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i'm not so jaded sexually that i have to turn to sex with animals to get my kicks. the human male does it for me just fine. yes, people who indulge in this kind of activity have a serious problem to me and i'm not afraid to speak my mind about it no more than they are afraid to post stories on the subject. i figure we all have our rights. having said that, even though i don't and would never go for such acts myself, i'm the last person that would try to tell someone else not to do it. that's your business and your life, neither which i care about THAT much as i'm sure you don't care about mine. but i will never be afraid to speak my mind on any subject, whether i agree or disagree with it. and if it makes people feel better to think that you must secretly like that which you are opposed to, so be it but i still can't figure out the logic in that one. anyone who indulges in things like this, i don't hate you simply because i don't know you well enough, you haven't done anything to me personally. disliking an activity and disliking the person are two seperate things. just because i hate on the activity doesn't mean i'm hating on you. i hope people can see the   distinction.     since i'm laying my feelings on the line, i might as well be totally honest. while hate may be too strong a word to use, i do think less of people that indulge in perversions such as this, way less. if that's wrong, so be it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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the only people/person that is going to tell me to leave ep is the people that run this site, not just another member. once again another person that comes to stories that they don't agree with but try to give you flak for doing the same.

well, you might not want to hold your breath, honey, because i don't move until i feel like it and that might be a while. maybe you and your friends might want to pull up stakes, find a website that caters to people with your type of "interests". surely the web is chockfull of them?

because annabelle, fortunately not all of ep is like this. i suppose i could go elsewhere and maybe i will, but only when i get good and ready.

it's just the hypocrisy, thats all. if they don't agree with our views, they ought to. what they do is foul and wrong.

i find it amusing that people continue to seek out stories that they don't agree with and comment on them, yet anyone else who does the same is wrong somehow. maybe the DF'S secretly agree with our viewpoint but are afraid to say so.

funny how you just can't stay away from this story. not that i owe you or anyone else an explaination or my views on other people, but i have no problem whatsoever with smokers, fat people, SUV drivers, etc. just those that use innocent animals for their own perversions. same way i feel about rapists, pedophilles and the like. maybe i don't turn a blind eye to these subjects because i feel to do that would be to condone it. no matter how many holier than thou, uptight ******* i'm called, i will never change my views on subjects like this so there's no point in getting me to try and look at things differently. this is the way i've always felt and it's not going to change anytime soon. and, once again, i think that if you felt that your lifestyle was ok, then there's nothing that no one could say that would bother you. you wouldn't give this story the time of day yet you continue to.

sounds like a hypocrite to me as well. these kinds of people get upset when someone speaks against their abuse and perversions because they know deep down that what they're doing is wrong. if they didn't feel that way i don't think anything anyone says would bother them and i also don't think they would even bother to respond to stories such as this one. so yeah, a nerve is struck as much as they might deny it. too bad because when it comes to garbage like this, i don't care if i strike nerves. matter of fact, i hope i do.

looks like you did it again, CG LOL. not only should they be strung up but horse whipped too. i don't know why people feel they can express themselves, say what's on their mind but don't allow others the same courtesy. as soon as you voice your opinion on something, people rush to tell you that you're wrong. sounds hypocritical to me.

i must have struck a chord somewhere with you. you're not hurt? i can't tell. no it doesn't stop with dog *******. people into ****** and taking advantage of drunken women are but just a couple more passions of mine. rapists, pedophilles, i could go on but you get the point. any one who does any of these things needs to be strung up.

perv, i should have figured you were a "dog lover" without looking at your profile. no wonder you got so up in arms over the topic. isn't that too bad, wah wah wah! *rolls eyes*

you know what, perv? i DO think i'm better than a person low enough to screw a dog. if that's wrong, so be it, tough ****. most people won't admit to be judgemental but i'm not one of them and i give myself big points for being honest about that. judgemental when it comes to garbage like this? you bet i am. and while i don't approve of twisted stuff like this, i really don't give a flip if a man or woman wants to screw a kennel full of dogs or any other animal. but not voice my opinion on the matter? **** that. i always have and always will. those that don't like it or can't handle it can kiss my ***!

3dboy, the only animal i've had sex with or desired sex with is the human animal. that's all i need to turn my crank. nakedrhode, i don't expect everyone to share my views on this, or any other subject all the time, but this is my opinion and i'm entitled to it. despite my being against it, i'm not on a crusade to stop others from indulging in their kinks. i don't care THAT much about what others do. if people feel judged, tough, that's life and i think we're all judged on something by others. people that say they're 100% nonjudgemental are lying or fooling themselves.

lol :)

There are fibbers as much as there are boasters... the first kind is harmless but annoying at best, the other kind will get caught if they really do anything illegal. Trust me, we are the cyber police and we watch them but shhhhh, we like to work undercover ;-)

i'd like to think it's just words but i think the people who have stories on here about those activities are actually doing it. makes me shudder.

People are the same, online or offline, or should I say, more like themselves without societal taboos so you hear a lot more hidden thoughts online but they're not born out of nothing. Sure, there will be as much support as there will be disgust and maybe it's a blessing to have an outlet for dangerous pulsions. At best you have like-minded people who'd never get a chance to meet each other, at worst you hear those condemnable thoughts out loud (if you care reading them, you have the right not to) and you hope they stay what they are, words.

you're right, it's abuse 100%. whether it's animlas or people, seems like there are plenty of abusers on ep alone. i wonder when this site was founded did the founders imagine all of the garbage that would end up on here? i'll bet they didn't imagine the kind of experiences that are so rampant here.

Any act that takes advantage or another life's weakness is not love, or even sex, it's abuse. If they want to do it with a doll, close their eyes and imagine it's the queen bee, I'm fine with that, just don't put ruffies in my dog's water bowl. Thank you.

something we agree on, PD. imagine that! lol. omg, bit her nipple off? i blame her more than the monkey. thats a wild animal and she should have known better. yes, i too am too much of an animal lover to exploit them in this way, plus i think it's just gross. i saw a story on here about a woman that let her pet monkey drink her breast milk and how it excited her. give me a break! personally, the day a human no longer satisfies me sexually is the day i'm done with sex, self pleasure excluded of course :)

thinking about giving the saying "mans best friend" a whole new meaning jerrica? LOL!

yeah, you'd make all kinds of new ep friends for sure lol. you know, i saw some interesting looking strays out by my trash dumpster the other day. hmmm.....LOL! a guy with a foot fetish i could do, that's nothing. as long as he didn't want to wear my shoes!

a foot fetish is as normal as apple pie compared to those who want to screw dogs and other animals. i can't even compare the two.

LOL! oh hell, the secret is out. i've had my eye on the st. bernard and a dobie that just moved in! guess it's time to write a "i'm an undercover dog ******" story lol. that should make me some new and interesting friends, right?

now tell the truth, CG. haven't you been interested in the neighbors st. bernard? LOL! hasn't he been following you around with lust in his eyes??

i don't like or agree with those things either, martine. i think you're right too jerrica about people like that hoping they aren't the only oddball on the block lol. i'd sure hope there were more like minded people out here and i wasn't the only one that liked to get it on with rover LOL. i've been accused of being an undercover k-9 lover but why would i be afraid to admit to liking something, anything in an ANONYMOUS forum? simple answer is i wouldn't.

I don't like it when people have sex with animals or kids, that's just plain wrong!

why would a person oppose something that they secretly liked? that doesn't make any sense to me either. i think people that are into stuff like this realize that they're the odd man out and are hoping that there are others that share their strange tastes. the more the merrier. anyway, i agree with you. do what you like but i don't get things like this and never wiil.