God Is You ..you Are God

God is in everyone and everything around us that makes us ONE...we all think we are so lonely and sad but really we are all going throught the same experiences thinking we are alone..but we are not ..what you have been experiencing the God wants to experience through you therefore you are in the situation that you are today.Also God will not put you throught an experience that you will not be able to handle unless it is your time to go.
We live how many times you like but unfortunatelly you won't remember.It is your choice to come back and evolve to higher level.
As a human kind we don't need anything but we want everything. The greatest life is to live with the least.Don't work for bigger and better house but instead spend more time with you children,parents and loved once.
Don't be sad,don't search for love ..love is always with you,Don't cry,Don't punish yourself anymore,Forgive yourself,heal the hurt and smile ..I know it hurts but remember we are all ONE.Love is here for you

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zombiecat zombiecat
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I agree with the fact we should just appreciate what we have and spend time with family and loved ones as that is whats important in life.