned in another story in this group, in fact I think we're thinking of the same person.

If you are talking about me, my wrong was to say "Maybe you shouldn't go into groups that disgust you" and I was abused across EP. This group and the followers drew my attention and I discovered that they were abusive people who titilate themselves with stories that even I don't read and then punish themselves for their thrill by abusing the authors. A certain member of this group attacked a conservative lady (whose every word I read) and ended up sending her the vilest sexual email full of disgusting incestual accusations and animal abuse. So, just saying you want to enjoy your husband gives the members of this group the authority to pollute your life with their filthy thoughts.

Unfortunately. I don't see why a certain individual has to go out of their way to harass people who haven't done anything wrong. :/

These people claim that is all they police, but this isn't true.