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I can't say that I am totally innocent in that matter. I made a lot of stupid groups, but I was feeling really stupid at that moment, and I was expressing myself.

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@ Ageing Thinker: I agree

Ah, there is nothing like the joy of self-ex<x>pression, especially when coupled with good humour -:)

There are some groups that I am the only one in them, and I have made groups that even I am not in it!!!

LOL june....

Agree with chris.. It's just for fun :) I guess I've done that too judging by the fact I am still the only one in some of them!

I have made a couple silly groups myself. Ah well... it's all just fun.

@ QwennaJane: I never saw a group by that name, I never created groups that stupid, but you are right, freedom of ex<x>pression I guess! thanks<br />
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@ LP: very good answer, that is exactly how I react. thank you very much

Personally, I don't think that any group that is formed b/c someone has issues that are difficult to express or cope with is ever stupid. It may not be of interest to me b/c I don't have that issue. If I read about it and am not enchanted, I don't have to make a comment or read it ever again. I certainly don't have to join that group. I would assume that often, once someone expresses their situation and gets some feedback (or NO feedback) it doesn't go very far and they find another site or another means of ex<x>pression. So that's that.

Yeah - I agree. I guess that's what freedom of ex<x>pression is all about - but if I never read about people who want to poop their pants and play in it or have sex with someone who pees on them (or poops) it won't be too soon. Where do these people come from? They say it takes all kinds - but I don't know ....... <br />
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Still, I guess it's their choice - just like it's mine to NOT read about them. <br />
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Okay - I vented and feel better now. ha ha ha<br />
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