He Ignited My Mind

Last night, while on the phone with Dasmuggler, we had an amazingly deep and intriguing conversation about spirituality, the historic aspects of religion, the world's mysteries and we even hit on the cosmos a bit.

I told him that he was turning me on.  And, I'm not sure if he really knew how much.  His knowledge of esotericism and other mysteries is mind-blowing.  Intelligent conversation like that is a great turn on for me.  It also makes me feel intellectual again.  It's been so very long since I've had a conversation like that, my mind was on fire last night.  Especially listening to him talk about these meaningful and thought-provoking subjects. 

I am so happy that I've found someone who shares my interest and ability to hold a conversation that makes me think, that ignites my brain and that keeps me guessing and second guessing my ideals long after the conversation ended.

Here's to many, many more conversations just like it. 

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That all sounds good.

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Like a cat with the mouse ......... she teases me <br />
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Sometimes, the bus is late.

OK I will just wait here ...... looking down at shoes and whistling .....

The bus stops here every hour, on the hour.

Intelligence and insanity but a hairs breadth between them ........ Where do I get this bus......

Oh, botable, I'm sorry to hear that. *pout*

Smart men really turn me on, also. I'm married to an idiot!


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Dasmuggler's intelligence (along with his brilliant sense of humor) is the greatest turn on. *SMILES*

Yes they are :)

It's because smart guys are super hot.

I can totally relate. I love stimulating conversation but I can definitely say I love hearing all this tech-y talk. I am not so sure why but it is such a turn on. When he starts talking about computers, software, classes...ummm it is so hot! Maybe I am just a tech-y wanna be I dont know but it is so HOT :)

I'll do the dance just for you later. *giggle* Bring your helmet.

are you doing the dance with it?

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I think my work here is done. Couldn't leave a thread alone hinting that some men here are intelligent. Blasphemy!

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It's his meds.

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Why yes we most certainly are. We are fantastical!!<br />
<br />
PS....just so we don't forget the main reason for this story, Dasmuggler is brilliant. *Smiles*

Our awesomeness is overwhelming.

*Blushing*<br />
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Oh, now you're just embarrassing me. *Giggle* I'm not sure if the ones left behind could handle YOUR awesomeness!!

You can't have my leftovers. There will be no leftovers of my man. I'm taking him all. Mind, body and spirit.

I couldn't agree more.

TOCIC, you are so damn adorable!! Paper-deep guys. I love it!!

yes i agree there are some really intelligent guys on here.

And he is completely hilarious. So, he's all that and a bag of chips. *giggle*

:) Awesome.<br />
<br />
<br />
I hear you; when a man does or says something that proves to me that he's very intelligent, it goes straight to the pit of my stomach. Nothing gets me turned on faster. If he's truly funny on top of that, I am jello.