The Women Just Seem Better Here!

I seem to attract & be attracted to the women on EP more than the men.  Yes, my heterosexuality and flirt addiction is relevant to this, I'd be the first to admit. 

But there also seem to be, numerically speaking, quite a LOT of sensitive, insightful, intelligent and open-minded women here, and I've only been on here a short time.

They put up with a lot of horny guys like me making clumbsy remarks, but also take the time to actually read what we've said.  And I've gotten some good insights into what women REALLY think, about sex, relationships etc, by reading their stories, whether they were meant primarily for women or men or for whoever.

So THANK YOU to the women on EP, thanks for your wisdom and playfulness! 

GoldenArrow GoldenArrow
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

i like to think that female intelligence comes through a little gentler and maybe in a more altruistic way just by our nature...we really do want to help....

Ahhhh....we kick the clumsy remarks to the curb....we are intelligent women here!! We know you can't help it! hehehe!! ~wink~

there are a lot of very smart women on here!